Do You Trust Me

Do You Trust Me?
Author: SydVaughn1001
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations and adult language
Ship: S/V
Spoilers: Set during Season 2 Episode 2 – “Trust Me”, but AU besides general storyline. SD6 is still in existence.
Disclaimer: “Alias”, Sydney, Vaughn belong to JJ Abrams and ABC; I’m just going to play with them for a while.
A/N: Hi everyone. Well I finally finished this little fic that has been rolling around in my head for several months now. It is a sequel to Blending In and France... Really?. Many thanks to my wonderful friend Jonelle for her support and cheerleading skills – she chanted to me on an almost daily basis, even during our insanity trip known as The Wizard of Wisconsin. thanks also to Queen Kaia, my technical advisor. I love you both very much.

I hope you all enjoy – I don’t know about you, but I need a little S/V love to keep me sane.

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Do You Trust Me?

“You wanna play rough, Vaughn?” she growled as she undid the tie in one firm yank. “Let’s play rough.” Sydney grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. He was so hard that he thought his cock might just burst out of his pants. He didn’t have to worry about that though, Syd was already working on removing them in rough, purposeful movements. When she had stripped him of all his clothing she pushed him roughly back down into the seat.

12 Hours earlier…….

Sydney Bristow had had one hell of a week. For starters, an op in Barcelona had gone horribly wrong, leaving Irina Derevko in possession of her operations manual and Vaughn’s friend Eric Weiss critically injured. Upon returning from Barcelona, she had to speak at the funeral of Emily Sloane, the closest thing she had had to a mother since “Laura Bristow” died when she was six. Will was facing drug charges as a result of her father trying to save him from being killed by the Alliance. But, by far, the most stressful thing that had occurred was her mother turning herself in to the CIA.

Irina Derevko’s presence had left everyone on edge, especially those whose lives had been directly affected by her – namely Jack, Sydney and Vaughn. Sydney and Vaughn had each met with Derevko, their experiences leaving them both extremely conflicted and unsettled. Sydney’s inability to trust her mother caused her to fail to complete her CIA counter-mission on her most recent op, and now she and Vaughn had to go to Helsinki to prevent SD-6 from obtaining a T-wave camera that would enable them to see through solid objects to a depth of 100 meters, something the CIA wanted to prevent at all costs.

Since their afternoon in the warehouse before Barcelona, Sydney and Vaughn hadn’t had any time alone together. They had gone months having to be content with their thoughts and fantasies about each other, but now that they had experienced the real thing the separation was much harder to handle. With all of the stresses of the past weeks, Sydney felt like she needed Vaughn more than ever. When Kendall announced that they would be going to Helsinki together she was somewhat grateful to have the chance to at least talk with him alone for more than five minutes.

The flight to Helsinki was spent preparing for the op. Vaughn would wait in the bar and keep an eye on Peter Fordson, the inventor of the T-wave camera, while Sydney made her way to the lab to steal it. Prepping for the operation didn’t leave them much time for any private conversation. Sydney changed into tight black pants, a sleeveless high-necked black leather top, and a shoulder-length black wig with short bangs. She turned around to find Vaughn dressed in all black – solid black shirt and tie with a black pinstripe suit.

“Mmmm… you know, you should wear all black more often,” she said, while pretending to straighten his perfectly-tied tie, using it as an opportunity to run her hands over his firm chest.

“Really? And why is that?” Vaughn asked her, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

“Cause you look really hot,” she said as she leaned up and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

“Mmm,” was all the response Vaughn could manage before deepening the kiss and pulling her tightly against his chest, only to be interrupted a minute later by the pilot telling them to prepare for landing. Vaughn practically growled in frustration, giving Syd one final kiss on the tip of her nose before they moved to take their seats. The plane began its descent – it was almost show time.


The mission was completed with only a few skillfully handled problems, the biggest being the arrival of Arvin Sloane. Vaughn’s heart was racing as he saw Sloane heading directly for Sydney, concerned that Sloane would see her, but Vaughn’s quick thinking and an unfortunate waiter created a distraction that afforded Sydney the time she needed to escape Sloane’s view. She made her way to the lab, telling Vaughn to meet her outside once she had grabbed the camera. She made her way out of the building, but not before having to hide from Sloane once more.

