Danielle's Roswell Fics:

Dream Catcher

Michael's having nightmares and goes to River Dog to get to the bottom of them.


The guys commisterate over their lack-luster love lives.

Alien Lover

Maria thinks about Michael one night while she's cleaning up at the Crashdown.

Human Touch

Companion to Alien Lover. Michael thinks about Maria and how she makes him feel.

The Air Tonight

Alternate ending to Blind Date.

Just A Sip (Rated NC-17)

Isabel and Michael decide Max isn't the only alien who can have fun with alcohol.

Got You (Where I Want You)

The Whits are playing their first big gig, but can Isabel and Michael come to the rescue when their drummer gets sick?

West Roswell Story

A story based on the whole Romeo & Juliet/ West Side Story idea, with a Roswell twist.

Judgement Day

Very random, very silly fic.

Further Experiments

Isabel decides to take Alex up on his offer from "Sexual Healing"


A Buffy/Roswell crossover in which Oz ends up in our little alien town

Anakin & Queen Amidala

Major silliness. You have to read it to believe it.

The Wild One

Michael gets Maria a present & Amy gets a new perspective on her daughter's boyfriend.

Love The One You're With

Written when all the M/I rumors had just begun, this was my attept at dealing with that horrific thought.

Past, Present & Future

Set 10 years after the Season 1 Finale, this speculates on the curveballs life has thrown my favorite couple.

Necessary Secrets

Max doesn't want Michael and Isabel to hang out with humans anymore. What lengths will they go to to see Maria and Alex?

Outside Looking In

I decided to branch out a bit with my writing- this is a Kyle POV set after "Destiny".


Isabel thinks about her fear of intimacy and who she thinks can help her fix it.


A fic inspired by Maria's comment in the Season 2 premiere.

Motorcycle Drive By

Michael POV set after "Ask Not." He dwells on his relationship with a certain blonde, and no it isn't Isabel, Tess or Courtney!

Trimming The Lamp (Rated NC-17)

Kyle and Tess feel the need to get back to business after Max leaves her at the Crash Down during "the End of The World"

Family Tree

Michael and Maria commiserate on their relatives.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Sequel to "Past, Present & Future", this story focuses on Isabel and how she reacts to seeing Alex again after an almost 9 year separation.

Moving On

A future fic exploring the possibilities of a certain relationship.

Hey Pretty

A fic written around the song "Hey Pretty" by Poe. I hope you like it! RATED NC-17!!!

What Happens Next?

Rection to the events at the end of Season 2, as seen through Maria's eyes.


Set in the possible future of Season 3, one of the Dupes returns to Roswell. What effect does it have on everyone? (Added parts 4 & 5 on 1/20/02) INCOMPLETE!!!

Jesse's Girl- NEW!!! 2/26/03

Set 6-9 mos. after Graduation, Kyle thinks about Isabel during the group's travels

Dear Jesse- NEW!!! 2/26/03

Sequel to Jesse's Girl- Isabel is the one thinking about things now.

Dual Destiny- NEW!!! 5/5/03

What if Michael had a human destiny as well as an alien one? (Added Part 1 5/5/03)- INCOMPLETE!!!

Danielle's Third Eye Blind "Blue" Series

I had been listening to Third Eye Blind's CD "Blue" non-stop since I got it and the songs gave me some great Michael & Maria fic ideas. So I decided to write a fic for every song on the CD. The songs, though not in the same order as the CD, do form a complete saga set during Season 1. Here is the complete series in order:

1) "1000 Julys"

RATED NC-17!!!! The story of what happened after Liz stopped watching Michael & Maria that night at the Crashdown during "Heat Wave".

2) "Wounded"

Michael POV a few days after he has dumped Maria at the Soap Factory Party.

3) "Anything"

Maria POV after "The Balance"

4) "Deep Inside of You"

Michael POV after "The Toy House"

5) "The Red Summer Sun"

Maria POV after "Into The Woods"

6) "10 Days Late"

M/M after Blind Date- Maria is worried, so she goes to Michael for help.

7) "Farther"

Michael POV after "Blind Date" and after the incident from fic #6.

8) "Camouflage"

Maria POV during "Independence Day"

9) "Darkness"

Michael POV during "Independence Day"

10) "An Ode To Maybe"

M & M meet up after the events of Independence Day

11) "Never Let You Go"

Mich & Maria POV's during Sexual Healing.

12) "Slow Motion"

M/M post-Sexual Healing. RATED NC-17!!!!!

13) "Darwin"

The big finale. Takes place post Sexual Healing, and after #12.

Danielle's Dido "No Angel" Series

Here we go again, folks. Another series born from listening to a CD. This one is an Alex/Izzy saga, set in the 2nd half of the 2nd season. Here's what I have, in order, so far:

1) Don't Think of Me

And Isabel POV after Alex has returned from Sweden. Set during "We Are Family."

2) Slide

An Alex/ Kyle conversation during the time they were stuck in the cave with the Ganderium in "How the Other Half Lives"

Danielle's "Dream Verse"

The following stories all take place within a reality of my own creation, which I have named the Dream Verse (for obvious reasons if you've read the 1st story in the series). From now on all stories written in and around this universe will be posted here, in order, for easy reference, including links to fic in this verse written by other authors. Read, enjoy, and if you want to add to my little world, let me know- I'm always happy to share. But remember, this world is all mine, as are all situations and storylines created within it- so please don't use it without checking with me first. Thanks!

A Dream Come True?

Set between Blind Date and Independence Day, Michael dreams of a world where he has a family that loves him. But what else is different about this new reality? The fic that started it all, spinning our favcorite characters into a different reality.

 Wide Awake in Dreamland

The sequel to "A Dream Come True". Picks up where that one left off in my newly created Dream Verse and tries to explain what happend to Maria and Michael after their run in with Hank.

Dream Quest

Story #3 in the Dream Verse. Will Maria forgive Michael? And will he find out what clues about his origins will be found in his grandfather's belongings?

Chasing The Dream

An addendum to the Dream Verse which actually takes place in the regular Roswell universe. Will Michael ever forget his visit to his dream world?

The Big Game by Joanne

A one part fic set further down the road in the universe. Maria needs to be there for Michael's playoff game, but her counselor just doesn't understand.

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