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Played by Robert Newman & Kim Zimmer

Josh and Reva are the ‘supercouple’ of GL. Their relationship began when they were kids, they grew up together.

However, it took them several different tries to hook up, she had a child (Dylan) in her teen years with Billy, she married Josh’s father and she was married to various other people in SF. She was also married to and had a child with Richard Winslow, the Prince of San Cristobel.

In 1989, Josh and Reva were married at Cross Creek and had a son Shane, they had already had a daughter, Marah. But happiness was short lived.

After the birth of their son, things began to fall apart. In 1991, on a ‘family vacation’ in Florida, Reva drove herself off of a bridge and was presumed dead for several years. Josh tried to move on without Reva, he thought he had with Annie Dutton, he was set to marry her when Reva showed up five years after her presumed ‘death.’ During her missing years, Reva had spent time with Abiligal Bauer’s family, an Amish family but she could not remember the years from when she drove off the bridge to when she showed up at Abby’s. When she arrived back, she let go of any chance she had with Josh so that he could move on with his life.

Finally after many hills, Josh and Reva found their way back to one another and were married in 1999.

But Reva had been having dreams of a baby and memories of her life she would soon learn on her trip to San Cristobel with Josh.

On their trip, Reva found out that she was rescued by fisherman from San Cristobel and was taken to a hospital there were she recovered and fell in love with the Prince, Richard, and she became ‘Princess Catherine.’ The baby that Reva had been dreaming about was the child, the heir, that she had with Richard, who she had sent away when there was a threat on his life.

After that summer, things were not the same between Josh and Reva. They had tried to make things work but they weren’t able to make it happen. Josh became involved with Olivia Spencer and Reva recently became involved with Noah Chase.

Jeva have ‘officially seperated’ and a divorce is on it’s way. But most GL viewers and Jeva fans know that they will get back together for ‘always,’ the light will guide them back together.

Kim Zimmer originated the role of Reva Shayne in November of 1983 and has various television credits (see Nova section) has performed her own nightclub act.
Kim celebrates her birthday on Feb. 6th.


Emmy award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series (for Reva) in 1985, '87, '90.
SOD award for Outstanding Actress (Reva Shayne) in '88
Daytime Emmy Nod for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Reva) in '98

Robert Newman originated the role of Joshua Lewis in 1981. Robert earned a BA in theater from California State University and has worked in theater in LA.
While on breaks from GL, Robert had short term roles on other daytime shows, General Hospital and Santa Barbara.
Robert Newman is married and has two children and his birthday is on June 27th.


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