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Clark Kent - Tom Welling
Clark Kent is teenage who has extra ordinary gifts. All of his life he has had to hide his gifts from the world the only people who know about his gifts are his adoptive parents. In 2001 Clark found out how he came to be with the Kents which is that Clark came to earth In 1989 in a spaceship along with a meteor shower which killed Lana's parents and left Lex bald. His spaceship crashed into Martha and Jonathon's Kent's truck when they discovered him they adopted him. Clark helps to run the school newspaper with his friends Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. While trying to contain his powers he is also coming close to understanding his Destiny. He has become close to lana he came close to making his dream coming to reality about a relationship with Lana but Clark valued their friendship and didn't want to do anything that might threaten it.

Powers discovered: Super Speed, Super Strength, Bulletproof and Fireproof skin, X - Ray vision, Floated, High Jumping & heat vision.