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:: About the Webmaster ::

Hi! My name is Madison. I figured I'd tell you guys a little about myself... if you care! Haha! Anyway, have fun reading all about me!

~ Favorite TV show: Duh! Obviously it's Friends! Do you even have to ask??? LOL! As for a distant second favorite, I'd have to say "The Practice". And third would be my one and only soap opera, "The Bold and The Beautiful".

~ Least Favorite TV show: Well, like any TRUE Friends fan, I must say Survivor. For several reasons, I despise this show. The first reason being that it took first place ratings away from Friends. The second reason being that the idea for the show is just stupid. It's all about having to lie and cheat to win the game -- and all for money. I don't agree with the whole idea of Survivor, and just the though of it makes me sick!
(Sorry to go on and on, but I feel very strongly against that show! I must vent...)

~ Favorite Movies: Well, I like pretty much any movie that has a Friends actor in it. My favorites are:
*The Whole Nine Yards
*Analyze This
*Fools Rush In
*Office Space
*Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

~ Favorite Actress: Without a doubt, Jennifer Aniston. It's so weird how much I love her. It's like whenever I see her, it makes me just wanna cry. She's my number one role model and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Not to mention that she's married to one of the hottest guys on the face of the planet! Hehe!

~ Favorite Actor: Well, this is kinda hard. I guess Matthew Perry. I really love all three Friends guys though. But I think Matthew Perry is a very strong and respectable guy. I mean, during his drug problem, he had the courage to check HIMSELF into rehab -- nobody had to drag him in. I don't think most people understand how strong he had to be to do that. Plus, he's an awesome actor and plays the funniest guy on TV. And not to mention his looks...

~ Favorite Band: Oh, definitely U2! I love their music so much I can't even explain it. And, coincidentally, they just happen to sing Ross and Rachel's song, "With or Without You". It's also my favorite song of all time, so that sure worked out well for me! Hehe! If you've never listened to U2, I STRONGLY recommend that you do! They're probably the greatest rock band of all time!

~ Hobbies: Well, Friends is my main hobby. I spend tons of time watching episodes over and over again. I also love web design and the Internet. So, I've spent a lot of time recently on eBay. I love eBay because it combines my two passions -- Friends and the Internet. I've gotten some awesome Friends stuff there; you should check it out some time.
I also love to listen to my U2 CD's, which I usually have playing while I'm surfing the Net or adding to this site!
I'm hoping to eventually get a job in Web design. That would be the perfect career for me. But I think for now I'm content working on this little site!

~ Number One Dream: Well, I have a lot of dreams, such as marrying Matt LeBlanc and moving to Europe, but that's obviously not going to happen! LOL! But what I REALLY want more than anything is to go to a Friends taping (I've never been) and to meet Jennifer Aniston. I've been waiting for many years to tell her and the rest of the cast something. I simply want to say thank you. I think that pretty much covers everything in two little words, don't you??
Luckily, I may still have a chance at that dream coming true. I sent for tickets the first day they were accepting requests, and I think I have a good shot. I'll know in 2 or 3 months if I'm going or not. Wish me luck! :-)

Well, now you know ALL about me... which is probably more than you really care about! LOL! If you wanna know anything else, or if you just want to talk, please e-mail me and we'll chat!
Well, time to get back into Ross & Rachel mode and explore the rest of the site! Have fun!