France... Really?

Title: France…Really?
Author: SydVaughn1001
Rating: NC-17
‘Ship: Syd/Vaughn
Spoilers: All of Season 1, The Enemy Walks In – but AU besides the basic plotline. Some dialogue has been taken from the transcript posted at the Secret Agent Fan website.
Disclaimer: Alias and the characters that appear in this story are not mine, but the creation of JJ Abrams. I’ll just play with them for a little while….
Author’s Note: Some of you had asked for a sequel to Blending In , so I gave it a shot. I hope that it lives up to your expectations!

As always, thanks to Jonelle for her constant support and patience – even after endless cut and paste sessions! Mwah!


Three days. It had been three days since their mission to Taipei to rescue Will Tippin had gone horribly wrong. Three days since Sydney Bristow had come face to face with a woman she thought was dead – her mother. Three days since said mother shot Sydney before she was able to escape. Most importantly, it had been three days since anyone had seen or heard from Michael Vaughn, Sydney’s CIA handler and now after their steamy encounter in Taipei, lover. Sydney could not rid her mind of the image of him behind that door, submerged in the water from the red ball. She had even gone back to the lab after she escaped from her mother, but all she found was the leather jacket that Vaughn had been wearing, now a sopping wet mess lying on the floor.

After returning to LA with her father and Will, Sydney had much to handle in the way of damage control. Dixon was questioning her loyalty, and the CIA felt she needed to talk to Barnett about seeing her mother after she had thought she was dead for so many years. Her dad had managed to handle the situation at SD-6, but she couldn’t get out of her mandated session with Dr. Barnett. The only thing she could think about was Vaughn, refusing to believe he was dead, because if he was she didn’t know how she was going to survive this time.

Now SD-6 was sending her on a mission, to Cap Ferrat, France, to plant a bug in the office of a suspected contact of Alexander Khasinau. When she met Weiss at the warehouse, their warehouse, to get her counter mission, Syd felt Vaughn’s absence even more. It was driving her crazy that the CIA wouldn’t let her be a part of the search team, and Weiss’ reassurances that they were doing everything they could did nothing to make her feel better. She chose her words carefully as she spoke to him, trying to make sure that she didn’t slip about what had happened between her and Vaughn at that club in Taipei. Their meeting ended, and Syd was off to meet Dixon for their flight to France.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Several hours and a parachute ride later, Syd found herself inside the home of Jean Marc Ravais. Dixon was working from the outside in the van. She was a blonde tonight, her shoulder-length hair flipping up a bit on the ends, and she wore a floor length black dress with white trim, slit high up the front, leaving much of her left leg exposed. As much as she hated Sloane’s wardrobe choices, the slit would certainly help if she needed to defend herself.

The op went off without a hitch, but as Syd was returning to the party she spotted a man that she recognized from the lab in Taipei. He had been taking water samples when she went back to the lab to look for Vaughn. She decided to follow him, telling Dixon she was going radio silent because she thought she might have a tail, and then crept down the stairs behind him. The man entered some kind of lab – and there were bodies on gurneys everywhere. She spotted Khasinau talking to the water tester and tried to move in closer to hear them, but was startled when one of the “patients” sat up in front of her. She was unable to contain her surprise, and Khasinau heard her. As he left to investigate, Syd entered the room from another direction and was shocked to see Vaughn lying unconscious on a gurney in front of her, his bare chest covered with iodine and a surgical saw on the table next to him.

Khasinau came up behind her and tried to render her unconscious, but she got in a few good shots before he knocked her to the ground and left to find reinforcements. Syd picked herself up off the ground, shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts. She ran over to Vaughn and tried to wake him up, squeezing his face in her hand and shaking it back and forth. She couldn’t wake him, managing only to elicit a mumbled, “Syd?” from him, which made it clear that she needed to find a way to wake him up – and fast. She rifled through a nearby cabinet of meds, and settling on the one that she needed, grabbed a large syringe and started filling it.

“Vaughn, I’m so sorry, but I have to shoot you with adrenaline. They’re on their way back and we are going to have to run.”

Before Vaughn could protest much Syd had plunged the needle into his bare chest, causing him to yell out and sit straight up on the gurney. She grabbed his hand yelling, “Come on, come on!”

