Uninterrupted Night Alone

Title: Uninterrupted Night Alone
Author: Nikki
E-mail: nikki_m@iprimus.com.au
Disclaimer: I unfortunately don’t own any characters from Alias though I wish I did coz I would definitely have a lot of fun with Sydney and Vaughn.
Rating: NC-17
poilers: The Getaway
Summary: What if things had turned out a little differently on Vaughn and Sydney’s date?
Distribution: Yeah sure, Just tell me where you’re putting it.
Author’s Note: I tried to stick as close to the characters as possible but I apologise in advance if they don’t seem real enough to you. Also, this is just going to be an extremely long one parter.
Author’s Note 2: The translation I got off the net so I’m sorry if anything is wrong. If it is, then someone please tell me so I can fix it.
Author’s Note 3: This is pretty graphic and so I suggest that the little kiddies go to bed now instead of later.


It had been awkward earlier that day in the airport when he had asked her to dinner. Her heart had sped up and her breathing had altered just slightly. Not enough for him to notice though. She stood there in her outrageous clothes and ridiculous wig. It hadn’t seemed appropriate to be wearing those clothes when he was finally asking her out but she didn’t let it get to her. That was why she left to change so soon after he had asked her to dinner.

Sydney left Vaughn with a smile on his face as she turned the corner from the small office that they were using in the airport. She opened the door to the tiny bathroom and slid in with her skeleton bag. Her other luggage bag had been transported with the CIA so it sat there waiting to be opened. She took her time getting ready. This was, of course, the first date that she was going on a date with Vaughn. Inside she was giddy. If someone had told her half-an-hour earlier that she was going to be eating dinner with Michael Vaughn in France for the first time in public, she would have laughed so hard she wouldn’t have to do sit-ups for the rest of the week because her stomach muscles would have thoroughly been used.

She stripped off her top and her wig and then took off her fake eyelashes and all the make-up on her face. Next she bent down and slipped off her heels while also pulling down her red fish net stockings. She stepped out of the stockings and placed them on the pile of clothes and accessories that she had compiled in the corner next to the sink of the bathroom. Her skirt was next and then her tattoo had washed off with some scrubbing with a wet loofah she had brought.

She sat her carry-on luggage bag up on the toilet seat and unzipped it revealing her normal every-day ‘Sydney Bristow’ clothes. She pulled out her camel coloured tight pants and her white cotton shirt. She held them in between her legs as she quickly pulled out from the side pocket, a skin coloured bra and matching panties. She also pulled out a pair of pale white, thin socks and her black high-heeled boots.

She placed her boots on the floor and the rest of her clothes on top of the open bag. She took off the black leather bra that she was wearing and wet a small hand towel that sat next to the sink on the right. She wiped the towel over her heated skin to rid herself of sweat and to cool herself down. Just the thought of eating dinner with Vaughn in a public place was doing things to her body that she couldn’t explain.

She ran the towel over her flat solid stomach and then skipped over her matching black panties to her thighs where she could feel the stickiness of sweat build up.

She ran the towel on the back of her neck to soothe her skin. She closed her eyes as she physically cooled down. She opened her eyes slowly and started at her almost naked form in the mirror. She watched in the mirror as she ran the towel over both of her shoulders and down her arms.

She set the towel back on the right hand side of the sink as she started to redress herself. She pulled her black panties off and added them to the pile next to the sink. She quickly pulled on her new, clean ones and then pulled on her bra and reached behind her back to hook it into place.

Next, she pulled on her socks and then her pants. Her right leg first. She zipped them up at the back and then reached for her top. She pulled it over her head and threaded her arms through the appropriate holes. She straightened the shirt out against her body and did a quick check of her clothes appearance. She turned around to dig through the open bag to pull out the last few accessories that were needed to complete her attire.

After she found what she needed, she zipped the bag up and placed it by her feet as she sat down on the closed toilet. She bent over and slipped on her boots and then zipped them up. She wiggled her toes experimentally and then stood up as she was satisfied with the comfort they were giving her. She stood in front of the mirror again as she applied her make-up on. She never really was a big fan of heavy or bright make-up. She applied earthy tones to her slightly tanned skin. She applied her lipstick, rubbed her lips together gently and then fixed the corner of her mouth where the lipstick had smudged.

