Piece By Piece

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Category: Sydney/Vaughn angst.

Rating: R

Spoilers: The Box, Parts I and II

Archive: Cover Me. Allies.

Summary: The pieces finally fit.

Thanks to: Kerry for her kind words.

"Piece by Piece" (1/1)

by LMichelle


It was very dangerous. Cole could've taken Vaughn as a hostage. He could've gotten hurt. Killed. Exposed as a CIA Agent. It was risky for him to come to SD-6.

But he did it all for me.

When I realized it was him I flipped over my shoulder, I was so stunned I didn't have a chance to apologize to him. I hoped I didn't hurt him. However, I'm sure he's pretty tough.

I really did want to go to a hockey game with him. The more I thought about it, I believe I actually asked him out on a date. I don't usually do that, but the words just tumbled out of my mouth as they came into my brain.

I've spent a lot of time fighting off advances from men with this job. I understand some of it is part of the way I dress and act as a spy. It's not flattering. It's annoying. Frustrating. Who do these men think they are?

See, the only man I want I can't have.


After Danny's death, I shut down all my feelings towards men, fearing anyone I became involved with would suffer the same fate.

I couldn't give my heart away to a man, only to have him viciously murdered by a man I must work for and feign allegiance to, but Vaughn is slowly earning my heart piece by piece.

I treated him awfully in the beginning of our relationship, yelling and arguing with him, wondering if I could really trust him as well as the CIA. It turns out I could. On both counts.

I can almost imagine our date. I don't really like hockey-well no that's not really accurate-I don't know much about it, but I'd be willing to learn. I'd love for him to teach me. I want to watch him enjoy something.

He's always so business-oriented. I don't know anything about him other than the fact he broke up with his girlfriend and he spent Thanksgiving with his mother. Well, there is that little fact that my mother killed his father. But that's in the past. I don't want it to affect us. I don't want to think about that.

I just want to think about Vaughn and how much I care for him. Fantasize about him.

My fantasy takes place in the warehouse of all places.

I walk into the building and over to him. He pulls me into his arms, kissing me passionately, before pushing me up against the chain-link fence. Instantly his hands are on my body. Everywhere on my body.

His desire for me is bottomless.

But it's not one-sided. I can't get enough of him. My hands push the suit jacket off of his body, gliding over the muscles of his chest and back.

We only remove the clothing that's necessary. He hikes my skirt up and rips the panties from my hips before pushing himself inside me.

The fence digs into my back, but I don't care. He is deep inside me and that's all that matters.

I know he's never heard the moans and whimpers that escape my throat as he's pounding himself inside me.

I cry out his name as the orgasm rips through my body. He eases me down, gathering me close, my body still shaking and trembling from the aftereffects of our lovemaking.

After a few minutes, I reach for the edge of a nearby crate and sit down, still a bit breathless and unsteady.

His lips brush against my forehead and hand caresses my cheek, telling me he loves me and someday we won't have to be in hiding like this.

We can tell everyone about our love.

He now has the last piece of my heart.


END (1/1)