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Lex Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum

In 1989 when Lex was visiting Smallville with his father by helicopter even though he is scared of flying. While his father is signing the contract for the cream corn factory from the Ross's Lex is playing in a nearby cornfield when he finds a teen boy tied to a cross like a scarecrow. Before Lex can do anything a meteor shower hits Smallville, debris from the shower bowls Lex over. His father finds him flattened cornfield, bald and shaking in fear. He is then taken to Metropolis General. After the accident the only person who doesn't treat him differently is Pamela his mothers aid.

1995 Metropolis his father invites Nell and Lana Lang to stay at their house while Lana is in town for a riding competitions. When Lana goes to look at the indoor pool and finds him skinny-dipping with a girl apparently teaching her the breast stroke.

In 1998 Lex was at Club Zero with a friend – Amanda. When they ran into Amanda’s fiancé with 2 girls. Amanda instantly threw her engagement ring at him. Jude blamed Lex and Les then told Jude that he didn't deserve Amanda. Lex followed Amanda, as Jude was rushing behind. Jude attacked Lex and stabbed him with a knife. A bouncer steps in-between Lex and Jude, with a gun and the gun got knocked out of the bouncers hand. Amanda picks up the Gun and shot Jude. When a Metropolis detective named Phaelon who is on the Luthor payroll arrived, Lex told him that he had shot Jude. Lex left and it was covered up. All witnesses were bribed and it was never spoke of again.

When Lex arrived in Smallville in 2001 after being assigned to the look after the Luthorcorp plant in smallville. He was driving down the road at high speed when his Clark went out of control and his Clark Kent. While in the water Clark saved his life. They have become fast friends Lex sees Clark as the brother he never had. Lex has always wondered what happened that day on the bridge but has given up on him even though the reporter who he hired to help him out has not. Lex is jealous of Clarks closeness with his father because he does not have that sort of relationship with his father. Lex feels part of the community of Smallville and when his father asked him to return to Metropolis he refused so Lionel Luthor shut the plant down. Lex is not trying to lead an employee led buyout of the plant in order to break away from his fathers grasp.