They ran out of the lab just moments before Khasinau arrived back with a security force, Vaughn grabbing a lab coat along the way to cover his bare, bruised chest.

They ran fast and as far as they could from the lab before stopping in a clearing in the woods. They turned to look at each other, relief evident in both of their eyes. Vaughn couldn’t help smiling at her.

“Ow. That hurt,” he told her, his smile never wavering.

“I’m sorry,” said Sydney.

“Don’t be. Where are we?” he asked, looking at his surroundings.


“France? Really? France!” Vaughn said excitedly.

“There’s too much to explain right now. I don’t have much time before Dixon starts looking for me. Are you okay? Vaughn, I was so scared that I had lost you….” Sydney began, but Vaughn pulled her to him and kissed her before she could say any more. There was nothing gentle about this kiss – it was passionate, almost desperate, as if their very existence depended upon it. Finally breaking apart for air, Vaughn looked deep into Sydney’s brown eyes and told her, “I was scared, too. When that guard hit you with that fire extinguisher…”

“Shhh,” Sydney said while bringing her finger to his lips. “We’ll talk about this back in LA.”

Vaughn reached up and grasped her hand and began kissing her palm, then the underside of her wrist, continuing up her arm toward her shoulder. Syd let out a small involuntary groan before telling him, “Vaughn, as much as I want to be with you, Dixon is going to be looking for me.”

“I’ll have to be quick then. God, Syd, you look so damn beautiful in that dress,” he said softly, his mouth next to her ear, his voice straining with desire. He ran his hands slowly up and down her bare arms. “I need to touch you, to feel you, to be inside you.”

His words caused a wave of need and desire to shoot straight to her core, and as he began kissing her neck she whispered a strained, “OK – but it WILL have to be quick or this reunion will be short-lived.”

Vaughn captured her lips once again, his tongue tracing the line of her full bottom lip before capturing it between his teeth. Syd ran her hands across his chest, and then downward to the elastic waistband of the pants he was wearing. She made quick work of pushing them down to his knees, exposing him fully to the night air. She traced her fingers up his thighs until she reached his already throbbing cock, and grasped him firmly with her right hand. ‘God he is beautiful,’ she thought to herself as she ran her left hand over his partially exposed chest. She leaned down and gently kissed the spot where she had injected him with the adrenaline. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

Vaughn placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face until she was looking him in the eye. “Don’t be sorry. You saved my life.” He kissed her again tenderly before running his hands down over her breasts. She was right – they didn’t have a lot of time. The high slit on her dress allowed him the access he needed to slip his hand underneath and he wasted no time in moving her panties out of the way so he could tease her a little. As he slid his hand between her legs, she let out a low moan and he found her as ready as he was for their reunion. He gently caressed her clit as he moved to slide one, and then two fingers deep inside her, as she gently stroked his straining penis. She involuntarily bucked against him and she almost growled, “I need you now – please, Vaughn.”

He eased his fingers out of her and pulled her to the ground with him. As she settled herself on top of him he reached up to massage her breasts through her dress once again. Sydney positioned herself above him, leaned over for a quick kiss and then impaled herself upon his rock hard cock. They both moaned and their motions stilled for a moment as they struggled to regain some control. Sydney looked to Vaughn, and he nodded that it was okay to continue. They began thrusting together rather roughly, letting their raw desire for each other flow freely. There would be time for gentle later – right now they had one goal and one goal alone. As Sydney continued to slam down against him he raised his hips to meet her, the tip of his penis rubbing against the front wall of her slick channel. “Oh God, Vaughn,” she moaned as they continued forcefully moving together. She could feel the pressure building inside her, and just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, that pressure exploded into a blinding white light as wave after wave of her orgasm came crashing upon her. “VAUGHN!” she almost screamed. Vaughn continued to pound into her as she contracted around him, practically pulling his own orgasm from him. He moaned loudly as spurt after spurt of his hot semen spilled out inside of her. They continued moving together until every last wave of sensation had dissipated, and Sydney collapsed against his chest. They remained joined together for a moment as they tried to regain control of their breathing. Sydney got up, straightening her dress and offering her hand to Vaughn so he could pull himself up. He quickly straightened out what little clothing he was wearing and leaned in to kiss Sydney, who was grinning widely at him.

