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Popstars' Eden's Crush-Site Closed!!

Welcome to one of the first Eden's Crush website, better known as the five girls who were
formed as a music group on "Popstars"!! Here you'll find pretty much all the information
out there on Eden's Crush, including bios, lyrics, pictures, appearances, episode guide, links and
much more! Sorry guys, the site is now closed!! Please visite my personal site, Jaded Drops.
I'm NOT Eden's Crush, only a fan. Please drop by the guest book and post your comments!
Last Updated: June 26th, 2002

The Girls- Biographies & Pictures (Updated!)

Chats, Concerts & Appeareances

Song Lyrics & Clips

Contests & Quizes

Links & My Banner (Updated!)

CDs & Merchandise

Coming Soon!: Episode Guide, Pictures (Idividual & Group), Update Page, My Personnal Opinion on Eden's Crush and "Popstars" and *hopefully* some new affliates (links)!

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