Finally back on the jet flying towards Los Angeles, Sydney stared out the window, obviously deep in thought. After speaking with the pilots and securing the cabin door, Vaughn walked over and sat in the seat next to Sydney, taking her hand in his much larger one. “Great job back there,” he told her, lifting the back of her hand to his lips and kissing it.

“Thanks, you too. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t distracted Sloane.”

“We make a great team,” he told her, looking into her eyes. He could tell something was bothering her.

“Yes we do,” she responded softly.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked her, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Nothing. Everything. I don’t even know where to begin,” she said with a sigh, looking at their joined hands and leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“I understand.” Vaughn leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, his touch gentle and loving.

God she had missed him; holding him, touching him, kissing him. She deepened the kiss, pulling him toward her by the lapels of his jacket, both still dressed from the mission. His tongue sought entrance into her mouth, which she willingly granted him. Their tongues tangled together, alternating between the barest of touches and brutal, bruising contact. They broke apart, gasping for air, Vaughn’s bottom lip swelling slightly from where Sydney had bitten him.

“Wow – where did THAT come from?” he asked, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“I’ve missed you. I mean, we’ve seen each other but it’s been so much harder than I thought it would be, not being able to touch you.”

“I know, Syd, I feel the same way. We’re alone now,” he said, raising his left eyebrow suggestively.

“Are you serious? Here on the CIA jet? And we are NOT alone - there are other people here, Vaughn.”

Vaughn began kissing along the line of her jaw as he reached back to unzip the sleeveless black top she has been wearing for the op. “It’s only the pilots, and I locked the compartment door when I came back here,” he mumbled, his lips never leaving her skin.

A small moan escaped Syd’s lips as his mouth slid lower on her neck while she slid her top off her shoulders. “Good thinking,” she replied breathlessly.

“I. Thought. So,” he said between the feather-light kisses he was trailing along her collarbone. “I like to plan for all contingencies.”

“Mmhmm. I’m liking this plan so far, Agent Vaughn. What comes next?” Sydney asked, her hands gently squeezing the muscles in his back as his continued his torturous ministrations.

Vaughn answered her by biting into the side of her neck, sending shivers down her spine and straight to her core. Syd struggled to suppress a scream at his unexpected action, but she was more than a little turned on by this aggressive side of him. He tenderly kissed the reddened area before moving a little lower down her neck and biting her again, another wave of intensity crashing down on her.

“Oh GOD! Good plan!” she moaned as he moved to the other side of her neck alternating soft kisses with not-so-soft bites. Sydney ran her right hand up his back to the back of his head and pushed his mouth even harder against her neck, not caring about the marks he would most likely leave behind. He continued the onslaught until Syd could take no more. She shoved him off of her and he landed against the seat with a grunt.

“What the…?” he began until he noticed the devilish gleam in Sydney’s eyes. She stood up and finished removing her top, practically ripping her bra off with it. She grabbed his tie and pulled him up to stand in front of her, not really caring if she was choking him a little. He had never truly realized just how thoroughly she could kick his ass until that moment, and the idea aroused him more than he imagined possible.

“You wanna play rough, Vaughn?” she growled as she undid the tie in one firm yank. “Let’s play rough.” Sydney grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. He was so hard that he thought his cock might just burst out of his pants. He didn’t have to worry about that though, Syd was already working on removing them in rough, purposeful movements. When she had stripped him of all his clothing she pushed him roughly back down into the seat.

Vaughn looked up to see Sydney looking at him hungrily and imagined that this must be what a mouse felt like when a cat had him cornered. The hairs stood up on the back of his neck as he waited in anticipation of her next move. Her eyes never left his as she undid her zipper and pushed her pants down, leaving a pair of very small black panties in place. She ran her tongue across her top lip and took one step closer to him.

“I think you forgot something,” Vaughn said, looking at her almost naked form appreciatively. He leaned forward and used his teeth to grab the waistband of her panties, ripping them off in one swift movement. “Much better,” he said, flashing her a devilish grin.