Just then they heard some movement in the bushes. Sydney quickly turned on her com link and said, “Dixon, where are you?”

His voice crackled in her ear, “In the woods behind the house. I hadn’t heard from you and was getting worried.”

“I’m fine, just had to find a new way out. I’ll meet you at the van in five minutes,’ she whispered.

“Copy that. See you in a few Syd.”

They stood completely still until they heard Dixon had moved away. They both let out the breath they had been holding. “Wow – that was close,” Vaughn whispered.

“Yeah, too close. But it was definitely worth it. Like I said to Barnett, there’s no drug like adrenaline.”

Vaughn chuckled, “Yeah, that was definitely intense. Are you okay?”

Sydney leaned in and kissed him fully on the mouth, “I’m better than okay, but I really have to go. You can get back to Los Angeles, right?”

Vaughn nodded and gave her a full smile, showing his rarely seen dimples. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Go, and please be careful.”

“I will. See you back in LA.”

Vaughn stood and watched Sydney for as long as he could see her, then turned and slowly jogged in the other direction.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Back in LA, Sydney eagerly awaited to hear from Vaughn. Weiss had let her know that he had been able to contact them and arrange for an extraction. He had to be cleared by medical services, and she found herself pacing around her apartment waiting for a call from ‘Joey’s Pizza’. Will came in and they sat talking for a few minutes before her beeper went off. “Good guys or bad guys?” Will asked her.

“Good guys,” she said with a smile. ‘Definitely good,’ she thought to herself, fighting the color that began to rise in her cheeks.

The trip to the warehouse had never seemed so long as she made several extra turns to make sure that she wasn’t being followed. When she pulled up outside she had to remind herself to walk, not run. As she approached their cage, she noticed that he was already there, sitting on a crate and staring off into space. He was wearing a navy blue suit and white oxford shirt, his tie loosened slightly and his top button undone. Her breath caught in her throat as she thought about how amazing he was, and how she had come thisclose to losing him. She forced herself out of her thoughts and entered the cage, sitting on the crate beside him, not really sure how she should greet him after the change in their relationship.

“Hey,” she said, looking at him and giving him one of her full-dimpled smiles.

“Hey,” he responded. “How did everything go after we separated?”

“Everything went fine. I got back to the van, and Dixon didn’t ask any questions. He did notice that my cheeks were a bit flushed, but I told him that I had been running to get back to the van,” Syd giggled as she related that part of the story to Vaughn.

Vaughn laughed as well. “If he only knew what you were really up to!”

Syd turned serious for a moment. “Vaughn, are we okay in here? I mean – is there any surveillance equipment in use?”

“Other than the signal jammers that I brought along just in case? No – no surveillance equipment,” he replied.

“Good,” she said, climbing off her crate and wrapping her arms around him, pulling him to her tightly. “I’ve been going crazy waiting to hear from you, waiting to find out if you’re okay. My god Vaughn, your face is so bruised.” Sydney reached up with her right hand and gently touched his cheek, Vaughn leaning into her touch.

“It’s not as bad as it looks, Syd,” he tried to reassure her.

“Vaughn, I’ve had enough bruises like those to know that they are probably worse than they look,” Syd responded, pain evident in her eyes.

“Okay, so they hurt like hell, but they will heal. The important thing is that I’m alive, thanks to you.”

“Thanks to ME?” she almost yelled. “You almost got KILLED thanks to me. If you hadn’t gone to Taipei with me none of this would have happened. I was so scared that I had lost you. Vaughn, I don’t know what I would do without you – I really don’t think I could bear it.” She had tears streaming down her face now, her voice starting to crack under the weight of raw emotion.

Vaughn pulled her tight against his chest and started stroking her hair, trying to calm her down. “Shhh, Syd. I’m right here, and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. You can’t get rid of me that easily,” he tried to bring some levity to a very tense situation. He continued stroking her hair until her tears seemed to be subsiding. “Syd, I completely understand what you are saying. When I saw that guard coming up behind you I was scared to death that he was going to kill you right in front of me and I was helpless to do anything about it. I was trying to warn you but you were so focused on trying to break the glass in the door that it was too late. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw him hit you. Then to come back and hear what your mother did to you…,” his voice trailing off, his emotions beginning to overcome him.

