New Life - 2

Chapter 2:

“Who should we tell first?” Michael asks me the next morning over his breakfast while I’m leaning against the counter with my first mug of hot decaffeinated tea. “My Mom, or your parents?”

That’s a toughie. “Why don’t we have them all over for dinner and tell them all at once?”

He smiles. “That’s a good idea. When?”

“Saturday night?” That would give us at least a day to keep our secret selfishly to ourselves.

Michael nods in agreement, and gets up with his empty coffee mug to join me at the counter. “I can’t believe we’re having a baby,” he whispers; his breath hot on my cheek.

I set my mug down too and absentmindedly lean my face closer to his with my eyes closed. “Me neither. Finally.”

“Do you think we’ll make good parents?” he asks, pulling me into in his arms.

I smile. “Yeah. We’ll just have to take what we learned from our parents when we were growing up.” At his raised eyebrow, I laugh. “Okay, well, at least your mom.”

He kisses my nose. “They’re all going to love this, you know. They’ll be at our house all hours of the day and night, and we’ll probably have to change the locks—Never mind. Jack can get through any door. We’re going to have to get a better security system. Maybe I can get one of the guys from work to—“

I’m laughing so hard from his babbling, that I had to stop him, so I press my lips against his, and am rewarded with his own laughing into my mouth. I’ve never thought that any sound was more fulfilling than hearing Michael Vaughn laugh, and knowing he’s my husband makes it even better. We’re still giggling a couple of minutes later, when he backs away slightly and looks at me with love in his eyes. “I love you,” I tell him, and he leans me against the counter with a hug and a kiss in response.

After a moment of kissing, he asks me, “So, how’s this going to affect how long you work? You’re done for good, right?” I love the sense of protectiveness he has over me, but it still doesn’t stop me from rolling my eyes.

I’ve known without a doubt that as soon as he and I started a family, that my spy life would be over. It’s something I’ve wanted for so long that it’s almost scary knowing it’s the next step. But I don’t hesitate answering, “Of course. I’m done. I’m turning in my resignation today. I only hope my father doesn’t go snooping and figure it out before we get a chance to tell him.”

“Well, even if he does, that’s much better than having you wait until Monday and having the possibility of going on a mission in the meantime. I’ll be putting in a transfer order myself.”

My eyebrows cross in confusion as I look into his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve been thinking about moving to another department for a while now, but I knew I couldn’t until you’d decided to quit first. It’s time we settle down into something less dangerous to raise our family.”

I’m smiling again at the sound of the words “our family” on my husband’s lips. It seems like it’s an impossible dream come true, considering everything we’ve been through since the day we met. It was only a couple of years ago that he was married to someone else because he thought I was dead. I still can’t believe that worked itself out. She left him when she finally realized she didn’t have his heart. I did. From day one.

“Don’t you agree with me?” he asks seriously when I don’t comment because I’m still lost in my thoughts.

“Yes,” I say, looking into his eyes evenly. “I’ve never wanted anything more.” I think about that for a moment, and then lower my hand to his butt. “Except you,” I say, squeezing it for emphasis, which also pushes his body into mine, and I can feel the heat of his manhood against me even through all of our clothing.

He lowers his face to just an inch from mine. “You’re gonna make us late to work if you don’t stop.”

“No, I won’t,” I say as I playfully look at my watch. “We’ve got…at least five minutes.”

“What I have in mind takes longer than five minutes,” he tells me seductively, leaning one of his hands on the counter behind me.

I lightly kiss his lips, and gently suck on the bottom one for a split second, just to tease him. “I guess it’ll have to wait until tonight then.”

He leans his forehead against mine, closes his eyes, and sighs. “This is going to be another long day.”

I push him away by holding both sides of his face. “Just concentrate on how to convince our parents to come over tomorrow night without giving away what we’re going to tell them, and the day will go by fast.”


I decide to visit my mother at her desk almost at the end of the workday, to invite her and my father to dinner the next night. Part of the deal she made with the CIA and the FBI to keep her freedom was to work full time deciphering Russian documents, and working on the information lost to the KGB while she was working for them, along with helping to keep vital intelligence out of the hands of the enemy. She loves her job, and so does my Dad, who proposed to her for a second time almost a year ago, and they’ve been happily married almost as long as Michael and I have.

I force myself back to the present as I approach her desk. I’ve got the whole speech planned out in my head, so that they don’t suspect anything, but she’s eyeing me carefully before I even speak the first word. “You’re pregnant.”

“What?” I make an attempt at lying to the woman who’s an expert in that field. “No, I’m not.”

She stands up and continues to study me across her desk. “Yes, you are. You’re glowing.”

I laugh nervously, feeling my face blush. “I am not.” I decide the best way out of this is to change the subject. “Michael and I would like to have you and Dad over for dinner with us and his mom tomorrow night at our house.”

“To announce the pregnancy?”

“Mom. Stop it.” I’m trying to keep a straight face, but I can’t as my smile breaks through, and I squeeze my eyes shut and shake my head at the floor, laughing at my failure to keep the secret. “Michael’s going to kill me.”

She comes around and pulls me into a firm hug. “No, he won’t. I won’t say anything. I do know how to keep a secret, you know.” I look up and smile at her, noting the irony. “Congratulations, sweetie.”

“At least don’t tell Dad,” I plead. I don’t want Michael’s mother to be the only one who doesn’t know when we announce it.

