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Lana Lang- Kristen Kreuk

In 1989 Lana was being looked after by her aunt Nell while her parents were at a football game. When her parents came to pick her up they were instantly killed by a meteor and Lana saw the whole thing. Nell then adopted her.

Lana goes out with Whitney Fordman although at the end of season 1 he went off to join the marines after the recent death of his father. She wore a necklace around her neck at the beginning of the season 1 but as the season went on the necklace disappeared in the episode Leech Clark gave Lana a lead box for her to keep her necklace in. The necklace was dangerous to Clark because it was made out of meteor rocks ( Kryptonite ). In Shimmers Lana and Clark came to close to being more their friends but Clark valued their friendship more and he as regretted that decision ever since.  Recently she has begun to see Clark in a different light and wondered what future they might have together and her boyfriend Whitney has now left for the marines.  Lana is has discovered that her mother had an fling with another man and that her father is really a local resident called Henry Small.  Lana is now living with Chloe since her Aunt has moved to Metropolis.  Recently she has discovered that Whitney has been killed in action.