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Played by Jerry VerDorn & Elizabeth Keifer

Ross and Blake have to be ONE of the funniest couples on the show. They’ve had their ups and downs like every other couple but they have over come. The couple have weaved past Blake having a one night stand with Rick (who everyone believed was the father of one of the twins) and an affair she had with Ross’ brother.

After the last affair, Bloss divorced. However, when trapped in a bathroom, they became rather close and conceived their third child. But Blake let Ross believe that she was carrying someone elses baby and when Ross did find out the truth, he arrived at the Bauer Cabin just in time to help deliver his daughter Clarissa.

Blake and Ross now live together with their three children at the carraige house dealing with everyday issues and the fact that she wants to get remarried but he doesn’t.

These two are the two to watch because of their humor!

Liz Keifer joined Guiding Light in August of '92. Prior to GL, she had roles on the daytime dramas OLTL, Y&R, and GH. She also made gues appearances on primetime shows including Cheers, Married...With Children, and Facts of Life.
Liz is married and has two children, a nine month old and 2 1/2 year old Isabella. She enjoys hiking and old Hepburn/Grant movies and celebrates her birthday on November 14th.

Jerry ver Dorn joined GL in March of 1979. He planned on becoming an Elish teacher but he then became involved in theater which then led to the role he plays, Ross Marler.
Jerry married his high school sweetheart in 1977 and have two teenage sons. He also celebrates his birthday in November, the 23rd.


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