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Professor Xavier: The owner of the Xavier Institute. He finds mutants and helps them deal with their abilities in society.
Wolverine: The toughest member of the X-Men. He has the ablility to heal rapidly and has an animantium bone structure with his signithre claws. He is one of the instructures at the institute.
Storm: Another one of the instructures of the institute. She can control all types of weather and is Even's (spyke's) Aunt.
Cyclops: Scott Summers as he is known to his friends is the unapointed leader of the X-Men. He has lazer beams that shoot from his eyes which is why he is always wearing shades.
Jean Grey: Jean has telekenetic abilities as well as some mind reading abilities. She also has a small crush on Scott.
Nightcrawler: Kurt the blue fuzzy elf can teleport from one place to another over a certain distance.
Shadowcat: Kitty can walk through walls. This works great when trying to get into a locked bathroom door.
Rogue: Rogue has the ability to steel the energy from a life force for a shot while. With mutants she also steels their ability.
Spyke: Evan can shoot spikes from different parts of his body. He loves to skateboard and cause trouble.
Mystique: This chick is bad news. She can turn into anyone so you never know who she is. She is also Kurts biological mother.
Sabertooth: One bad kitty and the arch enemy of Logan. He will always work for magneto
Toad: The smelly shrimp of the brotherhood. Toad can jump very high and has a very long toung.
Blob: Don't let his weight fool you. He can bench press a buick. I think he really is as dumb as he looks too.
Quicksilver: Faster than a speeding bullet. He tends to take over as the leader of the brotherhood when lance falls short of his duties. He is also the son of magneto.
Avalanche: Here to shake things up. Lance is the unapointed leader of the Brotherhood, but has a soft spot for one of the X-MEN, Kitty.