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I have to admit it. I love writing these most of all. There’s something amazingly satisfying about finishing one of these monster fics. I love these stories so much, just about all of them have managed to have some kind of sequel or spin-off stories. So I‘ve made pages for each main story, on which you‘ll be able to link not only to that story but to all stories contained in that universe! How cool is that?

The Possibility of Friendship The one that started it all. This was my first really, really long story. The link will take you to that story as well as a few small related fics and the equally daunting sequel, still in progress as of this writing. What’s it about? A young Watcher brings a prophecy foretelling the deaths of the Scoobies to the one with the power to stop it - Spike. See, you want to read it now...

Who‘s Your Daddy? This link will take you to two stories as of this writing, Who’s Your Daddy and Complications. Future stories will be linked there as well, cause I still have stories to tell. I can’t let the ‘Daddyverse’ go! Xander gets hit on the head and everything changes. More than that would be telling...

Being Buffy Summers: The Trilogy My first attempt at a Post-Gift fic after the Season 5 finale ended up being three fics and spawning another alternate universe for me to play around in. More stories will be coming here as well.

Crusade Probably the most fun Post-Gift fic ever. At least it was for me. Mind you, I have a strange idea of fun, but if you like the guys of Buffy and you like action and adventure, give this one a try!

Little Wild One Another epic, of course, but this one really shakes up the Scoobies’ relationships...I can almost guarantee there’s going to be a sequel, so it’ll get it’s own page eventually. It’s also incomplete, but worth a look nonetheless Rated PG
Part 1 - Natural Defenses
Part 2 - Mating Dance
Part 3 - Marking Territory
Part 4 - Trust Your Instincts
Part 5 - Going To Ground
Part 6 - The Art of Camouflage
Part 7 - The Scent of Fear
Part 8 - Homing
Part 9 - Predator Meet Prey
Part 10 - Evolutionary
NEW!! Part 11 - Fight or Flight

Hello Goodbye Okay, it’s not really new, but it’s new to my site! This is the post-Gift fic I co-authored with my brilliant friend Jeffrey Patrick. A definite must-read, as is all of Jeff’s fic - check out his work posted on or his website if you don’t believe me!

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