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1: What was the name of the car accident victim
(Mascot) whose dog was placed in Johnny's care?
Bonus if you can guess the dog's professional name!)

2: What is John Gage's middle name?

3: Which episode did the Phantom appear in?

4: What is Capt. Stanley's First name (Hint: it isn't Hank-thats a nick name)

5: In "Right at Home" what was the name of the
little boy Roy took into his home?

6: In "To buy or not to buy" what trees did the real estate agent
claim were on the property Roy was looking at?

7: In "Welcome to Santa Rosa County", what did John and Roy and the Sheriff order at the restaurant to eat?
(Bonus if you get what they ordered to drink!)

8: What kind of car does John Gage drive?
(hint- Actor Randy Mantooth once owned the same car)

9: What known relatives does John have
(that have been mentioned on the show?)?

10: In "The Bash" what french word did Roy
Mis-pronounce out of a magazine?

11: What is Craig Brice's nickname around the Department? (Nuisance)

12: In "The Mouse", what was the mouses name,
and who set the mouse trap?

13: In "Details", how many Children did Valerie have (which she didn't tell Johnny about)?
(Bonus if you can name the man she planned to marry?)

14: What was the name of the Hot Dog shop Johnny wanted to open in
"The Tycoons"?

15: What is the name of Roy's Junior high school?

16: In " Communication Gaffe",
Roy said               was his favorite vegetable.
What was Roy's, Johnny's and Joanne's answer to this question?

17: In "Tee Vee" Dr.Brackett was "Bitten" by a fish.
What kind of fish was it and how was Kel's injury treated?

18: In What episodes did Randy Mantooth's Brother Don appear in?

19: What did Dixie's brother whittle baskets out of?

20: In order to have Chet find a "dead body" in his trunk,
what did Johnny ask Chet for?

21: In "The Nuisance", After Marco and Roy got hurt, who would fill in for Roy as Brice filled in for Johnny
(Bonus if you can guess His Department nickname?)?

22: In "Heavyweight",
Johnny was teased for being "Soft".
What was his defense?

23: In "It's How you play the Game",
what was the excuse Chet and Johnny used to get Chet out of cooking?

24: In "Music Mania",
what instruments did John play to prove he had musical talent?

25: In "That time of year",
where did Johnny suggest Roy take his Family on vacation to?

26: What are John and Roy's birthdays
(Bonus if you get astrological sign)?

27: What is Roy's mother's name?

28:In "Understanding", Johnny told the bank robber when he was younger,
_________ would happen whenever he got nervous. What would happen?

Ultimate Fan Question:

29: On any episode, "Roy" (i.e. Kevin Tighe)
Would always drive.
Why is this?