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5/20/03: After a long year I am sorry to say that there will be no more updates to this page. I have gotten so busy with my other site that I have to let this one go. I am going to keep it on the web so It will be here until Tripod gets rid of it. Thanks to every one for supporting it.

5/24/02 : New Screen Grabs from "The X Impulse" as well as some fan art and a fan fiction.
1/26/02 : The whole site was updated with a few things here and there.
12/12/01 : Fan Art City as well as some Fiction.
10/2501 : More Fan Art and a few cliparts and Fan Arts.
9/30/01 : New Fan Art added.
9/9/01 : Added everything that was sent to me over the last period. Can't wait for the new season. Keep an eye out for new screen grabs coming soon.
7/26/01 : some Strategy X screen grabs were added. The rest will be coming soon.
7/9/01 : New art, fic's and a link. Love all the feedback. Keep it coming :)
6/21/01 : One new Fan Fic and a few new Fan Arts. Keep the stuff coming guys.
6/501 : Two new fan arts a fan fiction and a new link.
5/12/01 : One Fan Art added by Rogue15xe.
5/1/01 : There is some new Fan Art and some pictures on the Other Stuff Page.
4/13/01 : I added some fan art, a clipart and some wallpaper images.
4/5/01 : X-MEN: Evolution - Fan Institute was born.