New Life - 1

Title: New Life
Author: Emily a/k/a ďOld RomanticĒ
Ship: *Alicia Silverstone voice* As if! You have to ask?!
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: If I owned ALIAS, then I could claim to have created such great characters that we all love to put in different situations in our fics. Unfortunately, as a writer, character development is my weak point, so I just like to borrow the wonderful characters JJ has already created from time to time. Thanks JJ!!
Summary: This is a futuristic, AU, all fluff fic, thatís supposed to be more loving and sweet than pornographic. Hereís hoping I live up to my goal! Enjoy!


Chapter 1:

Iím standing in front of the mirror over the bathroom sink, trying to see if there was any visible change in my appearance. Everyone said there would be some kind of glow or something, but as I look at my face, I canít see anything different, except the wide smile that has taken permanent residence since I got the confirmation.

I turn around when I can no longer stand the dumb grin on my own face, and check out the rest of my body in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. The cream-colored negligee I bought earlier is just perfectósomething I know without a doubt heíll like. Iíve always thought my figure is becoming, without being overly egotistical, and the satin of the gown only accentuates it as it hangs just to the top of my thighs. My breasts are still perky enough that the low-cut bodice gives off the perfect amount of cleavage to be sexy. I run my hands down my sides straightening invisible wrinkles in the fabric, mainly to see how the nightie drapes on my hips. Before I can even stop myself, my right hand drifts low on my stomach, and I take just a moment to smile at my little secret that Iím finally getting ready to share with the man I love.

Satisfied that Iíll be doing more turning on than off, I flip off the light in the bathroom and step out to see him on the bed, leaning up against the headboard, reading a magazine by the lamplight. He looks up casually, and grins knowingly when he sees how Iím dressed. ďI was just getting ready to come find you,Ē he says.

I smile too. I canít help it. The love I feel for him just canít even compare to anything Iíve ever felt before. ďDid I take too long?Ē

ďConsidering how beautiful you are, I donít think so.Ē

ďSo, youíre saying it took me that long to be this beautiful?Ē I ask, with a mock hurt.

He gives me a look and his lopsided grin that I love so much. ďYou know thatís not true. Youíre always beautiful. Come here,Ē he says, as he puts the magazine on the nightstand and turns off the light. I walk toward him by the light of the full moon as he swings his feet to the floor and stands up to face me. His hands raise up to lightly touch my shoulders, and I get a feeling of warmth as I see the moonlight glinting off of his wedding ring out of the corner of my eye. Without a conscious thought, I raise my hands to his chest, and see my matching rings on my own left hand, and my smile widens. Heís mine. For life.

His first kiss is sweet and slow, and itís the very thing weíve become accustomed to during our few short months of marriage. We have all the time in the world, and thereís no need to rush. Thatís not to say that the passion we once had is gone. On the contrary, we have many days where we canít seem to keep our hands off of one another, and canít shed our clothes quickly enough. But for the most part, we take our time, and just enjoy each other.

His hands are presently running lightly down my back, and it amazes me how after all this time, his touch still sends an electric current through my body, fills me with warmth, and makes me alive with need for him.

I step even closer, wrap my arms around him, pressing my body into his, and smile when he elicits a groan. Heís told me before that itís the feeling of my chest against his that turns him on the most, and I can tell thatís what happening now as I feel his erection growing against my thigh. I move my hands to the bottom of his t-shirt and slide it up with my wrists, letting my hands caress his muscular back, lean stomach, and firm chest. His hands have stopped at my waist, and without a word, he lifts his arms up to allow me to pull his shirt off of him, and then resumes the places on both sides of my body.

One more kiss on the lips, and then I move to his neck, linger with my lips for a moment at his collarbone, tasting it, before bending my head lower to kiss his chest. He runs one hand through my hair as he holds my head there, while the other is splayed across my back, and inching its way down to the hem of my nightie. I bring my head back up to meet his lips again, and notice the shortness of his breath, and the fierceness of his tongue sweeping my mouth, and I know heís feeling as turned on as I am, wanting to join as one.

But I want it to last just a little while longer, and I know he does too, so I slowly kneel in front of him, with his boxers tented by his erection right in front of my face. I hook my fingers through the elastic waistband, and pull them up and over his cock, and pull them down his legs agonizingly slow, letting my fingers tickle the skin on the outside of his legs as I go. He steps out of the shorts, and looks down at me, and we share a look of desire between us, while his hands find their favorite place in my hair for whatís coming next.

I canít help but study his hardened penis in front of me like a work of artóso flawless, so rigid, and yet so tender when we make love, that itís become the perfect picture of the love we share. Something private that only I get to see, and touch, and feel. I cup his testacles with my right hand and place a soft kiss on the tip that makes him shudder lightly. Then I start my ritual: I lick him from base to tip, kiss both sides, and then take him into my mouth and suck, just enough to hear him moan again. With each suck, I always leave the tip with a kiss, and then finally I slide him into my mouth as far as I can go, and alternate sucking and swallowing, letting him feel the pleasure that I feel by doing it for him.