She cleaned up her make-up and placed it all back into the bag on the floor. She reached into a second side pocket and pulled out a small jewellery bag. She knew just the right necklace and earings to where. She also pulled out her watch and slipped it onto her wrist as she clipped it into place. She put her earings in and the clipped her necklace on. The necklace was simple but dressy. I had small stones that lead down to a larger stone hanging from the middle of the necklace. The red-brown colour of the stone contrasted well with the light colours of her clothing.

Outside in the office where Sydney had left Vaughn earlier, Weiss was still giddy that his best friend had a date with Sydney. Every few minutes he would do the same little happy dance that he had performed when Vaughn had informed him that he and Sydney were having dinner.

Vaughn had changed his shirt and changed his tie. He was now wearing his black suit with a dark blue shirt and matching blue tie. He reapplied a little aftershave and checked to see if his gun was loaded. He checked his watch and then fixed his pants up a little. He was nervous. He’d had feelings for Sydney ever since he’d met her with that bozo red hair and swollen gum. He’d had an attraction to her right then but he wasn’t to know how strong of an attraction till later.

He breathed out somewhat heavily and rubbed his brow with his right hand before placing his hands in his pockets.

She watched him as she silently walked over towards him with her white cashmere coat in her hand. Five minutes later they were walking out of the airport together. The car drive was silent and a little uncomfortable as neither really knew what to say.

They arrived at the restaurant and she listened with an attentive ear as he spoke fluently in his native language to the owner who had hurriedly came to assist them. ‘God he sounds sexy.’ Sydney had allowed her mind to wander.

She listened to their conversation as she they were lead slowly through the dimly lit restaurant to a table that would soon become theirs.

“We’re from L’Avignon.” Vaughn had told the owner as they had approached the table.

The owner had then replied in French-accented English, “Well, you speak French almost as well as I do.” He then took Sydney’s coat out of her hands. “Mademoiselle.” He said politely as he draped it over his right arm.

“Thank you.” She replied with a small smile before starting to pull out her chair to sit down.

Vaughn took his cue from Sydney and started to sit down opposite her when the owner started talking again, “See what you like and I’ll be right back.”

Sydney listened as Vaughn thanked the owner with a polite, “Merci.”

The owner then briskly left the table to leave the couple to have their intimate dinner. He did stay in the shadows behind some large flowerpots so he could observe their date though. He soon left his hiding place to venture over to another table with some guests after he realised that it was their first date.

Back at the table it was extremely apparent that they were nervous. The uncertainty could be seen in eachother’s eyes as they glanced over the top of their menus. There was an awkward pause as Vaughn smiled at Sydney. She decided to take matters into her own hands, as she knew they were going nowhere fast. She closed her menu and then looked up at Vaughn who caught her eye after glancing down at his own menu.

“I think wine would help the situation.” She had suggested with a hint of a smile on her lips.

Vaughn jumped at the chance of a distraction and an ice-breaker. “I was just thinking the same thing. S’il vous plait?” Vaughn said hurriedly as he motioned for a waiter to come to their table.

The owner instead made his way over with a smile gracing his lips. “Is there anything I can help you with?” The owner asked eager to please.

“Could we please have an expensive bottle of wine?” Vaughn asked in fluent French which Sydney enjoyed listening to.

“Of course.” The owner had agreed almost instantly and scurried off towards the kitchen to fetch one of the most expensive French wines that they had in stock.

He hurried back and uncorked the bottle and poured generous amounts into their glasses.

“Merci.” Both Sydney and Vaughn had replied at the same time.


An hour and a half later, they had slipped easily into a comfortable conversation and both had relaxed as the risks they were taking while partaking in this romantic getaway retreated to the back of their minds.

“So I heard you on the phone with base ops. Your code name is Boy Scout?” She asked as a smile graced her lips and she waited for the explanation behind his code name.

“Yeah.” He said almost embarrassingly with a light chuckle.

“Why?” She asked as she reached over to pick up her wine to take a sip.

“Um, it goes back to CST,” Vaughn began as he leaned in, “clandestine service training. You don’t want to hear this.” He admitted with a smile.

“Vaughn.” She said his name with finality.

“Okay.” Came his quick reply. He looked down at her hands as they worked with the knife and fork and the remaining food on her plate. He then proceeded to look up at her. “The Boy Scouts have a motto – “

She quickly cut him off as she looked up from her glass. “Always be prepared.”