“Of course not. Keeping secrets from him keeps our marriage alive and happy.”

I look at her quizzically, and she winks at me and smiles. “Thanks, Mom.”

A few minutes after leaving my mother, I get my emotions under control and approach my husband. “Did you call your mom?”

He smiles and raises his eyebrows. “Yeah. She’ll be there. And I think she’s suspicious.”

“As much as my parents usually are?” I tease, knowing there is no way I’m going to tell him about my little slip up with my mom.

“Well, your parents have the advantage of being trained in performing and recognizing deception. My mom just has a hunch.” He stacks the papers he was working on into the file folder on his desk. “Are you ready to go home?”

I put my arm around his waist. “Mmm…definitely.”

We walk out to the car, trying to decide what to make for dinner the next night, settling on grilling something on the barbeque by the time we’re out of the garage. We talk comfortably all the way home, and he rushes around to open my car door for me, and I laugh. “You’re already starting to pamper the pregnant wife, huh?” I tease.

He pulls me into his arms in front of the whole neighborhood and kisses me. “That’s not all I want to do to you.”

“To me? I thought it was for me.”

His grin is lopsided again. “Well, both, actually. But I’d like to be inside the house for the ‘to you’ part. I don’t think our neighbors need to see that.”

I’m giggling practically senseless as he pulls me inside our house. “You hungry?” I ask as he closes the door behind me.

Once again, I’m in his arms as he tosses his keys on the entry table behind me, and he answers, “Starving.”

His lips are on my neck, and I close my eyes and ask, “For food? Or something else?”

“You first. Food later,” he says into my neck, and I can feel my knees weaken. We make it to the bedroom, but just barely, before he slides off my jacket, lifts my shirt over my head, and unhooks my bra, dropping it on the small pile that’s forming on the floor beside us.

He takes my nipple directly into his mouth and sucks on me, sending a wave of need to the core of my body. I can’t think, or move, and just have to concentrate on breathing, as he switches breasts and fondles the other one with his tongue. His erection is practically rock hard against me, and I force my hands to concentrate on the buttons on his shirt. It’s then that he bites down lightly on my nipple and I feel a shock of pain, and I flinch and gasp, “Ow.”

He pulls back and looks at me with concern and worry etched on his face. “I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”

“A little. The doctor said I might start feeling a little tenderness in my breasts. Just be gentle.”

He smiles slightly and resumes his spot, although this time much slower and softer, and my hands manage to unbutton the rest of his shirt. He stands up straight as I push the suit jacket and shirt off of his shoulders, and we both go to work on each other’s pants. It’s not long before we’re completely naked in front of one another again, and he moves me to the bed, lowering me on to it, blanketing me with his own body.

“God, I love you,” he whispers huskily and I smile in response, and pull his lips to meet mine, and simultaneously wrap my legs around him, essentially allowing him access and permission to enter me.

He does, but he’s performing the action methodically and agonizingly slow, making my breath hitch with each millimeter of our joining. His tongue in my mouth matches the movements of his body inside mine, and I’m so weakened by need that I just open myself up at the mercy of this wonderful man that I love more than anything, and I know will never hurt me.

By the time his shaft is in me as far as it can go, I’m so close that even the slightest movement from either of us will trip my orgasm and send me plunging over the edge. But he manages to slide out slightly, for just a split second, and then thrusts inside quickly, over and over before I’m lost in the bliss of my orgasm, and I feel him come inside of me. “Oh…Vaughn…” I moan, as we come down from the high.

I only call him that now when my mind is preoccupied with something else, and usually only in the throws of passion. He’s smiling from hearing my old name for him on my lips, as he murmurs into my ear, “God, I needed you all day.”

“Me, too.”

“I was so tempted to try meet with you in a closet or something at work.”

I push his head back away from me and laugh a little. “Really?”

He blushes and then confesses, “Yeah.”

I smirk and kiss him again while we’re still joined. “Well, maybe next time.” His eyebrows raise at my comment, but I change the subject to keep the suspense of mystery to our marriage. “Ready to eat yet?”

I can tell he’s contemplating going back to our original subject, but he decides against it, and answers, “Sure. I’m definitely hungry now. You bring out my appetite.”

“Yes,” I answer. “You’ll need your strength for later.” I’ve obviously surprised him twice in the last two minutes, as his eyebrows raise again, and I gently push him off of me so we can get up.

His penis feels so good to me even as he slides out, softened by our encounter, and I lean up to kiss him one last time before he backs away to pull his boxers on. I watch him as he picks up his shirt and tosses it to me for me to wear. He knows me so well.

As we eat our dinner, I realize how many nights we’ve sat just like this at our small kitchen table, barely clothed after coming home from work and giving in to our passion before we can even eat. It happens so often that its just become a common practice, and a guilty pleasure I wouldn’t trade for anything.

We decide to watch TV sitting in bed and laugh together at our favorite sitcoms while I lean into his shoulder. I don’t even pay attention to where my hand is resting until Michael reaches over and puts his hand on top of mine on my stomach. I look over at him and we share a smile knowing our child is deep inside of me. I move my hand out of the way and pull up his shirt that I’m wearing so that his hand is in direct contact with my skin.

He tightens his arm around my shoulders and kisses my temple. “I love you. We’re finally a family,” he says quietly, while we wait for the show to come back from a commercial.

The stupid grin is back on my face after I kiss him, and I can’t seem to suppress it. I just don’t think that my life could ever get any better than this.

Chapter 3