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12:21 AM CST - October 22, 2003
With all the crap that's been going on lately with TSF (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it), I've been thinking of entering this site into the web competition The Wizard's Quest. No final deciscion yet, but I'm seriously considering it.

Well, I did a google search and looks like lyrical genius is still around... so I guess I will scrap that idea. I'm still seriously considering the Listing site for fanlistings and cliques. I've already designed a layout for it and picked out a name, "Fantopia," isn't that cute?

I could enter that site in competition, but the whole point of that site is to list other sites, so it isn't much of a personal site to enter. I really like this site even though I get like zero traffic, plus it is so different from my other site, that it may be just what I need right now.

Still no word about my teleplay, but then I haven't checked my Yahoo mail to see if anything went out in the groups about it. I've been thinking of resending my info through my yahoo mail because I wouldn't doubt it if AOL dumped it for spam... aol loves to do that type of BS.... argh, thats the other thing. If I enter this site in TWQ then I have to watch what I say in my blog. Not that I say anything terribly bad, but I do have a tendancy to curse every now and then...ok, a lot more than that, lol. I guess I will just have to use new words instead of curses, lol. I have been trying to do that in real life to cut back on my cursing but so far I haven't found any sutible substitutes...

OK well I guess I will off to bed. And hope for the best in all things.

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3:58 PM CST - October 13, 2003
Not much activity here at DZ Fan... I've been trying to participate more in the yahoo groups so maybe that'll give me some publicity. I've been thinking of opening a fanlisting & Clique directory other words, a site that'd be a place for other people who own fanlistings and cliques to list theirs so people could come and just check out a whole bunch of them at once. There used to be one way back when for cliques but I don't think it exists anymore. I just think it'd be a cool way to get the fanlisting/clique community I could have a place to put all my fanlistings and cliques together, especially since I've been thinking of opening my own version of Lyrical was a great site that has been closed for a while... Anyway it'd be a great way for publicity for fanlistings and cliques...

I finally opened my DZ season one DVDs and looked at them a little...since I've been a refuge lol I haven't had much time or place to watch them. But I did look at the disk with "Enigma," "Netherworld," and "The House." WOW I was surprised! They have everything - of course they have the episodes themselves, but you can watch them with commentary, too, and each episode has two diff people commenting. Each disk also has it's own special behind-the scenes features, but I haven't had time to watch it yet. I love the chapters lol, I have all the episodes taped but it's nice to be able to go to your favorite part without having to FF or rewind... The only thing I wish the DVD had was the trailers, since I have all of them taped it'd be nice to have them on the DVDs, too...but I guess we can't have everything...

I'm switching the tag board since zonk-board is going pay and right now I don't have the money to spend on a board that's hardly being used =(. Well, hopefully more publicity later. I've already been working on a layout so maybe I will open that fanlisting site afterall...

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11:35 PM CST - September 15, 2003
OK, no one is reading my blog, but that is ok. LOL. I was doing some research for a screenplay I've been writing and I found out that the meaning of the name "Jon" is from Hebrew and means "God has given" and "John" is also from Hebrew and means "God is gracious." It makes me wonder if the name has any significance in the story? In the book it doesn't seem as much, since John is more of a tool than a well-developed character. However, in the show it definitely has meaning...especially if you look at the alternate spelling. It's kind of spooky...

LOL well looks like Bruce is French and it means "Woodlands" so I don't think that really has a meaning, unless you think of that funny line in "Shaman" when Bruce tells Johnny he has to get out in nature to experience the world the way man evolved to, and Johnny replies that "No one evolved in Maine."

Right now I am at The Dead Zone A pretty good site if I do say so myself...LOL maybe I can get some publicity for my site this way since USA seems to be ignoring me (tear)!!

Speaking of which, I just ordered the first season DVDs. I can't wait till they get here! I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the extras on the DVD and also getting the unaired pilot episode. LOL I am such a DZ Junkie. I'm definitely going to make a blinkie of that because it fits me so perfectly. I also can't wait to get the DVDs because it'll allow me to get some pics for more wallpapers, clique buttons, and quote images than they have on the site itself.

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11:44 PM CST - September 7, 2003
I just finished watching "Reasonable Doubt." I'll admit, when I first saw the episode (back when it was first aired), I didn't really like it that much. But watching it again (especially in light of all the flim studies/screenwriting stuff I've been doing lately) it really is a very well-written episode.