He nods to tell her she’s right. “On my first day, I showed up and I had forgotten my field manual so the instructor said, That is your one screw up. And form then on, you’d better be prepared.” Suddenly he turns his head away from Sydney and looks down and to the right.

“This story is a disaster.” Comes Weiss’ voice from the other end of the earpiece. Vaughn listens to Weiss’ advice and can picture him in the office at the airport pacing around one of the desks. He soon tells him goodbye and takes the earpiece out and places it on the table. He looks up at her and smiles. “Sorry.”

They were silent for a few seconds when Vaughn decided that it was the best opportunity to find out more about Sydney Bristow.

“Tell me about your pets.” He asks with a smile.

Sydney is taken aback with the question. She wasn’t prepared for the ridiculous question. “What?” She replies with a surprised smile.

“Your pets.” He replied. “I want to know about every pet that you ever had.” He continued.

“Ok.” She says uncertainly as she smiles and shyly looks down at her plate. “When I was four, I had a pet frog. I named him George but George turned out to be a girl and so we had to let her loose.” She started with a small smile as the memory of the frog took over. “Then when I was nine, I stole three mice from our classroom at school and kept them until my dad was called and he had to take them back two days later.” Vaughn chuckled at the image of Jack Bristow carrying a plastic mice cage into a primary school.

“I always wanted a dog but my nanny was allergic so we couldn’t get one. Plus my father told me that it wasn’t ideal to get attached to an animal.” She said with a said smile. Before she could let her mind wander to depressing times she looked back up at Vaughn with a smile on her face. “Tell me about you. What did you do in college?” She asked.

“I –uh- played pool for a living.” He admitted with a smile.

“Playing pool. I can see that.” She said while picking up food with her fork.

He stared at her with a smile on his face. “You should play sometime.” He said suggesting that they should play sometime.

Before they could discuss the implications of that suggestion the owner walked over to their table, a metallic object in hand. “So you liked everything?” The owner asked as he stood next to their table with a smile on his face.

As Sydney reached for the wine she replied by saying, “C’etait tres bon, merci.”

“Parfait.” Vaughn adds as he looks up at the owner.

The owner paused briefly before talking again. “So, uh, it is too late for you to set out for L’Avignon,” Sydney placed her wineglass back down on the table. “And, uh, you had too much to drink.” Vaughn looks up to see Sydney’s reaction as the owner continues. “Upstairs, I have an inn,” Vaughn’s head snaps up to the owners face. “And tonight, you are my guests. Please.” The owner finishes as he places a key on the leather book holding the bill. He looks at both of them and then stands up straighter. “Take your time. Merci.” And with that said, the owner left them with a large smile.

There is silence at the table. Sydney looks down at the key and then up at Vaughn. He picks up the key and starts to move it around his fingers. He placed it back on the table and leaned in close to Sydney.

“Did you ask him to do that?” He asks with a smile.

Sydney smiled back as she swallowed. Her left hand went up into her hair and pulled it back behind her ear. She smiled before she answered him. “There are so many issues with this, I don’t know where to begin.” She admitted to him.

Before Sydney could continue on with all the rules and protocol issues, Vaughn cut in. “Hold on a second. I think we should have an open mind about this.” He never thought that he would be sitting at a table having a public dinner with Sydney Bristow, let alone discussing spending the night with her. He could already feel his body tingling all over.

Sydney sat back and looked at him. “An open mind.” She asked. Oh how she hoped he would pursue this topic.

How was he supposed to explain to her how much he wanted to do this with her without actually having to voice it out loud. “It’d be rude to overlook such a generous offer without proper consideration.” He replied smiling.

She thought about what he was offering. One night. Together. Just the two of them. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” She replied softly telling him that she was coming around to his suggestive tone.

“Okay.” Vaughn replied with a smile.

“But there are clearly issues.” She quickly replied making sure he knew they needed to be discussed. A smile still remained on her face.

“Yes, I don’t disagree.” He quickly replied trying to re-assure her.

There was a pause in their conversation as she thought about her answer carefully. Her heart and her head were having a struggle with this bump in the road. Her heart won out though and she voiced her answer. “Okay.” She replied simply.

