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Rating: NC-17
Ship: S/V


Footsteps outside somewhere below The world revolves I let it go We build our church above this street We practice love between these sheets

They shouldn't have been there. There was no good reason why they should risk exposing their covers except that the tension between them had become unbearable. Protocol could go to hell. This wasn't about the CIA, this wasn't about Sd-6, it was about them and what they needed.

She had arrived first, slipping into the hotel in a wig and a long, loose coat. She made her way to the room and waited impatiently for him to arrive, pacing in front of the drawn curtains. It was only ten minutes before she heard his card in the electronic lock and she turned as he entered the room, smiling softly. He looked nervous and wary but as he caught sight of her, the creases in his forehead smoothed and his eyes flared with desire. They started toward each other, crashing into each other at the foot of the bed. There was nothing but them as their lips met and their hands wandered over clothes. He groaned as she nipped at his neck, feverishly pushing his coat off his shoulders. His hands found the belt of her coat and he tugged on it, sliding his hand against her as the coat gave way.

It didn't matter how they had gotten there and it wouldn't matter if they got there again. Neither of them could remember what came before them and nothing would ever feel so urgent again. He pushed away from her, dragging in a deep breath as she ran her nails across the plains of his abdomen. She smiled; satisfied that she could make him feel weak. There was power in that and her lips sought his again. She turned them and gave him a sharp shove. He hadn't noticed the bed behind his knees and he went down hard, falling back onto his forearms. She grinned and pulled her arms from the coat she wore. She stood between his legs and he sat up again, his hands roaming across her back. They felt hot through the expensive cotton of her blouse and she groaned as his fingers found her spine and began to rub on either side. He pressed harder and she thought she'd go blind from the pleasure. She gasped and marveled at the sensations he roused in her, despite never having been this close.

"I want you so much," she breathed.

"Oh God, you don't know how often I've dreamed of you saying that to me," he whispered back. He looking into her eyes and was lost in the passion he saw. "You're all that I're all that I've ever wanted."

And nobody knows you like I do The world doesn't understand But I grow stronger in your hands

He stared into her eyes as he unbuttoned her blouse and then unclasped her bra. He cupped her ample breasts in his palms as they sprang free of their satiny sheath. Above him, Sydney wrapped her arms around his head, bringing him into her. She sighed as he kissed her softly. He needed more. He wanted to see her, feel her, know that he possessed her. He slid his hands down her stomach to the waistband of her trousers and reached for the button and zipper. Her hands tightened on his shoulders as he watched her. He pushed the two flaps of material apart and slid his hands around her hips, easing the fabric down. As they slipped, Vaughn hooked his fingers into her panties, taking them away with the pants. In a moment she stood naked before him and he took a deep shaky breath before pulling her down to him.

Sydney let him pull her until she straddled him. She could feel the bulge in his pants beneath her and she pressed herself against him as her hands slid up her neck to lift her hair from her neck. He was momentarily transfixed by the slender column of her neck and he pulled himself upright, wrapping his arms around her back even as her long legs scissored around his lean waist. He dragged his tongue from the point under her ear to the hollow where her shoulder and neck met. Syd groaned and tilted her head toward him. She pushed him back and bent down, raining kisses along his jaw, moving slowly downward, down his neck, across his collarbone to his shoulders. She unbuttoned his shirt with steady fingers, pulling it open across his chest and down his arms. Her hands were hot where they slid across his skin and Vaughn thought he would burst into flame. Syd continued her hot, moist kisses along his broad shoulders - slowing when she reached his tattoo. She traced it softly with her fingers. She loved that tattoo, it was so much a part of him- so masculine, so Vaughn. He moaned as she lowered herself down to his chest, nipping and licking his pebbled nipple.

"You're wearing too many clothes, Vaughn," she growled as she slid further down his body. He grinned at her and watched as she reached for the fly of his pants. It took her moments to peel them down his legs with his boxers and she tossed them over her shoulder.

"You're magnificent Sydney," he whispered a moment later as he pulled her back up until she was stretched out against him. "I don't think I've ever seen a woman like're perfection."

He pressed another kiss to her lips and Sydney wound her fingers in his hair and tugged, forcing his chin up. Her eyes were black with passion, her lips swollen.

"If you want me so much, then make love to me," she demanded playfully. "Haven't I waited long enough?"

"Too long, way too long," he answered, reaching up and gently pulling her head down so that his warm lips could press against hers. Their tongues dueled in passion as they kissed and they both moaned.

"I want you. I need you inside me," Syd panted when they finally broke apart.

Vaughn lifted her lithe body and she settled herself down over his rock hard member, gasping as he slid in. Sydney always loved the first sensation that came with making love but with Vaughn she was filled her completely. They fit together as if destiny had always meant for them to be this way. Neither of them moved for a moment, each savoring the feel of the other. After a few seconds, Syd moved over him, wanting to take it slow, because who knew when they could ever meet this way again, but finding it almost impossible to control herself. She rocked her hips back and forth- moving in a rhythm that only Vaughn knew. He responded eagerly to her by separating her with his thumb and gently touching her heat. Syd moaned and bit her lip. He knew she would like that. His other hand moved to her hip and helped direct her.

They move in tandem... Syd rocking... Vaughn thrusting- slowly, then gradually speeding up as their rhythm became more heated, more needy. Both of his hands grasped her hips, his fingers biting into her skin as they became frenzied.

"Yes that.... just like that," Syd panted, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, making strands of her silky hair to stick to her brow. Vaughn too was working hard. The thrusting came faster now- more urgent.

"Vaughn!" She screamed out in ecstasy as she came.

"Oh God...Syd!" Vaughn called out as he followed her into climax.

Sydney collapsed, falling down onto Vaughn's heaving chest. They lay in each other's arms, not wanting to come down from their high. Vaughn pressed a kiss to her damp forehead.

"You're everything that I've always wanted,Ħħ Vaughn said, between his breathless pants. "I want to stay like this forever."

"In my dreams, we will always be like this," Syd answered back. She loved how he looked after their love making- strong, passionate, rumpled! His eyes took on an emerald green hue that made them glow like a cat's.

"It won't always be a dream, Syd. I promise you someday, someday real soon, it will be our reality and everyday will be a day just like this; the two of us,Ħħ Vaughn answered, pulling her toward him for another searing kiss.

"But for now, we'll settle for this one night," Syd sighed a little sadly. It was hard to let him go when she knew how complete he made her feel.

Vaughn gently fingered the back of her neck.

"Never settle," he said to her softly. "Never settle for anything, Syd. If we do, then our future is doomed to be 'almost' and ' could have' and 'just this once'. That isn't enough for me. I want us to have a future of Christmas', birthdays, children, and growing old together, so promise me; promise me you won't just settle for the little we have now."

Syd inched up his firm, muscular chest, wrapped her arms around his neck and gently kissed the tip of his nose.

"I promise," she answered. "But you have to promise me something back..."

"Anything!" He smiled back at her.

"That you'll keep reminding me every day what we're doing this all for. That you'll tell me you love me when times are good and when they're bad...especially when they're bad. I want to be reminded of why I'm enduring this. Keep telling me that after SD-6 is gone, we'll have a life together."

His hands lowered down her back, his fingers brushing her satiny smooth skin.

"I promise."

"Then all I can say is, I love you and I always will," she whispered softly, looking down into his well-chiseled face.

"And Ilove you..." he answered simply. "Always."

We never sleep we're always holdin' hands Kissin' for hours talkin' makin' plans I feel like a better man Just being in the same room We never sleep there's just so much to do Too much to say Can't close my eyes when I'm with you Insatiable the way I'm loving you