Sydney climbed on top of his lap, positioning herself above his straining erection. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own, knowing exactly where it wanted to be. She cupped her hand under his chin and yanked it up roughly, forcing him to look in her eyes. “Look at me,” she said in a commanding voice. When she was sure he was looking in her eyes she impaled herself upon his throbbing cock, never breaking their eye contact. They remained still for only a moment as Syd stretched to accommodate him, and then she began to move on him, raising herself up until he was almost out of her and then slamming down on him, driving him into her like a piston.

“Oh GOD,” Vaughn moaned, his head tilting back and his eyes threatening to slip closed as waves of pleasure washed over him. Syd took her left hand off his shoulder and pulled his head back up to look at her and told him, “Look at us, Vaughn. Watch yourself slide inside me.”

They both lowered their eyes to the point of their union and watched as his penis disappeared inside her, over and over again as he slid in and out of her. He thought he had never seen a more erotic sight in his life, and it was almost enough to drive him over the edge. He had to look away before he lost control – he wasn’t ready for this to end. In an attempt to assume some control of this situation he placed his hands around Syd’s waist and mustered all the strength he had to push her onto her back on the floor, never breaking their connection. “Sydney, keep watching,” he said, his voice deep with desire.

The floor beneath them vibrated from the running jet engines, making their skin tingle wherever it came in contact with the floor. Sydney propped herself up on her elbows as Vaughn grabbed her ankles and held her legs up and open in front of him. They both watched as he slid in and out, in and out, his thrusts getting faster and faster. Sydney tilted her hips upward a little, allowing him to slide even deeper into her. They moaned as the head of his penis bumped her cervix, and he thrust harder and harder, two sets of eyes still focused on their motions.

Vaughn reached down with his left hand to touch her clit, rubbing it gently at first, then steadily increasing the pressure. Sydney moaned as he changed direction, the sights and sounds and sensations pushing her closer and closer to the edge. “Oh God, Vaughn!” she cried out as he turned his head to kiss the inside of her ankle. With one final hard thrust he felt her begin to contract around him, her muscles all but pulling his own climax out of him. Wave after wave hit him as his semen spilled inside her pulsating channel, each crying out the other’s name in ecstasy. Vaughn collapsed on top of Sydney, hearts racing and gasping for air.

“I love you,” Sydney said breathlessly as her eyes fell shut and she tried to catch her breath.

Vaughn picked up his head to kiss her fully on the mouth. “I love you, too. So much.”

They lay on the floor, Vaughn on top of Sydney as their breathing resumed its normal rhythm, enjoying the silence and just being together. Vaughn was the first to speak. “Wow. Where the hell did that come from?”

Sydney giggled. “I guess we both had a lot of tension to release. It’s been a rough couple of weeks.”

Vaughn nodded in agreement, “Yeah it has, but that was – man. I don’t think I have experienced anything like that in my life.” He reached up to tuck a strand of black hair behind her ear, the wig from their mission still on her head. “You know, every time we’ve been together your hair has been a different color.”

Syd laughed, “You’re right, it has. Most men would find that to be a turn on, making them feel like they were with a different girl every night.”

“I’m not most men,” Vaughn replied, “and there is only one girl that I ever want to be with.”

“No, you’re not most men,” Syd agreed. She leaned up to kiss him softly on the lips.

Vaughn rolled off of her onto his side, and propped his head up on his elbow as he looked at her. He trailed the fingertips from his left hand over her abdomen and up to her left breast, causing her nipple to form an almost immediate peak. Sydney shivered a little as goosebumps covered her body. As his hand drifted over to her right nipple, she let out a small involuntary moan.

“How much longer is this flight?” she asked softly as Vaughn’s fingers continued their dance upon her skin.

“Oh at least a few more hours. Why, are you in a rush?” Vaughn asked her, his voice carrying a definite teasing note.

“Actually I’d be quite happy if it never ended,” Syd replied, a sad look in her eye. Vaughn knew that it wasn’t just because they couldn’t be together.

“Syd, is there something you want to talk about?” he asked her, his hand coming to rest on her belly.