Vaughn breathed out and sat back in his chair and just stared lovingly and openly at her. He couldn’t believe it, in about the next hour, he would be upstairs inside a locked bedroom where he was going to partake in the most amazing experience of his life.

Sydney looked at her plate as she lightly picked up her fork and continued to finish off her meal. She could feel Vaughn’s gaze on her but she couldn’t bring herself to look at him yet. Without using too many words, they had basically just admitted that there were definite feelings between them and that they both were willing to pursue them, even if the risks were great.


A half-hour had passed and they had both finished off their meals. They had sat in silence. A comfortable silence as they thought over the event that was fast approaching.

When Sydney finally mustered up enough courage, she placed the napkin that was in her lap next to her plate on the table signalling that she had completed her meal. She took a deep breath and slowly and quietly pushed her chair out. She slowly stood up and as she went to push her chair back into its place she found the owner holding out her coat for her.

“Thank you.” She replied softly and equally shy. The owner just nodded his head at her and smiled. He discreetly pointed to a back door signalling that was the path they would take to the next step.

At the table Vaughn stood up and moved away from the table after her pushed his own chair back into place. The bill had been paid and now all they had to do was take the key with them. A thought suddenly struck him and he quickly reached down onto the table and turned the earpiece back on and placed it back in his ear. He tried to get a hold of Weiss.

He stepped away from the table and pulled out his mobile to keep up the pretence that he was just on his mobile.

“Weiss?” He asked tentatively.

There was silence on the other end so Vaughn said his name a little louder. Suddenly he heard the comm link turn on at the other end.

“You got my eclairs?” Weiss asked groggily.

“No but I owe you more than eclairs.” Vaughn said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Weiss asked as he sat up straighter in the chair that he was in.

“Syd and I won’t be making our flight back to Los Angeles tonight but sometime tomorrow. In the afternoon.” Vaughn said making it obvious to Weiss why they wouldn’t be able to make their flights.

“Michael. You sure you know what you’re doing?” Weiss asked before he was going to perform another happy dance.

“The owner gave us a key to a room upstairs and we agreed that we should take him up on his kind offer. And I’m intoxicated.” Vaughn added as if that was going to give Weiss more reasons to give Kendall when Vaughn didn’t arrive back with the rest of the CIA team.

“Ok, I’m going to change everyone’s flights back to La for tomorrow night. If Kendall asks what’s going on, I’ll tell him that we’re investigating suspected Alliance security members that have been following Agent Bristow since earlier this morning.” Weiss said quickly thinking of a plan.

“Eric?” Vaughn used his first name to show that he was talking to his friend now, not his co-worker. “Thanks.”

“Mike. What are you still doing talking to me? Hurry up, I want my eclairs.” Weiss said laughing before switching his end off.

Vaughn just laughed as he pulled his earpiece out and turned it off before putting it into his jacket pocket along with his mobile. He turned around and looked over at Sydney who was standing near the bar waiting for him. He watched as she tucked her hair behind her ears again in a nervous gesture. He mentally shook his head as he quietly made his way over towards her. As he reached her side he lifted up his right hand and lightly placed it on the small of her back. He felt her muscles tense up and then relax after she realised it was him.

“Hey.” He whispered as he let the tip of his pinkie finger touch the skin on her back between her pants and the hem of her shirt. He heard her gasp in response.

He had barely touched her and he had already stirred all these feelings up inside her. She felt his pinkie on her lower back and she felt the desire building up inside.

“The owner, he said that, that we should, uh, go this way.” She replied having a hard time getting the words out. She slightly pointed towards the back door that was just around the corner of the bar.

“Ok.” He said softly as he waited for her to start walking.

She took a small step in the direction of the door and when she still felt his hand on her lower back she picked up a bit more confidence and slowly headed through the back door towards the back stairs.

He slowly followed behind her and just before they went through the back door, he moved his hand a little lower, allowing his thumb to brush against her heated skin.

They made their way up the stairs quietly, neither of them saying a word. As they reached the door Vaughn pulled out the key and held it in his hand. He stared at it and then looked up at Sydney who was also looking down at the key. She soon met his eyes with shy ones before he asked one final question before they entered the room.

“Are you sure?” He whispered softly. He was so close. She could almost hear his heart pounding in his chest… or was that her heart in her own chest?

