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The Terrible Thunderlizards

The Terrible Thunderlizards

What are the Terrible Thunderlizards

After the Eek show had been running succesfully for about a year or so, suddenly a new cartoon showed up: the Terrible Thunderlizards , also written by Bill Kopp and Savage Steve Holland. This cartoon was initially meant to be broadcasted together with the Eek episodes from the start, but it turned out that the animators had given one of the main characters the wrong color, which meant that all episodes had to be re-done. Therefore, the TTL only showed up after a year or so.

The Terrible Thunderlizards themselves are a group of three dinosaurs, namely Doc Tari, Day Z. Kutter and Bo Diddley Squat. These dinosaurs are accused of helping the enemy Thugosaurs and are sentenced to a long sentence in Jurassic Prison in what can only be described as a parody on the classic 80's TV Show, the A-Team. However, they are released prematurely in order to go after the rare and elusive Humans. Unfortunately, the humans are very small and very lucky, which is why it takes the TTL a lot of episodes to hunt them down (or maybe their own stupidity has something to do with that)

Main Characters

Doc Tari

We Move ! Doc Tari is the undisputed leader of the Terrible Thunderlizards, mainly because he is the smartest of them (Not that THAT is much of an achievement considering the minuscule brains of his fellow team members). Doc is also the communications expert of the team, and speaks in an accent that sounds remarkably like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. As any leader should, Doc is fearless and is always willing to lead the Thunderlizards in to action by means of his legendary qoute 'We Move". Doc also devises (relatively) clever schemes to take out the humans, usually by means of Bee-grenades, which very often end up hurting the Thunderlizards instead

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Bo Diddley Squat

Not exactly the brightest reptile on earth The diplodocus Bo Diddley Squat is extremely stupid, even for a dinosaur, and he is single- handedly responsible for screwing up most of the Thunderlizards' plans. A fine example of his stupitidy would be when the TTL's are trying to save supplies from their crashed and soon-to-explode plane: while Doc and Kutter salvage useful things like food and weapons, Squat saves things like inflatable pool animals and rubber bands.
Because of his unmatched stupitidy, Squat is also the team member that is always picked as the 'volunteer' whenever some dangerous operation needs to be carried out.

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Day Z. Kutter

We Move ! The third member of the Terrible Thunderlizards is the Triceratops Day Z. Kutter. In terms of stupidity, Kutter falls somewhere in the middle when compared to Doc and Squat. He is also the dinosaur that usually comments on Squat when the latter screws up again. His sentence Well yeah, that would fit nicely into the bad things category is one of the best of the entire Eek and TTL shows.

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General Galapagos

We dinosaurs are doomed General Galapagos is the somewhat badly-tempered military commander in charge of the Terrible Thunderlizards. Why he actually employs them is somewhat of a mystery, as he clearly doesn't believe they're up to the task of eradicating the dangerous humans Bill and Scooter. His doubts about the capabilities of the Thunderlizards seem to be well-founded, as they generally end up doing more damage to the dinosaur's habitat Jurassic City then to the aforementioned humans. The Thunderlizards also regularly invade the general's private life, which is of course a Bad Thing®. General Galagos is also well-known for predicting the extinction of the dinosaur race. Because the Thunderlizards screw up a lot, the general sometimes sends them some help in the form of Mr. T-Rex or, less frequently, El Gordo or Nate the Dragon. Of course, these efforts don't really matter as the Thunderlizards will screw up no matter what.

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Happy Burpday Scooter is one of the humans the Terrible Thunderlizards are after, and comprises 50% of the known human population at the time the Thunderlizards are send after them. The most unique aspect of Scooter is that he is one of the very few characters in the Eek and TTL series that hardly ever gets hurt. Instead, Scooter drives the other human, Bill to insanity by his constant cheerful mood and endless enthousiasm. Scooter is also a well known inventor. Among his inventions are:

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What's that feeling? The other half of the human world population is the exact opposite of Scooter. Whereas the latter is happy and cheerful, Bill is constantly complaining and whining about everything. Of course, he has every reason to, because he is usually the guinea-pig for all of Scooter's insane inventions and experiments gone wrong. These experiments usually cause huge amounts of pain and suffering to Bill, who is probably the most unlucky character in all the Eek and TTL episodes. On more then one occassion we can hear Bill make remarks like : When does the Hurting stop or Make the Hurting stop. As if the constants tortures at the hands of Scooter's inventions aren't enough already, Bill is also the favourite snack of the Jungle Slug (sluggus idiotus), one of the most perilous and definitely the most silly-looking creature ever to wander the face of the earth.

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Jungle Slug

One of nature's gravest mistakes Not much is known about the jungle slug (Sluggus idiotus), but what little information we have about this dangerous creature seems to suggest that is preys solely on the human being known as Bill, and in particularly on Bill's brain (or lack thereof). Considering there is only one Bill, it's rather surprising that the Jungle Slug species hasn't become extinct yet. Regardless, the Jungle Slug is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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Mr T-Rex

I pity the fool Mr. T-Rex is military specialist (no, really) that has been known to help out the Terrible Thunderlizards on occasion, although they do not always seem to appreciate his help. Mr T-Rex is a very obvious rip-off from the eighties TV show, the A-Team. It's even so obvious that the real Mr. T., who played the part of B.A. Baracus is that show, actually did the voice-overs for Mr T-Rex.

Like his counterpart in the A-Team series, Mr. T-Rex is not to be fooled with. His favourite quote is I pity the fool. However, his tough-guy attitude doesn't really help him, as he gets hurt as much as any other character in the TTL series. His most memorable scene in the series involves him being eaten by carnivorous plants, for example.

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El Gordo & Nate the Dragon

El Gordo, Master of disguise El Gordo and Nate the Dragon are two army specialists that once joined up with the Terrible Thunderlizards and Mr. T-Rex to form The magnificent five-and-a-half. El Gordo is a master of disguise (he is 'invisible' when standing behind a flower) and Nate is a martial arts experts. Neither of them were very memorable and they only appeared in one episode I know of, so this is all I know about them Nate the Dragon

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The Thugosaurs

The evil mastermind Thugo The Thugosaurs are the evil villains that live in the X-Zone (wilderness), from where they constantly unleash plans to destroy the 'civilized' dinosaurs living in Jurassic City. The leader of the thugosaurs is the infamous Thugo. On top of being rather diabolic, Thugo is also quite vain, and a considerable amount of Thugosaur manpower is used up to keep him looking nice and shiny. This of course undermines their plans to wipe out Jurassic City.

Second in command of the Thugosaurs is the wimpy Biff, who is mainly known for his love of flowers and cute things, making him rather useless as top guy in an organisation of evil villains, but who cares


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