Tales From The Dawnverse

What is the Dawnverse? Well, Im glad you asked...*g*

Certain things struck me when the Dawn/Key storyline was introduced. Obviously having Dawn in the mix would make for a very different Season 1 through 4. But beyond that, it was indicated on more than one occasion that Dawn knew that Buffy was the Slayer when she was growing up. Which led me to envision a very different Buffyverse...hence, the Dawnverse was born

Born, but still in its infancy. Basically these stories will consist of episodes reconceived in an environment where Buffys family knows shes the Slayer from the time before she comes to Sunnydale, and, well, other things change too. I dont plan on reworking every single episode, but I hope you enjoy the ones I do.

Mom, Buffy Said Hellmouth! Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest gets the Dawnverse treatment first, natch Rated PG
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Prey The Pack, as reimagined in the Dawnverse...its on the dark side, so consider yourself warned... Rated PG-13
Part One
Part Two

About Your Boyfriend Angel (the episode, not the series), as reimagined in the Dawnverse... Rated PG-13
Part One

Destinations Out of The Dawnverse

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