She looked down at the key again and then back up at his face. As she met his eyes she nodded. He had the answer he needed. He nodded back and then slid the key into the lock and turned it. The door unlocked and his other hand reached out and turned the knob on the door and pushed it open. The room was dark and as he stepped inside his hand went to the wall and flicked the switch. The room was alit with dim light from the ceiling. He took the key out of the door and placed it on the antique table next the light switch and under an antique mirror.

He stepped further into the room allowing Sydney to follow him inside. She seemed hesitant at first and he could understand why. He walked over to her and gently took hold of her hand.

Sydney had waited nervously as he unlocked and opened the door. She couldn’t see anything in the room when he finally finished opening the door but when he had found the light switch, she could see the room better. She took a small step toward the room but stopped at the entryway. Stepping into the room was one of the biggest steps Sydney would have to take in her life. By placing her feet inside that room, she was putting caution to the wind, screwing protocol and allowing herself to really feel for one night all the things she had been dreaming about for months. If she stepped back outside the room, she didn’t know if they’d ever have a chance like this again and she knew that it would hurt Vaughn almost as much as it would hurt herself.

She then felt the warmth and gentleness of someone’s palm pressing against her own. She looked down at their linked hands and knew she couldn’t just walk away from this. He was there by her side and he knew exactly what she needed. She slowly looked up into his reassuring face and moved herself into the room, closing the door behind her. She let go of his hand and carefully locked the door so there would be no intrusions.

She turned around and took a look at the room. The wallpaper was a deep mauve colour that added to the intimacy of the room. Antique furnishings were what filled the room. A King sized bed sat against the wall, its frame a dark antique brown/black colour. The sheets were mauve silks and the comforter was a matching colour with gold trimmings. The bedside tables were made out of the same wood with carvings on the edges and on the legs. Each bedside table had one drawer and sitting on the top was a gold and mauve cloth. Two antique lamps sat atop the cloth, one on each table.

Across from the foot of the bed was an antique chest of drawers that matched the wood and carvings on the bed and bedside tables. Sitting on the top of it was a crystal vase with beautiful flowers in it. In the corner of the room next to the chest of drawers were two couches and a black marble table. It was a sitting area next to the bay windows.

Next to where they were standing was another door. Vaughn opened it to reveal a fairly large bathroom containing a two-man bath, a large shower, a toilet and a large vanity where the sink was with a very large mirror above the sink.

Vaughn closed the door again and turned around to look at Sydney. He studied her appearance carefully. She was absolutely beautiful. Her light brown straight hair that hung just past her almost bare shoulders looked soft and he couldn’t wait to be able to run his fingers through it. He watched as she swallowed, but not nervously anymore. He removed his jacket and held onto it for the moment. He watched as she walked further into the room heading over to the bed. She ran her fingers softly over the soft cotton of the comforter. She looked closely at the material and noticed a delicate pattern on it. The comforter was beautiful. Vaughn dimmed the lights lower and lower till there was only the smallest amount of light in the room before walked over to one of the single chaired sofas and laid his jacket on the armrest. Sydney wasn’t aware of him moving around the room so he took her by surprise when he came up to stand behind her.

She had been so entranced with the delicate design on the bed that she didn’t even hear Vaughn take off his jacket or even see him take it over to one of the sofas and lay it down. She only knew of how close he actually was to her when he was standing close behind her. His hands reached up and gently took hold of her jacket from her shoulders and slipped it off of her. He walked over to where his jacket was and laid it down next to his. She had barely moved.

He walked back up behind her and she felt his breath on the back of her neck. She almost shivered at the sensation but her body settled for involuntarily closing her eyes. He walked around to face her and all he wanted to do was kiss her. But not yet, he decided. His right hand came up silently and he let his thumb run lightly over her collarbone, near her necklace. She sucked in a breath at the sensuality of his touch. But still, she kept her eyes closed.

His index finger lightly touched the gem hanging from her necklace. Both of his hands came up and reached around the back of her neck to the clasp. He stepped closer to her so their bodies were mere inches apart. He tilted his head to the side and leaned forward to look around the back of her neck to the clasp.

With her eyes closed, all of her other senses were heightened. His breath on her neck was driving her insane. His light touch was making her crazy with want. As he started to slide the necklace off of her neck his head was moving back as well. Vaughn brushed his lips ever so gently over her pulse and a small whimper escaped her lips. After she felt him standing in front of her, she slowly opened her eyes to look deep into his. There was a fire burning in there that she knew was flashing in her eyes that same moment.

