If you DO see what Johnny sees, then this is the clique/fan listing for you!  Just read the rules, pick up a code or two, put it on your site, and sumbit the form!  I will add you to the members list so everyone knows what a big DZ fan you are!

    Don't know what it means to "See what Johnny Sees?" You don't know what you're missing!

    The Dead Zone is a novel written by Steven King. It was turned into a movie of the same name starring Christopher Walken and most recently, a hit cable television series starring Michael Anthony Hall.

    While this fan listing/clique is dedicated mostly to the show, it is also for lovers of the novel and film. If you haven't read the book or seen the show, I highly recommend that you do! The show is shown Sunday nights at 10PM EST on USA. You can go to the USA Network's website for more information on the show, which you can find here: http://www.usanetwork.com.

    The show is based on the book, though it diverges from it in many ways. I will give a brief summary of the SHOW below. You can get a summary of the book at Amazon.com or any other book seller.

Summary of the Show:

    As a young boy of about five, Johnny Smith is skating on the ice when he slips and hits his head. He has a vision of one of the other boys falling into the ice, and a few mintues after he wakes up, it happens. Twenty-something years later, Johnny Smith is a highschool biology teacher, happily engaged to his childhood friend and sweetheart, music teacher Sarah Bracknel. That night, he takes her to a carnival in which they plan out their lives together, and Johnny is suspciously successful at the Wheel of Fortune game, seeming to "know" what number the wheel will land on.
    Driving home later that night, Johnny is involved in a serious accident with a truck, which leaves him in a coma. Six years later, he awakes, and discovers that when he touches people and things, he has the ability to see the past or the future. Struggling with his new ability, the death of his mother, and the marriage of his former fiancee, Johnny makes friends with his physical therapist, Bruce Lewis, and begins to make ammends with his legal guardian, the Reverend Purdy.
    As the second season progresses, Johnny struggles with the knowledge of a future possible disaster, a delicate relationship with Sarah and Dana Bright (a reporter for the local paper), and his own personal issues. As the first season came to a close, we see Johnny recognizing his own destiny; at the end of the second, we see Bruce realize his.

    If you have never seen the show, I hope my *very brief* summary helped spark your interest!