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:: Distractions ::

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know that Ross & Rachel haven't exactly had a steady relationship. They've been on-again off-again for quite a long time. And naturally, quite a few "distractions" have come along during that time period. These are some of the people who've come in and out of the Friends world as "distractions".

* Rachel's Distractions *
~ Chip Matthews: Rachel's date to her high school prom.
~ Barry Farber: Rachel's ex-fiance whom she left at the alter.
~ Tony DeMarco: He was mentioned in the pilot; most likely someone from high school.
~ Pete Carney: The guy who cried every time he and Rachel had sex. Mentioned in TOW The Candy Hearts.
~ Adam Ritter: Rachel burned his boxer shorts in the "boyfriend bonfire" in TOW The Candy Hearts.
~ Billy Dreskin: He was on Rachel's list of people she'd slept with.
~ Dr. Mitchell: One of the cute doctors Rachel and Monica dated in TOW Two Parts when Rachel hurt her foot.
~ Jean Claude VanDamme: Rachel went out with him after Monica said she could, which eventually lead to a fight between the two over who would date him.
~ Paolo: The Italian weenie...
~ Carl: The guy Rach was dating when she found out that Ross had feelings for her.
~ Michael: Rachel's dinner date when she got drunk and left the phone message for Ross, finally revealing her feelings for him.
~ Russ: Rachel's date who looked just like Ross.
~ Casey: Rachel met him at the movies. He called and left a message for Rach, and obviously Ross got jealous.
~ Mark: The guy that helped Rachel get the job at Bloomingdale's; Ross suspected he was interested in her, and of course got jealous.
~ Tommy: The screamer.
~ Josh: The college guy Rachel dated just to make Ross jealous.
~ Patrick: Chandler set him up with Rachel, but he wasn't looking for a commitment and dumped her.
~ Joshua: A customer from work whom she dated for a while; she freaked him out by a proposal intended to make things a "tie" between her and Ross.
~ Dave: She dated him in TOW All The Kissing to try to get over Ross.
~ Danny: The guy she and Monica accidentally fogged in the storage room; she eventually broke up with him due to his inappropriate relationship with his sister.
~ Paul: Elizabeth's dad; they broke up when he couldn't control his crying.
~ Tag Jones: Rachel's assistant at Ralph Lauren. She ended things with him when she realized that she had no future with him.

* Ross's Distractions *
~ Carol: His first wife who left him after seven years when she decided she was a lesbain.
~ Mrs. Bing: Chandler's mom; they kissed one time when Ross was drunk.
~ Kristen Riggs: Ross's first date after his break up with Carol.
~ Celia: She had issues with Marcel...
~ Julie: Ross's first serious girlfriend after Carol. When Ross foud out about Rachel's feelings for him, he left Julie to be with Rach.
~Phoebe: They almost slept together on the pool table in TOW The Flaskbacks.
~ Chloe: The girl from the copy place whom Ross slept with while they were "on a break". She's the reason Ross and Rach couldn't work things out. Grrrrrr....
~ Caitlin: Ross's date to Joey's play in TOW The Screamer.
~ Cheryl: The dirty girl.
~ Bonnie: Phoebe's formerly bald friend whom Ross dated until Rachel decided to take him back.
~ Emily: The British chippie... let's not even go there...
~ Janice: Ross liked the fact that she wuld listen to his whining. She dumped him because of it.
~ Elizabeth Hornswaggle: Ross's date when he had the problem with his leather pants. Chandler had fun making jokes about her name. Haha.
~ Jen: The hot girl in Ross's new building.
~ Caitlin: This Caitlin was the pizza delivery girl that Ross was interested in.
~ Hilary: The girl Ross was dating when he had his little teeth whitening problem...
~Jill: Rachel's little sister. He decided to end things with her, for fear that if anything happened with Jill, nothing could ever happen again with Rachel. Awwwwww....
~ Elizabeth: His student; otherwise known as 'Beauty McPretty".
~ Kristin: The woman he and Joey fought over. Needless to say, that didn't work out for either of them.