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Adam Nedeff's Collection

First, the following:
1. I only communicate through e-mail

2. Do not send requests from my collection with your first e-mail. Send me a trade request with a list of what you have to offer. If I accept, THAT's when you send me your list of what you want from my collection.

3. If you don't have a tape dubber and we carry out a trade, I will make a copy of your tape for myself and send your copy back to you. HOWEVER, I will only do one trade like this and then if we do further trades, I keep the tape.

4. I will always e-mail you back, regardless of if I'm interested or not. I mention this because when I started trading one of the things that used to irritate me to no end was when, after a week, I would have to assume I'd been rejected because no one bothered to e-mail me back.

-Any relationship-oriented game show (UNLESS celebrities are involved)
-Michael Burger's "Match Game"
-"I've Got a Secret" from Oxygen

6. I am always interested in:
+Any episode of "Match Game"
+Any Bill Cullen-hosted or Tom Kennedy-hosted show that I don't have
+"The Gong Show"
+"The Price is Right" episodes with retired pricing games
+Wheel of Fortune with shopping
+Any supposedly erased game show
+Game show home games
(30-50 episodes, depending on what it is)
+Game show publicity shots
(a black-and-white will get 10 episodes, a color shot will get 20);
Also, note that it doesn't even have to be the original photo. If you have a scanner I'll trade for a full-sized duplicate.

7. If you don't have any game shows to trade, or if I'm not interested in your game shows, I will also trade for the following:
+Any 1980s WWF wrestling tapes, including Coliseum Video releases. I'm also particularly interested in episodes of "Saturday Night's Main Event" and "Tuesday Night Titans."
+Episodes of the original "Late Night with David Letterman" on NBC, whether from original broadcast or cable reruns. The earlier the better...I love that original "rented studio" set. :-) **BIG WANT**: The 2nd Anniversary Saturday Night Special from 1984, the only NBC Anniversary special I'm lacking.
+Unscoped airchecks of "Imus in the Morning," preferably from WNBC.
+HBO's "Braingames," one of my favorite shows unitl Dad got the HBO disconnected.
+Episodes of (don't laugh) "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" from the original 1968-1975 series which PBS no longer reruns.

8. If you make the offer to me, you don't get your tapes until I get mine. This rule will probably be waived if we've traded before though.

9. Minimum trade requirement: 3 hours

10. If you see a number next to the episode you're requesting, include it with your request (It's just easier for me)

11. If you see the abbreviation "NC" somewhere, it means two or more episodes from the same week that aren't consecutive.


13. Sorry if I sound snippy here, but also keep in mind that the majority of shows on this site, and on many other tape trading sites, come from copies of tapes that have been copied from tapes that were copied before that...Well, you get the idea. I've had pretty good luck, and the majority of what's in my collection looks really good except for where I've noted otherwise. My point is this: If you're expecting pristine-condition perfect dubs, maybe tape trading is not the hobby for you.

14. I HATE TRADE RATIOS. I trade 1 half-hour episode per 1 half-hour episode, and I don't give a crap how rare what you have is, I think trade ratios are a ridiculously selfish and pointless thing to do and if you offer me stuff along with a trade ratio you will be IGNORED.

And if you're wondering where the shows in my collection originally came from, here are the source abbreviations:
[OB=Orginal Broadcast]
[OC=Original broadcast with commercials]
[SM=Studio Master]
[GSN=Game Show Network]
[CBN=Christian Broadcasting Network rerun]
[USA=USA Network rerun]
[GAS=Niceklodeon Games & Sports Channel rerun]
[FAM=Family Channel rerun]
[KIN=Kinescope, an old technique of filming a TV show by aiming a camera at a TV playing the show]

Don't be confused, this is where they came from but not necessarily ME who recorded them. If you see GSN or GAS, it's almost a sure thing that they look good, Studio Masters and other cable reruns are a mixed bag, as are original broadcasts.

My collection is available as a group of convenient Word documents!
Download my game show collection
Download my WWF wrestling collection
My David Letterman Collection.

Email is: