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Randy Mantooth's

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Emergency! 1972-77
FF/PM John Gage

Emergency! + 4 1973-76
FF/PM John Gage

Operation: Petticoat 1977-79
LT. Mike Bender

Detective School 1979
Eddie Dawkins

Loving   1987-1990
Alex Masters/Clay Alden  

General Hospital  1992-93

Richard Halifax

The City  1995-97
Alex Masters

Guest Appearances:

The Bold Ones, 1970

Adam 12, 1971
"Reason to Run"
Neil Williams

Alias Smith and Jones, 1971
"Stagecoach Seven"
Dan Loomis

McCloud, 1971
"The Disposal Man"
Philip Yerby

Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law , 1971
"Until Proven Innocent"
Lonnie Roth

The Bold Ones, 1971
"The Lawyers:The Strange Secrets Of Yermo Hill"
Terence Kimble

Adam 12, 1972
"Lost And Found"
FF/PM John Gage

Marcus Welby, MD., 1972
"Solomon's Choice"
Alan Roth

Sierra, 1974
"Urban Rangers"
FF/PM John Gage

Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law , 1974
"The Desertion Of Keith Ryder"
Keith Ryder

Project UFO, 1978
"Sighting 4016:The Pipeline"
Tim Jenkins

Vegas, 1978
"To Serve, Volley & Kill"
Bobby Howard

Battlestar Galactica, 1979
"Greetings From Earth", Parts 1 & 2

The Love Boat, 1979
"Like Father, like Son"
Alan Billingly

Charlie's Angels, 1980
"Island Angels"
Mark Williams

Fantasy Island, 1981
"The Unkillable"
Dr. Paul Todd

Vegas, 1981
"The French Twist"
Todd Peterson

The Fall Guy, 1983
"To the Finish"
Larry Davis

The Fall Guy, 1984
"The Winner"

Dallas, 1984
Joe Don Ford

Murder, She Wrote, 1985
"Murder Diggs Deep"
Raymond Two Crows, a.k.a, Raymond DeMarco

The Fall Guy, 1986
"The Lucky Stiff"
Jerry Andros

L.A Law, 1988
"The Princess and The Pea"
Gil Tocowsky

China Beach, 1990
"100 Click Out"

Under Cover, 1990
(part 1) Sacrifices
(part 2) Before the Storm
Bing Tupper

MacGyver, 1991
"The Prometheus Sydrome"
Earl Stringer

Baywatch, 1992
"Dead Of Summer"
Sam Dietz

Jag, 1997
Colonel Ron Barrett

Walker, Texas Ranger
"Rainbow's End"
James Lee Crown

Diagnosis:Murder, 1997
"Malibu Fire"
Mayor Bill Tremont
(Robert Fuller also guest stars as "Newman")


One Life To Live, 1997
Alex Masters

Promised Land, 1998
"When Darkness Falls"
Ben Camden

Diagnosis: Murder, 1999
"Trash Tv"
Cameo Appearance

ER, 2000
"May Day"
Police officer

As The World Turns, 2003
Hal Munson
(Temporary Replacement)

Hollywood Squares,2004

Movies/ Mini- Series

Dan fargo

Marriage: Year One

The Bravos
Lt. Lewis

Testimony of Two Men
1978( Mini- Series)
Father Frank McNulty

Emergency! Movies:
Steel Inferno
Survival On Charter 220
Most Deadly Passage
What's a Nice Girl Like You doing.....
The Convention
Greatest Rescues Of Emergency!

The Seekers
1979 (Mini- Series)
Abarham Kent

Bridge Across Time (aka, Terror On London Bridge)
Detective Joe Nez

Please God, I'm Only Seventeen
Un-named Father to Michael Leland

Enemy Action

Time Share
Club Member(Un-named)

Agent Red
Admiral Edwards

Street Smarts - 2002
Himself on The Game Show

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