Sydney looked up at Vaughn and saw her worries mirrored in his eyes. They had gotten a glimpse at just how fast everything could be taken way from them, and Syd decided that she wasn’t going to waste any more time. “Vaughn, what I said in Taipei, I meant it. I love you. I love you so much it scares me to death.”

“Syd, I meant it too. Everything. I want more than just one night of sex with you – even if it was mind-blowing,” Vaughn responded, his green eyes twinkling with his last comment. “I have loved you for so long I can’t even tell you when I fell in love with you. It may have been the night at the pier. Hell, it may have been the day we met. I know I’m not supposed to love you, but I just can’t help it.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments before Vaughn pressed his lips softly against hers, a kiss much different than those they had shared over the past few days. This kiss was full of love and promise, and when they pulled away they stood holding each other tightly, never wanting to break their contact.

A few moments later, Syd looked up at Vaughn with a devilish glint in her eye. “Mind-blowing, huh?” she said, giggling.

“Mmhmm,” Vaughn responded, starting to nibble at her neck.

“You DID say that there was no surveillance in here, right?” she asked.

“Yes, that is what I said. The CIA doesn’t monitor our meetings, I swept for bugs before you arrived, AND I brought a few signal jammers just to cover our bases. Did you have something in mind, Agent Bristow?” he said softly in her ear as he continued to kiss the sensitive skin on her neck.

“Well, Agent Vaughn, if you must know, this warehouse has provided the setting for many, many of my dreams – fantasies, if you will,” she said in an almost-whisper as she began to unbutton his suit jacket.

“You don’t say. Care to elaborate?” he said teasingly.

“They might be hard to explain,” she teased right back, loosening his tie and leaning in to start kissing along his jaw line. “It might be easier if I just show you.”

“Mmmmm, I always did like show and tell,” Vaughn replied. He unbuttoned Syd’s suit jacket and slowly pushed it down her shoulders, his hands running down her arms along with the jacket. His fingers then moved to the buttons of her black blouse, slowly opening each one. “Does this fit in with your fantasy?” he asked her, his voice deep and seductive.

“Oh, definitely. Have you been reading the spoilers?” she asked, sliding his jacket off as well, and discovering something that put a big smile on her face.

“What are you grinning at?” Vaughn asked her.

“Oh nothing really, just another little part of my fantasy.” Syd proceeded to grab him by the straps of his shoulder holster and pull him to her for a searing kiss. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and then against his teeth, begging for entrance into his mouth. He gladly obliged, their tongues tangling together as they kissed until they had to break apart, gasping for air.

“Well it seems that you have given that quite a bit of thought,” Vaughn said as he tried to control his breathing.

“Maybe a little,” she responded, winking at him as she pulled him in for another kiss, this time by his tie. As they kissed, Vaughn slipped his hands inside Syd’s now-unbuttoned blouse, feeling the smooth skin of her abdomen. She was busy removing his tie and working on the buttons of his white oxford, pulling it out of his pants so she could reach the bottom buttons. Vaughn reached up to remove his shoulder holster, but Syd grabbed his hands to stop him. “No – leave it on.”

He looked at her with one eyebrow raised then let his gaze travel down to her unbuttoned blouse and black lace bra before meeting her eyes and saying, “OK.” He pulled her tightly against his bare chest and spoke softly in her ear – “What else happens in these dreams of yours?”

His breath against her ear sent shivers straight down her spine to her already-heated core. Syd whimpered a little before beginning to kiss his neck, working her way down to his muscular chest. “First of all, you are still wearing too much,” she murmured as she continued kissing his heated skin, her hands moving to his belt buckle and quickly removing it. As she began unbuttoning his pants, her mouth zeroed in on his right nipple, and as she began to suck on it gently and nip at it lightly with her teeth Vaughn had to lean back against the table to try to stay on his feet. Sydney made quick work of removing his pants, leaving him in his unbuttoned white oxford, light blue boxers and his shoulder holster. She gave him a once over, running her tongue seductively over her bottom lip before looking him in the eyes. She reached down and opened the front clasp of her bra, and removed both the bra and her blouse in one swift movement.