I definitely had a different POV of the episode watching it this time around. A good friend of mine was sexually assalted about a year or so ago, and the case finally came to court last week. The guy was acquitted. He still has to go to trial for assalting another person--a 12 year-old girl. If he gets convicted of that, he will be sentenced to 99 years, since he is a repeat offender (he was convicted in the past for other assalts). So taking this into consideration, it really made me think--the jurors gave the verdict of "not guilty" for my friend's trial because they just wanted to go fact, one of the jurors slept through the entire trial! Literally, hand-on-face, sleeping. Anyway, taking all this into consideration really made me think about this episode. In this episode, it was turned the other way, but still, it makes you think--how tenous it can be, that someone's life can depend on others like that, others who just want to get home so they can watch a baseball game or who stayed up late the previous night and just want to catch up on some shut-eye.

Now, I have never been a juror, but I'd like to think that if I were, I would try to be the best juror I could be. I know I'm starting to sound like an idealist here, and I'm not. I'm actually very cynical. I try not to tell myself that human nature shouldn't amaze me, yet it does every time. I guess one of the reasons I like the show is it seems to have the sort of message that everything is leading towards something...ok, so it may be leading to the total annihilation of the planet, but still....

Anyway, if there is anyone reading this, lol, and you have thoughts about this, I'd love to hear them. Doesn't have to be about this episode, it could be about the general theme of the show. Also the sort of karmatic quality (lol re-saw "Precipitate" the other day, too); the idea that bad comes back, but so does the good....

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11:43 PM CST - September 6, 2003
Just about to head off to bed. Sumitted the link earlier to USA. Hopefully they'll post it and things can get rolling. If not, I've been planning on joining the DZ mailing list and forum anyway so I can always post it there to get the word out. I'm really excited about this. I made four different wallpapers. I'll probably make more in the future. I wish USA had more production shots but I guess they have a lot to offer on the site so I'm not going to complain. I mean, the fact that they give you access to all the teleplays, and even the story treatments for most of the second season is really great. Most shows you have to buy the teleplays if you want them. OK, well I'm exhausted. Hope I get some word about anything to do with my script or this site soon lol I am just so excited about it all...

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1:56 PM CST - September 6, 2003
OK, well I'm looking at the site again (still at angelfire) and maybe the banner isn't so bad. It is a "smart" banner...LOL it doesn't seem to be messing up my frames and it has ads that people visiting this site might actually want, like Monk DVD and Steven King I love the url, tv2/deadzone. And I've always liked angelfire maybe I won't move afterall...

Still going to use the yahoo email though, it's much I just have to get one of my old bravenet accounts switched over to this so I can change the forms to send to my yahoo mail instead of my other site's email. Then I can finally launch this site!!

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1:23 PM CST - September 6, 2003
I finally emailed saying I have a completed script. Now I've been dying to hear back....I keep praying that I'll get good news but I know how the industry is so I keep telling myself not to be disappointed jic...

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately. I have been trying to get my yahoo sh*t together so that I can get an email just for this fanlisting, but yahoo is so stupid it has my old id resitered with a yahoo mail account, and I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to delete that mail account so I can have a new one for this fanlisting, but so far I've had no success. So I think I'm going to have to have a totally different yahoo ID just so I can get a different email account. Isn't that ridiculous? The thing that annoys me most is I want to delete my other account's yahoo mail anyway since I don't use it and the damn thing wants to make it my primary email...

I registered for one of those tag boards so people can post comments. I've been meaning to submit this site to USA so that it can be listed and I can actually get hits but I've been so pissed off at angelfire lately with their wonderful new banners that I've been thinking of maybe switching to geocities.......but they're owned by yahoo, too, so then again maybe it would be good to have another account. ARGH!!

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12:15 PM CST - Aug 18, 2003
SPOILER ALERT! Don't read if you haven't seen "Visions"!
After seeing the show a second time I noticed a few other things. Firstly, I'm a detail freak and I really want to go back and re-watch all the season 2.5 shows to look for the cane connection in each episode where he sees Wey. LOL I also noticed that it's sort of cute, for I'm sure in season three we will see more of him, and he will help Johnny figure out more about the end of the world--he will be "the Wey," get it? The "way"?? Yeah I know it's cheesy but hey, when you gotta come up with names, you got to get them from somewhere...

