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5/28- UPDATE. The roster has been slightly twinked, so now we have our SET roster for July 1st, the opening. Also, the site is about 75 percent done. eWa v 2 will have one card a week, and one ppv every TWO months. This is so we can build angles, and a PPV will actually meen something. The weekly show will be Friday Night Fallout, and the first PPV will be called Revolution. Thanks

Ferrari Jones
Ice Cold Assassin
Mickey Gorgeous
Joe Vulnero
"The Russian Revolt" Vladmir Micoli
"The Rebel Youth" Kevin Rush
Bobby Brown
Larry Allen
"Wolf Fang" Matt Douglas
Serial Killa
Marc Extreme
Justin Phyre
Austin Davis
Triple X
Syphon X

The extreme Wrestling alliance has been temporarily closed for renovations. We will return with a fresh design, name brand talent, and a new outlook. Joe Danger has stepped down as CEO and eWa Version II will be run by former President John Callahan and current president Jake Linderman.

When eWa V II opens it will be angle run and have a 25 man roster limit. We now have a full roster and are not currently taking anymore applications. The roster will be annouced within the coming weeks, so keep checking back here to see if you have made the eWa roster.

EWA Version 2 - A New Way of Life, a New Way of Extreme

J. Callahan