Vaughn’s breath caught in his throat, the sight before him leaving him awestruck. Sydney was standing before him, half naked, her already-full lips swollen further by their passionate kisses, her eyes blazing with desire. He didn’t think he had ever seen a more beautiful sight. Her perfect skin was marred only by a square of gauze, covering the spot on her left shoulder where her mother had shot her. He shook the awful ‘what-ifs’ out of his head, knowing that he would only make himself insane with worry. He reached out to take her hand and pull her to him once more, feeling tiny jolts of electricity wherever their bodies touched. Her breasts were now pressed up against his bare chest, the feeling causing Vaughn’s already straining erection to become impossibly harder. “Syd, you are so beautiful,” he said, his voice heavy with desire. He reached up to tuck a piece of her hair behind her ear before cupping her cheek and pulling her in for another kiss.

As their kiss deepened Vaughn managed to turn her around so that her back was now to the table, and in one quick movement he scooped her up and deposited her on the table so that she was sitting facing him, Vaughn standing between her legs. He pulled back and looked down over her body. He let his hands trail down both of her arms from her shoulders before bringing them around to her breasts, molding his hands around the perfect mounds. They moaned in unison at this new, delicious contact. His hands were so warm, so big and strong, and he continued to gently squeeze her breasts as he began to trail kisses from below her ear and down her throat. “How am I doing so far?” he asked her just before taking her left nipple into his mouth.

Syd gasped as he expertly teased her nipple to a tight peak. “Oh – god – Vaughn, you’re doing just fine.” He chuckled to himself as her head fell back and she lost herself to the sensations he was producing with his mouth and his hands. He continued to tease her, alternating sides every few minutes, and when he sensed that he was driving her closer and closer to the edge he pulled back, giving her a few short kisses on her tummy.

“Vaughn!” she practically whined, her frustration quite apparent in her voice.

He laughed as he leaned in to kiss the tip of her nose. “All in good time. I don’t want this to be over too quickly. I’ve got you all to myself, and I want to take my time.”

“Really, Vaughn? Now what exactly do you plan to do with this time?” Syd playfully asked, her frustration having ebbed a little.

“I plan on fully exploring these dreams of yours and seeing just how many of them we can make a reality - tonight.”

Vaughn stepped back and removed his boxers, his eyes never leaving Sydney’s. She swallowed hard as her eyes traveled over his well-toned body, the dim light of the warehouse enabling her to take her first really good look at him, dressed only in his open shirt and the holster she asked him to leave on. She knew now more than ever that he was truly the most beautiful man she had ever seen. He stepped back close to her and moved to unbutton her pants. Sydney slid back off the table to help him as he hooked his thumbs inside her waistband, pushing her slacks and panties to the floor. They pulled each other into a tight embrace, trying to touch in as many places as possible.

Sydney pulled back and looked into his eyes. “Vaughn, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Sydney. Now let me show you how much.” He captured her lips in a searing kiss, his tongue tracing the outline of her bottom lip, begging for entrance to her mouth. She willingly complied, her lips parting, her tongue joining his in an intimate caress. Their hands began roaming, grasping at everything they could touch, trying to memorize each dip and curve. Sydney reached around and gently grasped his throbbing cock and began to slowly stroke him, periodically rubbing the pad of her thumb across the head.

Vaughn moaned as her ministrations sent him closer and closer to the edge. “God, Syd, that feels so good.” He then reached down with his left hand and gently rubbed her clit, then slid two fingers inside her, and then began alternating the pattern. She gasped and clenched her muscles around his fingers. “Syd – you are so tight, so wet – I need to be inside you, now.”

Syd wrapped her legs around his waist as he lifted her off the ground and pressed her back against the chain-link fence that surrounded them. “Mmmm, Vaughn, how did you know that this was a part of my dream?” she asked him.

“Don’t you think I’ve had a few of my own, Syd?” With that he lifted her over his engorged penis and buried himself inside her. They both cried out at their initial joining, the borderline between pleasure and pain deliciously blurred. The fence sagged slightly as they pressed back against it, their movements slow and deliberate. Syd could feel every inch of him as he slowly moved inside her, almost pulling out completely before thrusting slowly back into her, deeper as she adjusted to him.

