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Couch Potatoes Home Page

Welcome to our site,please have a seat on our Couch,and relax,watch some TV!

This is a interactive website,
to talk about any TV Show or Movie.
Weather it be Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Adventure and Westerns.
We love talking anything related about any TV Shows or Movies here.
If your a TV Couch Potato this is a site for you.
There is also plenty of TV trivia here for everyone

Please drop into our GuestMap,
and put your mark on our Map,
You may also leave a small message on our Map.

At this site, you will find links to many different things relating to TV Shows and Movies!
We have a large selection of links to some great Yahoo Clubs,
we also have a wonderful Couch Potatoes Forum,
where you can join in with other Couch Potatoes,
and discuss anything you like, from classic TV to todays TV shows,
and anything else in between!

Couch Potatoes, has a wonderful mailing list,
if you are addicted to watching TV, Movies and generally a true blue Couch Potato,
then this is the list for you!

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