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What can I say about these stories? Well, they're longer than the drabbles and the short, short fics...and shorter than the epics. That just about covers it. Most of them are one chapter only, though you will find a few multiple chapter fics on this page. Some are funny, some are angsty, some are even kinda's just like the show!

Fill In The Blanks My very first fic ever! Between Triangle and Checkpoint, Willow tries to make amends by helping Giles with a problem. Rated PG

A Fair Fight Buffy, Xander and Willow try to have a night off at a carnival. This is a fluffy Season 1 piece I wrote after The Gift to comfort myself. Rated G

Thank The Fifth Dimension Spike, Giles and Cordelia use a hot air balloon to try to stop the Hellmouth from being opened. I still don't know what Season it takes place in... Rated PG

Reconnect Willow has an encounter with her mother after Joyce's death. Rated PG

Stuff That Happens While You're Making Other Plans One of my personal favorites! Xander's POV of life and love on the Hellmouth. Kind of an alternative Season 5 piece. Rated PG

She Goes On The sequel to "Stuff That Happens..." Xander begins the long journey back. This one starts out depressing, but it gets better. Rated PG
Part 1 - The Dark
Part 2 - The Light

All The Rage Riley's POV as he battles a different kind of demon. This is based on a challenge from the Challenge In A Can site, which I highly recommend. Rated PG-13

Amateur Night Anya is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters. Here she's fulfilling a lifelong dream, and dragging the Scoobies along for the ride. It also has a little Angel crossover action! Rated PG

A Little Death This is as close to smut as you're going to find here. Buffy asks Spike for what she wants. Rated R

There's A Little Life In You Yet Oh look, a sequel to "A Little Death"! Buffy and Spike deal with the morning after. Rated PG-13

Living In TwilightAfter finding out Buffy is with Angel, Spike confronts Willow about a few things. Rated PG-13

Before I Do, I Die Just before Xander and Anya's Wedding, Buffy has to deal with a new and different threat: a Viking horde intent on sacking Sunnydale and led by none other than the groom himself. Author's Note: Recently (finally) completed - and may just be one of my favorites Rated PG
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Hideaway My first and so far only songfic. The final meeting of the self-proclaimed Sunnydale Rejects Club - Riley and Oz.Rated PG-13

Sort of Up and Down Xander helps Buffy in more ways than one. This is a cute friendship piece Rated PG

Lost In The Translation Four goofy vignettes involving confusion over poor translations. > Rated PG
Buffy in Austria
Anya in Rome
Cordy in Nairobi
Spike in Tokyo

Spin Sometime in the future, Willow reviews her gains and losses. This is a Dark Willow fic, folks, consider yourselves warned! Rated PG-13

Recovery I thought this was finished, but I was immediately corrected by my readers. A response to a challenge to write a 'Season Ender' fic for Season 6. Xander helps the Scoobies pic up the pieces. Part 2 is on the way, as well as a prequel chapter telling how we got here. > Rated PG
Part 1

Loaded In between the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6, Spike has to save Dawn from herself. Not as angsty as it sounds. Rated R

Unraveled This is a kind of dark epilogue to the series...a vampire solves a mystery. Rated PG

Long Story Short My own vision of a happy ending to Season 6. Joss will never go for it...Rated PG

Safer Places Some Xander thoughts at the beginning of Season 6. Rated PG

For No Reason Why Sometimes doing a favor does more for the doer than the doee. A sweet little Angel fic. Rated PG

The Crack In Everything A fluffy little W/X piece, speculating on what might have happened if Xander had made a move on Willow after Oz rejected her post-Lover’s Walk. Rated PG

Cordelia: Chiaroscuro New and complete! Cordelia visits an art gallery where the art tells a story... Rated PG
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

All Things Seen and Unseen Willow asks Buffy for a big favor right after the end of Gone. Rated G

Devil's Food My own silly take on why the Scoobies never meet at Xander's apartment. Rated PG

