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If you have a Friends site and want me to add your link here, e-mail me and we'll do a link exchange. I only add text links here, but if you want to add my banner to your site, I have a few to choose from. Thanks!

* Banners *

* Ross & Rachel Links:
Soul Mates
Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
Zilles Ross & Rachel Palace
Friends of Fate

* Jennifer Aniston Links
Jennifer Aniston Avenue
Sandra's Jennifer Aniston Tribute
Simply Jennifer

* David Schwimmer Links
A David Schwimmer Fansite

* General Friends / Chandler & Monica Links
The Friends Super Page
All About TV Friends
Friends Cafe
Jeniffer's Friends Page
The Couples of Friends
Zilles Friendszone
Friends Paradise
Ashlee's Chandler & Monica Tribute
The One With Friends U.K.
Shannon's Chandler and Monica Love Tribute