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Lionel Luthor - John Glover

Lionel Luthor is CEO of Luthorcorp a major fertilizer company and is known for his ruthlessness and is know by making the similarities between War and business.  Lionel has been very distant towards his son Lex ever since Lex lost his hair in the meteor shower of 1989.  On more then one occasion while Lex was in Metropolis Lionel has had to bribe people in order to stop Lex from going to jail.  He he knows Jonathon Kent but what the circumstances are surrounding that are still unknown.  In 2001 he sent Lex to the Smallville plant to turn it around which he does.  He does it so well that Lionel sends for him to come back to Metropolis when Lex refuses he shuts the Smallville plant down.  After the accident during the Tornado Lionel Luthor is now blind and is living in Smallville with his son Lex.