Green Icing Flowing Down A scene from the wedding reception as it plays in my head. Be afraid, be very afraid... Rated PG

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror Giles has some thoughts after learning Buffy's alive, thanks to a special mirror. Rated PG

All You Have To Do Is Call A few years after a major falling out, Xander needs Willow, so of course she’s there... Rated PG

The Watcher’s Counsel After her ruined wedding, Anya has to make a decision. But first she needs advice from someone she can trust...Rated PG

Tara’s Wish Based on a lot of Season 6 Spoilers. The title gives you the gist... Rated PG

Made To Be Broken More Tara and Willow angst, I’m afraid... Rated PG

Due Diligence My first Lindsay fic. I’m afraid it’s not sunshine and puppies, more like Vegas and an evil hand. Oh, and it’s a CSI x-over. Rated R

The Wrong Way Killer teddy bears, sneaky Dawn, a witch magically regressed to childhood...yup, typical day on the Hellmouth. Rated PG

Emotional Rescue Willow goes to Xander for help. This is very, very angsty... Rated PG-13

Q’s I was suffering from A:tS withdrawal, so here’s a scene that could've been from the episode after Sleep Tight, except it wasn't. Gunn goes to talk to Wesley. Rated PG

Crowing Buffy wants to tell her lover how she feels...but this is the Hellmouth. Here lies much angst. Rated PG

Beggars Riding Xander makes Willow promise him something. Rated PG

Out of His Misery Whoa, the angst! Character death warning big-time here...Spike chooses Dru instead of Buffy in Crush. This is a ‘What if?’ story I wrote for the In Another Life Challenge - it won for Best Spike Fiction! Woo Hoo! Rated PG-13

Lovers Run Another “What if?” story for the In Another Life Challenge - this time it’s all about Willow and Xander. And Cordelia and love and death. And it won the “We Wish Joss Had Done This” Award! Rated R
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Maggie May I? One more ‘What If?’ story I wrote for the In Another Life Challenge - winner of Best Overall and Best Characterization, amazingly enough - and yes, it’s a real honest-to-goodness Maggie Walsh fic. Be afraid. Maggie Walsh creates something...different. Rated PG-13

Childhood Trauma And now for something completely different...Buffy comes to Sunnydale when she’s seven, because her parents want her to attend a special children’s dream clinic. Of course there are two new friends waiting for her, as well as vampires, one of whom just might have a soul. (WIP) Rated PG
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Kissing Delilah The final ‘What If?’ story I wrote for the In Another Life Challenge is probably the most unlike me thing I‘ve ever written. Frankly I don‘t know where this one came from. Lilah tries to be good. This won for Best Lilah fic, btw. Rated R

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Cordelia pays an ostracized Wesley a visit. Rated PG

The Memory Lane Off Ramp My first run at a Season 7 fic finds the gang in England, where a big secret Giles has been keeping threatens to blow the gang apart. (WIP) Rated PG
Part 1
Part 2

Blurred Cordelia gets a vision about Connor‘s kidnapping, but will trying to help Angel destroy her happiness? Rated R

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This A little Buffy/Angel fluff written to take place during the summer after S6/S3. Daydreams can be fun... Rated PG

Two Minute Warning My first Season 7 fic. Did you notice that Xander kind of disappeared during that scene at the Bronze in ‘Beneath Me’? My explanation. Rated PG

Episode of Blonde What might have happened to when Giles encountered the Harbingers at the end of Sleeper. Rated PG-13

New Not The Girl You Think You Are Again with the explaining. Why Annabelle ran at the end of Bring On The Night. Rated PG

New End Of The Line Xander and Anya have a post-Showtime encounter. Rated PG-13

New Like Me Willow and Dawn find some common ground after her return from England. Rated PG

New The Calm Before A little post-Potential Xander comfortador action, or what I might have done instead of tKiM. Rated PG

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