Her delicate fingers reached up to his tie. She slowly undid it and pulled it off him and let it drop from her fingers to the carpeted floor. With her eyes locked on his her hands reached up to the top button of his shirt and slowly undid each button down to where his shirt was tucked in. She broke eye contact to look down to his waist to softly pull his shirt out. After she had finished there she moved her hands to his left cuff and unbuttoned it. She then repeated the action to the right cuff. After the shirt was finally unbuttoned she slid his shirt off his shoulders and watched as it fell to the ground soundlessly. Even though he had already shed some clothing he was still wearing a white t-shirt under his blue shirt. She didn’t reach for it because it wasn’t her turn.

She looked up at him and soon his long fingers reached for the hem of her white cotton top. He slowly started to lift it up and she assisted him by gently raising her arms just slightly, enough for him to take her top off finally. He let the softness of her clothing run over his fingers as he let it fall from his hand to meet his shirt by their feet. He then used his feet to take off his own shoes and he pushed them aside.

After he straightened up and looked at her waiting for her to continue, her fingers reached out and gently gripped onto his t-shirt. She pulled it up and off of him letting it fall to the floor on top of his shirt and hers while being careful not to let her fingers touch him yet.

He bent down then and pulled off his socks. He then got down on his knees and unzipped her boots. He lifted one foot and took the boot off setting aside next to his shoes and then did the same for the other boot. He reached up her pant leg and pulled down her sock and set it inside one of her boots. He then repeated the action with her other sock. He then stood back up facing her again waiting for her next move. She reached for his belt and undid it at the buckle. She pulled the belt slowly out of each loop and then let it fall to the floor with a slight thud.

He took a deep breath and let his fingers reach around to the back of her pants to unhook and unzip them. He could hear her breaths gaining speed as each minute passed them by. He let his thumbs hook inside each side of her pants and then he slowly started to pull them down her slim and slender legs. Once they were down on the floor she lowly stepped out of them.

It was her turn to reach for the button on his pants and his zipper. She repeated his action and hooked her thumbs into the sides of his pants and slowly pulled them down his legs. When they hit the floor, he stepped out of them as she stood back up leaving him in his boxer shorts and her in her matching bra and panties. They stood staring at eachother for a few seconds. “Close your eyes.” Vaughn whispered the first words of the night.

She slowly closed them letting his presence soothe her. He walked around her to face her back. He moved her hair over her left shoulder and leaned in to her right ear. “Just feel.” He whispered.

She felt his lips brush the back of her neck as they slowly travelled down her spine. When his lips reached her bra strap, he licked his lips and softly kissed the skin just above the clasp as his finger came up and unclasped her bra. His lips started to travel lower and lower and as they did, his finger trailed up over her shoulder blades and slowly slid her bra straps down and off her arms letting the bra fall to the floor almost silently. He let his lips drag a trail of fire down her back to her panty line where stopped and started to kiss across her waistline. When he reached her side, he let his tongue trail up her skin. When he almost reached her armpit he started to kiss up her back to reach her shoulder. He trailed his moist lips across her shoulder up to her neck where he sucked gently on the skin that joined her neck and shoulder.

The sensations going through Sydney’s body were indescribable. Her skin was on fire but there was a very slight cool breeze in the room that would only succeed in delivering temporary relief to her senses. His lips were turning her on more than she could ever have imagined. He found a delicate spot where his lips were right at that moment. There hadn’t been many men that Sydney had shared her body with but the few that she had, had never found that spot. She moaned in disappointment when he moved his lips away from her neck and she felt his smile on the back of her neck as she felt his lips move to her other shoulder never losing contact with her skin. He kissed down her shoulder and around her armpit and down her side and round her waistline to the middle of her front. It was then that he looked up at her face. It was flushed pink and the colour was still changing. Her head had fallen forward and her mouth was slightly open, her breathing heavy and faster than normal.