Syd reached above her head with her right hand to grab onto the fence for leverage as Vaughn began to pick up the pace. The look of pure pleasure on her face only served to further fuel his passion and he strengthened his thrusts, his hands gripping her hips tightly. Her position allowed him full access to her breasts and he leaned forward, sucking her right nipple into his mouth, running his tongue across it and nipping it gently. He repeated his actions on her left breast, and then began alternating between the two. The sensations that he was sending through her were proving almost too intense, so Syd decided to shift her position a little bit. She wrapped her left arm around his neck while she brought her right hand down to grasp the strap of his holster, and once she had a firm grip, brought her left hand to grab onto the other side. Vaughn continued to support her by holding tightly on to her hips and she held onto his holster, her back pressed against the fence, and as they moved together his gun was pressed between them, the cold steel a sharp contrast to their hot and sweaty bodies.

Vaughn was struggling to maintain control as they thrust together, each movement deliberate and forceful. He looked at the woman before him and he was certain that he had died and gone to heaven. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips swollen from their kisses, and she had a look in her eyes that told him that she was fully loving every minute of this. He gave her a wicked little grin before thrusting into her – hard. He was determined to make this an experience she would never forget.

Sydney couldn’t help but scream out, “Oh Vaughn!” as he continued to thrust into her as forcefully as he could, her back pressing into the fence, which she was sure was leaving marks – but she could not care less. She was completely lost in the sensations that were flooding her body. Using the straps of his shoulder holster she pulled herself up so she could kiss his neck, the slight shift in position and her lips on his heated skin eliciting a deep moan from Vaughn.

“Syd – I don’t – ah – know how much longer …” he tried to force out as he struggled to stop himself from coming. The whole situation was proving to be incredibly intense – and better than any fantasy he had had of them together in this spot.

Syd leaned in and kissed him, letting her tongue trail lightly over his. “Just let yourself go, baby. I love the way it feels when you come inside me.”

Those few words and one strong thrust were all it took to send Vaughn tumbling over the edge, exploding inside her. Sydney tumbled along with him, her vision clouding over and hearing her heart pounding in her ears as she contracted tightly around him. They clung together, gasping for breath and staring into each other’s eyes. Soon after, their desire to remain joined lost out to Vaughn’s trembling legs, the physical exertion and forceful orgasm finally taking their toll. He set her gently on her feet and pulled her tightly against his chest, wrapping her in his arms.

“So – did that satisfy your warehouse fantasies, Syd,” he chuckled, a playful gleam in his eye.

“Well – one of them,” she teased back.

“Oh really? Just how many of these fantasies have you had?” he asked her, laughing softly.

“It’s amazing where my mind wanders on all of those international flights,” she giggled, leaning in to nibble on his neck. “And I have a very active imagination.”

“Mmm – god, Syd, the things you do to me,” he said, his penis starting to harden again at her mere suggestion, something he certainly hadn’t thought possible so soon after their most recent coupling.

“My, my, Mister Vaughn. A little eager, are we?” Sydney asked, feeling his semi-erect penis jerk against her thigh. She reached down with her right hand and grasped him gently, running her hand along his lengthening shaft.

“Only with you, Syd. Only with you,” he answered honestly, tracing his fingers down her spine and across her hips.

“How much longer can we stay here?” she asked, continuing to mercilessly tease him.

“Weiss is supposed to meet me here in an hour,” he replied, glancing at the watch he wore on his left wrist.

“Mmm – well, that should leave us plenty of time for what I have in mind,” Syd grinned at him as she began to gently push him backwards, pushing his shirt and holster off his shoulders as they went. They continued moving until the back of Vaughn’s legs hit the small metal table that he has seated Sydney on earlier.

“Syd,” he began, but she kissed him before he could say anything else.

“Shh, just relax and close your eyes. Trust me,” she whispered and kissed the cleft in his chin before trailing kisses along his jaw line and down his throat. She ran her hands over his bare chest and abdomen, grinning slightly as she discovered a few particularly sensitive areas. Her lips followed her hands down his chest, and as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him it became crystal clear what she had in mind.

“Sydney,” he whispered, his voice straining with desire. “You don’t have to do that. What about you?”

