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Title:                 His Daughter’s Father Part 4



Author:             Constant Vigilance

Disclaimer:        JK Rowling is God. I own nothing.

Distribution:      Sure. Just lemme know where my baby’s going.

Spoilers:           Up to GoF. Book 5 never happened. *Growls at Rowling*

Summary:         Morning sickness and doctor visits.


Month 2


Draco looked worriedly at Harry. The dark haired boy looked exceptionally pale and wan today. He was half-heartedly pushing his food around on his plate and sinking lower into his seat by the second. Seamus reached around Harry and dragged the tuna salad under Harry’s nose before plopping back into his seat. Draco watched Harry’s complexion get greener and greener.


Panicked, Harry slapped his hand over his mouth and struggled to his feet. Unfortunately, he was pinned in by Hermione and Ginny and couldn’t balance himself with just the one hand. Seeker’s reflexes working overtime, Draco jumped up on the bench and propelled himself across the table ignoring the cries of protest. He hit the floor on the other side of Harry and pulled him safely off of the bench.


Wrapping an arm around the staggering Gryffindor’s waist, he hurriedly led him from the Great Hall, practically running for the boys’ lav. Third and Fourth year boys scattered as Draco slammed into the door and pointed Harry to a toilet. He paid them no mind, and after making sure that Harry wasn’t going to miss the bowl, he rushed to the sink to wet a towel in cool water.


He soothingly patted the sweat from Harry’s forehead and rubbed his back as Harry vomited up everything he’d had that day for breakfast and lunch. Soon, Harry was just dry heaving with sobs in-between the gagging. Draco waited until the last heave before gently wiping Harry’s mouth off and casting a quick mouth cleaning charm on him.


Harry sank backwards into Draco, leaning weakly into the blonde’s chest as tears fell and he lapsed into hiccupping sobs. “Dray I can’t take this anymore,” he whimpered. “I just want to die. I’m sick all the time, my back hurts, I’m turning anorexic and I’m ugly with this hideous bulge in my gut.”


Draco clucked reassuringly to him and eased down onto the floor, tugging Harry into his lap. He folded the cloth over and brushed Harry’s hair from his face. He tenderly stroked the boy’s face with the cool cloth and began rocking him slightly. “Shhh, ducks,” he murmured. “The sickness will pass soon. Not too many more weeks and this will all be just a memory.”


“But I feel horrible now, Dray,” Harry whined.


“Madam Pomfrey said you couldn’t have any anti-nausea potions because it will throw your body chemistry off balance, but there are some other things we can try.” He smiled gently at the boy in his lap. “We’ll just stick to the food that will calm your stomach until the sickness goes away. And as for your back, all you need to do is tell me when you hurt, Harry. I’ll rub your back for you. I can get some warming oil from Pomfrey that won’t hurt you or the baby. It should ease the tension in your muscles.”


He tapped Harry on the nose and looked sternly down at him. “And you are not anorexic. You’re just a bit underweight. That will end soon enough when the morning sickness goes away. When it does, we’ll stuff you full of the tastiest, healthiest foods you can crave.”


Harry sniffed.


“You are not ugly, Harry. That is a beautiful little baby in there, one I’m looking forward to meeting so that I can tell him or her how glad we are to have them and how beautiful they are. Nearly as beautiful as their daddy when he smiles.” Draco tilted his head to look Harry in the eye. Against his will, Harry smiled up through his tears.


“How can you always make me feel better, no matter what?” he whispered.


Draco grinned. “It’s all just a part of my natural charm.” Harry grinned back. “Now, come on and we’ll get you cleaned up. We’ll run you a nice warm bath and while you’re soaking, I’ll call down to Dobby and get some toast or crackers and a bit of peppermint tea for your stomach. When you get out, you can sprawl out on the bed and I’ll rub your back. Maybe then you’ll feel relaxed enough to take a short nap.”


Harry gazed solemnly up at him with huge green eyes. “Why are you so good to me, Draco?”


Draco shrugged. “I have my own hidden agenda.”


Harry snorted and Draco gave in and smiled. “Or maybe I just don’t hate you anymore.” Harry hugged the blonde briefly and then allowed Draco to help him up off of the floor. They walked, arm in arm, out the door and past the awed underclassmen.



Month 3


“Well, Mr. Potter, you are in perfect health,” Madam Pomfrey pronounced with a pleased smile. “No more morning sickness?”


Harry shook his head. “No, ma’am, I haven’t been sick for the last couple of weeks.”


“Wonderful! Now, I have an important question for you, Harry. One I want you to think about very carefully before you answer.” Harry immediately looked worried. Ron and Hermione exchanged panicked looks and Draco moved up closer to Harry’s bedside, protectively. Madam Pomfrey looked startled for a moment and then flushed.


“Oh, my, I’m sorry children,” she fluttered her hands. “I didn’t mean to scare you. It isn’t bad. It’s just that the baby is far enough along that I can tell you the gender if you’d like to know.”


Relieved sighs were released and Harry’s eyes brightened. “What do you think, Draco?” he asked. Hermione and Ron smothered grins at Pomfrey’s startled looks. She’d not seen the careful friendship…and perhaps more…growing over the last three months. She was unaware, and for that matter so was Harry, that he rarely made a decision about the baby anymore without consulting Draco.


“I think that’s great, Harry,” Draco patted his hand. “If you want to know, go ahead. But don’t do it just for the baby clothes,” he grinned. “We can always charm them a different color no matter what sex the baby is.”


Hermione sighed. She never ceased to be amazed at this new Draco. He was being given Harry’s life on a silver platter, by Harry himself, and each time Harry came to him with a decision to be made, Draco would carefully point out the options and proclaim his support whatever Harry decided. It was eerie at times. -She was pleased that Draco was taking the gift of Harry’s trust and friendship with the reverence it deserved.


Harry bit his lip and looked from Draco to Madam Pomfrey. “I-I’d like to know,” he said shyly.


Pomfrey smiled. “It’s a little girl, Harry.”


He looked up at Draco. “It’s a girl, Dray,” he whispered. Draco nodded and clutched Harry’s hand tightly.


“Congratulations, Harry,” Draco whispered back with a smile.


Harry’s smile faltered and his eyes slid away from Draco’s. Draco reached out and tipped Harry’s head back with a single finger. “What is it, luv?


“It’s just that I…I don’t know what to do with a girl,” Harry confessed.


Draco chuckled softly. “You nitwit, you do the same thing with a girl that you do with a boy.” He cupped Harry’s face in his whole hand. “You love her unconditionally and tell her everyday how thankful you are to have her in your life.”


Harry leaned into Draco’s hand and smiled up into his gray eyes, shining with laugher…and, for the two of them, the rest of the world disappeared.