He looked at her stomach in front of him and kissed it softly before bending his head down and kissing high on her thigh, close to her centre. He let his tongue slip through his lips to taste the skin of her upper thigh. “Oh God.” He heard her breathe out. He smiled at this and then focused back on his task at hand. His thumbs reached up and hooked into the sides of her panties. He slowly slid them down her legs and when they reached the floor he noticed in the dimly lit room how damp they actually were. He left her panties on the carpet by his knees as his lips found her knee and started up her thigh towards her hip. He kissed her there softly and as his own emotions washed over him at the impact of what they were going to do, he rested his forehead on her stomach, his nose inhaling her aroused scent.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered as he closed his eyes and rested against her still. He soon felt her fingers running through his hair softly, soothing him as well as arousing him more than he already was. He soon felt his head being gently pushed away from her stomach as she knelt down to be eye level with him. She had opened her eyes after he had said she was beautiful. She didn’t have the will power to keep them closed any longer.

Her right hand came up to rest on his cheek as she stared into his green eyes. “Michael.” She whispered his name. “I’m in love with you.” She whispered as she rested her forehead against his hoping against hope that he felt the same way.

Michael couldn’t believe it. Those five words had made him the happiest person alive. To be loved by Sydney Bristow was the most amazing feeling in the world. He closed his eyes as his breathing became heavier and want and need overtook his body.

“Michael.” She used his name again in a whisper. God he loved the sound of his name on her lips. “You’re wearing too much.” She finished with a cheeky smile.

“Sydney.” He whispered his eyes still closed and their foreheads together. “I’m in love with you too.” He whispered as he opened his eyes to look at her. They stared at eachother for a few seconds before they leaned in. His lips were on hers but they did not kiss. They breathed as one and their hearts beat as one before they finally allowed their lips to join properly in their first kiss.

The kiss was soft and gentle. Their lips testing the others. But soon it wasn’t enough and Sydney’s tongue traced his lips seeking entrance. His mouth opened allowing their tongues to slide together in a heated kiss. When they broke apart, their breathing had picked up at a faster pace again. Resting her forehead against his, Sydney let her fingers reach down to pull at his boxer shorts. When she couldn’t pull them down anymore, Michael helped her and soon they were with her panties on the floor next to them.

Sydney’s hand grabbed onto Michaels as they slowly stood up and quietly climbed on the bed. Sydney lay in the centre on her back watching as Michael made his way up to lay up beside her. She watched as his index finger trailed a path down the valley between her breasts. She watched as he slid the tip of his finger to the underside of her left breast. She gasped at the sensation. It was one thing to feel his finger travel around her breast but it was an entirely different feeling when you could watch. In fact, Sydney found it quite erotic. She rubbed her thighs together slightly to try and relieve some of the tension building up down there.

Michael noticed the movement and looked up at her flushed face. Their eyes connected and he let his fingers trail down her flat stomach to the top of the patch of hair at the juncture of her legs. He let his hand rest there for a second before he went to reach for her knee and bent her leg over his thighs. He slowly ran his hand up and down her thigh. She was completely aroused. Her fists clenched the bed sheets under her and her chest rose and fell at irregular intervals.

“Je veux que vous m'observiez.” ‘I want you to watch me.’ He whispered in French. She let her eyes meet his as she felt his fingers running gently over the skin where her thigh met her centre. She gasped at the feeling and almost let her eyes close when she remembered what he wanted. She kept her eyes on his and his fingers slipped over her clit just as she heard him whisper “Je veux vous entendre gémir.” ‘I want to hear you moan.’ And that was exactly what she did. His thumb ran over her nub eliciting a moan but when she felt his index finger and third finger explore her inner lips, she all but fainted. Her hips started to move slightly as his thumb ran over her clit time and time again.

“Michael.” Sydney moaned as her eyes drifted shut and her hips moved faster with each flick of his thumb on her clit. Her fists clenched the bedspread so tight that her knuckles were turning white.

He increased the pressure of his thumb on her clit and let his index finger slide inside her a little just before he whispered softly, “Je t’aime.” ‘I love you.’ Her body froze and all the sexual frustration she’d been holding onto for months were instilled into that orgasm. As he slid his finger out, he let his thumb run over her clit once more and her body jerked in the aftershock.

“Oh my God.” She whispered over and over again. Her heart beating a mile a minute and her breathing heavy and ragged. Her fists finally unclenched the bedspread and relaxed. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. She didn’t dare move as she could still feel his hand resting extremely high on her thigh and just the thought of him doing that to her again aroused her.