“I want to – and don’t worry about me,” she smiled at him before her expression changed to one of pure lust and desire. From this angle he would have a good view of everything she was going to do to him. She ran her hands down his thighs, causing his cock to jump in anticipation. She looked up at him from under her eyelashes and ran her tongue along her top lip, the suggestion making him moan before she even touched him. She brought her right hand around to his hip for leverage as she grasped his cock gently with her left. She brought her lips to the tip of his penis and kissed him softly before letting her tongue trail lightly across him. The sensation made Vaughn weak in the knees, and he leaned back against the table for support as he quietly moaned her name.

Syd continued kissing and licking him softly, with the barest of touches, bringing him to a state of full arousal. She ran her tongue from base to tip before gently taking his head into her mouth. She let her tongue circle the ridge before focusing on the small spot on the underside of his penis that she knew would drive him wild. She looked up to find him watching her intently, his eyes dark and full of passion. Her eyes locked with his and in one sudden movement she took him into her mouth, her lips plunging all the way to his base.

“Oh God!” he practically yelled, thankful to be leaning against the table as his legs all but collapsed beneath him. He had to close his eyes, the feeling of her lips wrapped around him and being able to watch himself disappear inside her proving to be a lethal combination. She continued sliding him in and out of her mouth, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat each time. Every so often she would swallow around him, the constriction of her throat squeezing him gently.

Sydney looked up at Vaughn, his head leaning back, moaning in response to her movements. He looked completely lost in bliss, and she found the fact that she was the one to make him feel this way totally arousing. He wasn’t even touching her but she could feel the heat building at her core. She continued to take him deep in her throat, running her tongue along his shaft and over his head as he withdrew. She could feel that his climax was approaching, his balls tightening and his cock becoming extremely rigid against the roof of her mouth. He had moved his left hand to her right shoulder, and when she felt his grip tighten and his hand begin to tremble she stopped moving, causing the tidal wave that was about to crash upon him to ebb. She waited until his breathing slowed again and then resumed her ministrations, her own arousal becoming almost unbearable. She brought him to the edge again, and once more stopped before he could tumble over.

“Jesus, Syd, are you trying to kill me?” he almost growled.

“I want to make sure you’ll be thinking about me when you go home tonight,” she replied, her voice thick with desire, and then took him into her mouth again.

“Oh – GOD! I think that’s a safe bet,” he said breathlessly.

When she once more brought him to the edge but refused him release, he decided that enough was enough. He pulled her up to stand in front of him and picked her up, spinning around and laying her flat out on the table. Standing between her knees he ran his hands down over her body from her shoulders, over her breasts, across her abdomen, and down her thighs, purposely avoiding the spot he knew she wanted him to touch. He lifted her right leg and began trailing kisses from her ankle up the inside of her thigh. He could see how wet she was, and all he wanted to do was bury himself inside her, but not before he teased her a little more as payback for her little performance. He stopped just shy of her center, then moved to her left leg, starting at her ankle once again. Syd whimpered, her need to feel him inside her becoming unbearable.

“Something I can do for you, Syd?” he smirked, taking her left nipple between his thumb and index finger and rolling it gently.

“Vaughn, please,” she almost cried. “I’m sorry for teasing you, but – oh god – please!”

Vaughn leaned down and gave her clit one gentle lick before climbing on top of the table. He took himself in hand, the sight causing Syd to moan even louder, and positioned his cock at her entrance. He bent over and kissed her nose, then plunged into her as hard as he could. Syd pulled her knees up to her chest, the change in angle allowing him to thrust deeper into her than ever before. They were both so aroused that it only took a few more thrusts before they tumbled over the edge together, both screaming out in ecstasy.

Vaughn collapsed on top of her, listening to her heart pound in her chest as he laid his head between her breasts. Syd brought her hands up to play with his hair, something she quickly decided she loved to do.

“I love you, Sydney,” he said as his breathing resumed a normal pace.

“I love you, too, Michael – so much.”

A few minutes later Vaughn eased himself off the table, offering Syd his hand to help her up. Once they were standing he pulled her into his arms again, kissing the top of her head. “I don’t even want to know how you got so good at that,” he told her, thinking back to her mind blowing oral performance.

“Well, I had a lot of time to think about it,” she told him. “I wanted to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

“Mission accomplished, I hope?” he asked, suddenly feeling a little insecure.