But I donít want him to come, and neither does he, because we like to be together when that happens on most occasions. There are times that we pleasure each other without ever physically joining, but not tonight. Tonight is special, although he doesnít know it yet, and I know heíll thank me later for allowing us to come at the same time.

So, I work until his moans are back-to-back, and then I let his cock slide out of my mouth, leaving it with a kiss, and look up at him. His eyes are like flames now, and he quickly pulls me up to stand with him again, claiming my mouth with his own, pulling my body tight against him. His hands waste no time in sliding up my negligee; he cups my bare buttocks and pulls me closer with one hand, while the other makes its way around to find my breast.

Itís my turn to moan as he cups my breast, and runs his thumb over the nipple to harden it. Satisfied with a job well done, he switches hands and works on the other breast, while his tongue continues to dance with mine. Iím slowly becoming a puddle of goo, when he suddenly pulls back and lifts my gown over my head, dropping it to the floor. He turns us both around so that the bed is behind me, and with a seductive smile, lowers his head to give my breasts his attention. This is his ritual: first he kisses the right breast, teasingly staying away from the nipple until Iím practically begging, and then tortures me the same way on the left one. Then he kneels in front of me, kisses my stomach thoroughly, and then lets his lips get lost in the jungle of my feminine hair.

Iím wet and ready before he even touches me in my most sensitive of areas, and he takes his time, running his hands lightly up my legs, stopping just short of the area of my body that burns the most for his touch. My eyes are closed, needing to feel him, when I hear him say, ďYouíre so beautiful,Ē and I open them slightly to see him looking up at me. I know Iíll never grow tired of hearing him say that to me when we make love, no matter how old, or ugly I get, or how repetitive it seems.

But a response is stuck in my throat because of the intense desire Iím currently feeling. Somehow he always does thatówaits to say those wonderful words until Iím speechless. But maybe itís better that way; words might make it less perfect than it always seems to be.

I donít really have time to ponder that though, when I feel his hot breath between my legs, and I feel his tongue lick my clit. My knees weaken and I tremble, and he reaches up to steady my waist, as he continues. But a few licks later, I can no longer stand, so he pulls away just long enough to lower me to the bed, guiding me onto my back for better access. He lifts one of my legs and then the other, placing them over his shoulders, before leaning in to lick and kiss me again. I feel his thumbs part my lips as he starts again, and the change in position and better control he has is almost more than I can bear as I lift off of the bed in ecstasy.

Iím gripping the sheets below me when he suddenly stops his assault on my clit and thrusts his tongue into my center, and the warmth is enough to drive me wild. He slides in and out and I can feel myself nearing the edge when he stops again, gives my clit one more lick, and then climbs on the bed to settle on top of me, between my legs.

Once again, heís read my mind and knows exactly what I want, and is willing to give it to me, and gives me just a moment to regain a little control, while his fingers lazily fondle my taut nipple. But the need to have him inside of me is too great, and I slide my hand between us to grab his shaft, and place the tip in position to enter me. When both of my hands are back on his shoulders, he gives me a look of questioning for permission to enter, and I nod almost imperceptibly as he slides inside.

We both still, just feeling and moaning, as our bodies adjust to being joined, and then he starts to glide in and out slightly. The ridge of his tip rubs against the many sensual bumps I have inside, causing us both the pleasure we so desperately need, and itís not long until weíre both sweating and panting in exhilaration. I lift my legs slightly and itís just enough to make us both so close we canít stop, and I yell, ďMichael, now!Ē He thrusts again, stills, and releases as the word ďPleeeaseÖĒ rolls off my tongue in an elated sigh, and I feel him pumping inside of me.

We take a moment to calm our breathing, and he begins to plaster my face and neck with his kisses. I close my eyes feeling this perfect moment with my best friend and amazing lover and whisper, ďI love you, Michael.Ē

Heís kissing that soft spot behind my ear, and only pulls away just enough to say, ďI love you too, Syd.Ē

Nowís my chance. The moment Iíve been waiting for all evening to share my secret. I run my fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, and wrap my legs tighter around him while heís still sheathed inside of me, and speak those coveted words Iíve been wanting to say for so long. ďIím pregnant.Ē

His kisses abruptly stop, as Iíd known they would and he pulls back to look at my face. ďReally?Ē I canít hide my smile as I nod. Heís smiling too when he asks, ďWhy didnít you tell me sooner?Ē

My hand grazes his stubbly cheek and I gaze deep into his eyes as I answer, ďBecause I was waiting for exactly the perfect moment to tell you, Michael. And this was it.Ē

Chapter 2