Anyway, I also noticed that they're suggesting that Johnny has something to do with Armageddon and I don't mean that in a good way. Watching it a second time, you can sort of see some of the foreshadowing in what Wey says like when John sees him at the marathon, and he says, "Johnny Smith, how could you do this to all of them?" Or something along those lines. Then, of course it is cinched at the end when Wey explains how he can't trust Johnny and holds up the cover of Newsweek which shows Johnny and the headline, "Will this man destroy the world?" or something like that. Now, of course, it could be several things. 1) It could be that somehow in trying to prevent Armageddon, Johnny ends up causing it (in other words, not stopping it, and thus being at "fault"). 2) It could mean something totally different because it's taken out of content. You know? Like it could be something totally benign but in the context of the literal end of the world, it could seem like it was his fault. 3) The other thing is, does that mean that John survives Armageddon and Wey will be able to find him in the future and talk with him? [OMITTED: Concievably then, John could have a conversation with his future self, couldn't he? I mean, if he can "share" a vision with Wey, then why couldn't he share one with himself....oh that's freaky. That would actually make a good episode. I think I should delete that lol. Don't want to give anyone any ideas.....]

I don't know. I definitely liked this episode. I liked the way things were really tightly connected. One mistake I noticed when they filmed it though is at the end when Bruce and Johnny are arrested and are taken to the police station. John is in the foreground, talking with the current Wey and the police officer, and is not cuffed. Bruce, in the background, however, is cuffed. LOL now maybe I'm insane but I noticed that the FIRST time I watched it and thought to myself that is pretty racist though I don't doubt that it happens in real life. The problem is, though, that later, after they get the call from Purdy or Bannerman or whomever and are being released, both of them are cuffed. LOL I think it was just an error when they filmed it...or maybe there was supposed to be a time lapse and that explains the lack of cuffs on John and then their sudden appearance.

OK well I am beat but I have to say I'm sad the summer season is over. At least I was inspired and able to just about finish my script. I just have a few more scenes to write....and I need to figure out one more detail. Until the next blog session. Night.

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10:34 PM CST - Aug 17, 2003
Just finished watching the season finale, "Visions." It was great! The end killed me though--I know USA hasn't approved a third season yet and even when they do, I know it'll be at least until after Christmas!! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait, though. They re-air the show in about a half an hour and I think I'm going to watch it again. I'm still working on my script and I'm stuck with the end. Watching the shows again a lot of times gets me a stronger familiarity with them that really helps when writing the script.

I've been writing the script not only because I love the show but also because I'm taking a screen writing class this fall and what better way to practice than writing a teleplay? I think in a lot of ways it's more challenging than other types of writing, like short fiction, for example, but so far I think I enjoy it more. Maybe it's just because I love DZ so much....I don't know.

But more about the season finale....when I first heard about it I was relieved to find that they were finally going to explain the guy that Johnny's been seeing the whole summer long. It really bothered notice all kinds of strange details like every single time a character says "There's still time," for example...ok I am a freak I know it...but hell I did start this fanlisting so I have to love the show, don't I?

I can't say until after I see the episode again but I think that it is up there with my favorite ones....ok don't want to spoil it for those of you who may have been unfortunate enough to miss it, but I just loved the way they linked John to the mysterious man...very "Shaman-esque." I really love it when they link the story together. That was part of the problem I had with some of the earlier episodes; they seemed to be completely independent stories rather than part of a whole.

Anyway, I think my five favorite episodes would have to be, starting from Season 1 and going to 2.5: "Enemy Mind," "Netherworld," "Here There Be Monsters," "Playing God," and "The Hunt." As far as the season finales go, though, I think "Visions" would have to be first, followed by "Zion," and then "Destiny." But I've only seen "Destiny" once since I had it on a tape with some "Monk" episodes I taped for my Dad and now who knows what happened to that tape...I definitely have to invest in the Season 1 DVDs...

OK well it's almost 11, time to see "Visions" again and look for things I I think I'm going to try to get some work in on my teleplay before it starts and check to make sure my neurotic hamster hasn't broken out of her ball...

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