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Countdown Games Page

Welcome to my new (and first) website. I intend to create weekly Countdown games for you to have a go at and then submit your answers. I shall set a closing date and then the solutions will be posted on this date. It may seem too complicated at first, rather like trying to design this damn thing lol, but hopefully with time it'll all become much clearer! For those of you that may be new to the site, I have included a brief introduction. The website works thus: I set a Countdown game each week, usually on the Thursday and the game stays open for the week. You are then able to submit your answers to me via. my e-mail address for each round. I shall then attempt to e-mail you back your score and comment in the same day, though as I'm sure you can appreicate it's not always possible. The game is then concluded one week later and a round-by-round review of the game is posted on the page, along with a lot of spoiler space who want to have a go at it "unofficially". The game is then declared closed and a new one is set up on a new page. Apologies if this seems really complicated, but it should get easier to understand the more games you view and the more you take part! Many thanks to those of you that have entered so far and I look forward to viewing the entries and e-mails again now that the website is restarted. Please do continue to use the e-mail address at the bottom of this page if you would like to get in contact, I really do enjoy hearing from other Countdown fans. Many thanks for your support so far.

Hope you enjoy what I've managed to upload so far, much more hopefully to come within the next few weeks. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT GAME NINETEEN IS NOW CLOSED. The review has been posted along with the game.

***UPDATE - 18/07*** Well, hopefully I am back for a little while longer after my year or so break. I have closed game 19 and the review has been posted. I have uploaded game 20 to the site and this will close on Wednesday 25th July. Entries should be submitted in the normal way for scoring and for possible words to be included in the review.


Countdown Game 1 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 2 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 3 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 4 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 5 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 6 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 7 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 8 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 9 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 10 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 11 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 12 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 13 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 14 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 15 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 16 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 17 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 18 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 19 - CLOSED
Countdown Game 20 - closes 25/07