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About me

salam all, the web site is still under construction but you'll find something to see in my gallery

here are some informations about me:


Born in a place on the earth ,i think, it means i'm not an ALIEN , many years old "in happy moments measurement may be 5 years old"

My Hobbies are not too much and also not always to do , from time to time sport like walking every day to my bathroom( in your life it shall be a very long distance ) , drawing, painting when i have a good mood also a  bit of fantasy and i get them when i sleep too longer than a nrmal.i'm also interested for web design, animation and computer effects. except my web site i only designed another for Islamisches Zentrum Graz .TEE-PARADIES

I'm reachable under  gehad's Mailbox or ICQ-nr. 37038710 you can share me your and my fantasy.