“Vaughn, I have never felt like this before in my life. Never.” The expression on her face told him that she meant every word. He pulled her in for a slow, passionate kiss, wishing that this moment would never end.

In true Syd-and-Vaughn fashion, their moment was short-lived, the ringing of a cell phone bringing them out of their reverie. Vaughn finally found it in his suit jacket that had been carelessly tossed to the floor long before.

“Vaughn,” he answered.

“Hey buddy, it’s me,” Weiss’ voice came through the phone. “Just wanted to see if we’re still on for our meeting in fifteen minutes.”

Vaughn smiled to himself – leave it to Weiss. While he refused to answer any of the questions that his friend had thrown at him, he knew Weiss suspected that something had changed between him and Syd in Taipei. He was calling to warn him that time was almost up.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Okay – and, by the way, Jack is with me, too,” Weiss said slowly, making sure that his friend had heard him.

“Okay, thanks man.”

“See you in a few.”

Vaughn hung up and turned to Sydney who had already started getting dressed and gathering their things. She was still naked from the waist up, and as she turned away from him to find her bra he noticed red criss-cross marks on her back from the fence, causing him to breathe in sharply.

“Vaughn, what is it?” she asked, noticing the pained expression on his face as she turned around, trying to put on her bra.

“Your back is a mess from that fence. Syd, why didn’t you say something?” It was obvious that the idea the she had gotten hurt during their lovemaking was bothering him very much, and he helped to ease her bra straps over her shoulders.

“Vaughn, please – don’t do this to yourself. I barely feel it – it will be gone in a day or two. And it was SO worth it.” She looked up into his eyes reassuringly, kissing him gently on the lips.

He sighed deeply, then said, “That was Weiss, he’s on his way here with your father, and they should be here in ten minutes.”

Syd cringed. “My dad? Oh, great. Well, I hope I can wipe this grin off my face.”

“I’d be more worried about our flushed cheeks and swollen lips,” Vaughn told her as he pulled on his boxers and reached for his suit pants.

Syd giggled a little, then took a minute to trace her finger over the tattoo on his left arm. “God, I find that so sexy,” she said before moving to pull on her blouse.

“You do?” he asked in disbelief. Not one of his previous girlfriends had liked it – not even the one whose initials he had had permanently added to his body.

“Why do you sound so surprised?” Syd asked, tucking her blouse into her pants and slipping on her jacket. She moved to help Vaughn button his shirt as he ran his fingers through her hair, trying to straighten it the best he could.

“Because you are the first person who has. My mother wouldn’t talk to me for a week, she was so mad at me for ‘disfiguring” my body. I guess it didn’t help that the only reason I could offer her for getting it was that I was really drunk at the time.” Vaughn shook his head remembering his mother’s reaction.

Syd laughed. “I can just imagine. And, yes, I think it’s sexy. It was something I never expected to find lurking under those nice suits of yours, almost like a sexy little secret of your wild side – a secret that you have now shared with me.”

Vaughn straightened his tie and slipped his suit jacket back on over his holster – something that he would now think of fondly as he dressed each morning. “Was there anything else ‘lurking’ under my suit that excited you?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in an exaggerated manner.

“Now what do you think?” Syd asked, barely able to conceal her giggles.

“I think that I better not think about it or it might be very noticeable to your dad exactly where my thoughts are.”

Finally put back together, Vaughn pulled Syd to him for one last kiss before they had to return to their Agent Vaughn and Agent Bristow personas.

“I love you, Syd. I know that our being together is going to make things that much harder, and we’re going to have to be crazy careful, but don’t ever think for a minute that I’ll ever regret this. I’m not going anywhere – you are the only one I want to share my secrets with.”

With tears in her eyes Sydney cupped his cheek with her right hand and ran her thumb over the cleft in his chin. “I love you, too, Michael, and we’ll find a way to make this work. We just have to.” She kissed his cheek just as they heard the warehouse door opening, and they moved to sit an acceptable distance apart as they waited for Weiss and Jack to join them for the debrief.

As Jack was telling them about the op in Barcelona, Vaughn looked over at Sydney and caught her eye. He gave her a small half smile, reminding her of everything she had to work for. She turned her attention back to her father, hoping that this mission might bring them one step closer to the destruction of the Alliance and the beginning of her future with Vaughn.