He moved his hand away from her thigh and shifted up the bed a little so their heads were at the same level. He brought his hand up and wiped the damp hair away from her face as she tried to get her breathing and heart rate under control. “Do you know that you look absolutely beautiful in the throws of passion?” Michael asked softly as he ran his thumb over her cheekbone softly.

She turned her head to face him and saw the cheeky smile that graced his lips. “Michael. Don’t ever try and rile up a woman who can kick your ass like I can.” She said with a smile of her own as she quickly rolled on top of him and pinned his wrists above his head so he couldn’t move them. “Because, paybacks a bitch.” She said as her mouth found his pulse point on his neck and she gently sucked on it making him moan. As she finished with his neck, an idea struck her. “Stay right there in that position.” She instructed as she quickly bent over the side of the bed and picked up something. She scrunched up the item and then hid it behind her back. “Close your eyes.” She said to him. After he rolled them and closed them, she sat on his chest, one leg on either side of him. He groaned as he felt how wet she was. She grabbed his wrists and then using his tie that she picked up off the ground she tied them together and then to the headboard.

“You can open them now.” She said as she started to slowly slide down his body turning herself on at the same time as turning him on.

When her centre reached his hips she lifted herself up and sat on his thighs. “Je meurs.” ‘I’m dying.’ He whispered.

“No you’re not. But, Je veux que vous m'observiez.” She repeated his words back to him. ‘I want you to watch me.’ She replied as she let her fingers curl around his manhood. “Oh God.” He groaned out as he willed his hips not to move.

She slid her hand up and down slowly. She started to apply pressure to the base as she slid up and then down. She let her body slide down lower on his legs as she kept the rhythm going.

“Michael. Je veux vous entendre gémir.” ‘I want to hear you moan.’ She threw his words back at him as she let her tongue sneak out from between her lips and touch the tip of him. She pulled her head away as she watched him almost pull his arms out of their sockets just to reach out to her. She giggled as she watched him struggle but kept her pace up with her hand.

“Syd. Syd, you have to - you have to stop. I –I haven’t, oh god, had sex – I haven’t had sex for – uh – over, over a year. God Syd.” He pleaded with her.

“What do you want Michael?” She asked softly as her hand started to slow down.

“You. I want you Syd. All of you.” He said as she released him. She slid back up his body and untied him. Before she knew it, she was on her back and her head was now at the foot of the bed and Michael Vaughn was nestled in between her legs.

“Michael? I want to go slow.” She whispered as she looked up into his green eyes. He looked down at her and nodded as he gently spread her legs a little further apart. He was now at her entrance. Just before he pushed inside her she stopped him. “I haven’t done this for almost a year either.” She admitted to him. He smiled down at her and brushed a strand of hair from her face. He then slowly slid up inside her. They gave eachother the time needed to adjust.

After a few seconds Sydney moved her hips below him experimentally and gasped. “Michael. I love you.” She said as he started to slowly enter her again. He pushed in and out in a slow and steady rhythm. Their arousal grew with each thrust and soon Sydney’s hips were meeting each of his thrusts. Michael buried his head into her neck as the passion took them over and he started to mumble in French. “Vous me rendez complet.” ‘You make me complete.’ “Je t'aime avec tout mon coeur et âme.” ‘I love with all my heart and soul.’ “Je t’aime. Je t’aime. Je t’aime.” ‘I love you. I love you. I love you.’

“Oh God Michael.” Sydney groaned out as she grabbed Michael’s hands in her own and entwined their fingers together. She gripped onto his hands above her head on the bed. He moved his head head from her neck and rested his forehead on hers as they breathed from eachother and tasted eachother’s sweat and finally with one final thrust, their lips met and her muscles clenched around his manhood and a scream inside her throat threatened to spill out as a groan from deep inside his throat threatened to spill out. Their orgasms overtook them as Michael spilled himself inside her and her muscles continued to clench around him. Their hips slowed and their lips finally parted but still their hands clenched above their heads and their foreheads still rested against eachother’s forehead. Their breathing still heavy and fast, their hearts beating rapidly as they finally opened their eyes to look at eachother.

“I love you.” They breathed out shakily at the same time. Slowly, Michael slid out from between her thighs. Sydney groaned in disappointment. They layed there for a few minutes still getting their bodies under control. Michael still lay in between her legs keeping Sydney warm. They eventually moved up and under the covers of the bed to fall asleep in eachother’s arms.


The End.