Got a favorite Dead Zone quote? Want to display it on your webpage? I've made a few images with some of my favorite DZ quotes for you to enjoy. I know that the pictures aren't always from the same episode as the quote, but I'm working with a limited resource right now. If you have a quote you would like me to make into a graphic, please let me know. Right now all graphics are 350x200 unless otherwise indicated.

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Quote reads: "How many times do I have to see something like this? How many times do people have to die inside my head before I go crazy?...There's too many lives to save. There's too many lives I can't save."       ~Johnny, "The Storm"



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Quote reads: "Sarah and I are still a part of each others' lives, even though she has a husband and a family now, and I have memories and visions. And if sometimes they seem more real to me than they actually are, it's because I wish they were."
       ~Johnny, "Dinner With Dana"



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*Image from deadzonefansite.com*
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Quote reads: "I had the perfect life. Until I was in a coma for six years. But then I woke up, and found my fiancee married to another man; my son doesn't know who I am. Everything has changed. Including me. I can see things: things that happened, things that will happen. You should see what I see."
       ~Johnny Smith, The Dead Zone



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