“No, not really. I guess I was just thinking that things would be so much simpler if we never had to go back, you know? No SD-6, no CIA, no Irina Derevko,” Syd stared off into the distance.

“I know it’s been hard having to face your mother this past week. Please Syd, you can talk to me,” Vaughn pleaded with her to tell him what was wrong.

Sydney sighed and then looked at the window. “I guess I’m just wondering how long it’s going to be before you realize how messed up I am, how messed up our situation is. How long it will be before you realize that you CAN’T be with the daughter of the woman who killed your father,” Syd said, her voice practically a whisper.

Vaughn sat up in front of her and pulled her up to face him. “Sydney, look at me.” He waited until she met his gaze. “You are not your mother, nor should you blame yourself for something she did when you were two years old. As far as I am concerned, you have lost just as much as I have to the hands of Irina Derevko. Irina Derevko killed Laura Bristow, just as she killed William Vaughn. I love you Sydney, and nothing or no one will ever change that.”

Tears were spilling down Sydney’s face as Vaughn pulled her to his chest in a comforting embrace. He held her tightly as she cried, placing small kisses upon the top of her head and whispering comforting words in English and French until she calmed down. She pulled back from him so she could look in his eyes. “I love you, too, Michael. So much. I guess I just get scared when things seem to be going my way – waiting for that other shoe to drop. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Well I guess we’re lucky that you will never have to find that out. Syd, I’m not going anywhere.” He pulled her into a loving kiss, the urgency and lust from earlier replaced with promise and tenderness. They broke apart, their foreheads resting together as they tried to steady their breathing.

“Do you trust me?” Vaughn asked her, running his hands over her shoulders and down her arms to her wrists.

“More than I have trusted anyone in my life. Why?” Syd wondered why he was asking this.

“Just lay back and close your eyes. Just let yourself feel – nothing can hurt you here, ok?” Vaughn was determined to show her just how much he loves her.

Syd looked deep into his eyes for some hint of what he was up to, but after finding nothing but his love for her she said, “Okay.” Vaughn helped her lay back on the floor, rolling up his ripped shirt and tucking it under her head. He knelt next to her as he slowly traced the lines of her face with his index finger, lingering on the dimples that he loved so much. He cupped the side of her face in his left hand, and leaned forward to place light kisses on her face, first on her forehead, then her eyelids, the tip of her nose, each of her dimples, her chin, and then finally her full, red lips. His right hand mirrored his left and cupped the right side of her face, and then using both hands and the lightest of touches he let his fingertips trace along her jaw and down her neck. His fingers continued their journey, out to each shoulder and down each arm, lifting each of her hands to his mouth for a kiss. Back up her arms to the hollow of her throat, and then straight down the center of her chest, bypassing her breasts that were begging for attention. Sydney let out a whimper at his omission, and he whispered, “Shhh, not yet. Just relax.”

Vaughn began tracing small patterns across her well-toned abdomen, committing to memory every birthmark, every scar, as he went. His hands moved to her hips and then the crease of her legs that would lead him to her most intimate places, places that he would leave unexplored – for now. Next were her beautiful thighs, so strong yet so feminine. Over her knees, down to her ankles and feet, he left nothing untouched.

Sydney tried to steady her breathing, his touch affecting her like no other before. Every nerve ending tingled, warmth pooling at her center. A small moan escaped her lips as Vaughn replaced his fingers with his mouth, using his lips and tongue to retrace the path his fingers had made. He used his tongue to trace a path up the inside of her calf, then blew across the wet trail sending shivers straight to her spine. Behind her knee, the insides of her thighs. She unconsciously opened her legs a little farther, inviting him to touch her in the most intimate of ways.

Sydney’s shift in position was not lost on Vaughn, who placed small kisses where her legs met her center, her soft moans encouraging him to continue. “Not yet, angel,” he said quietly as he placed kisses on her hips, then let his tongue trace a trail to her navel. He swirled the tip of his tongue around the small indentation in her abdomen before letting it dip into the well, a motion that Sydney wished he would repeat somewhere else. She pushed her hips up against him unconsciously, the moans escaping her lips becoming louder and more frequent. Vaughn smiled to himself as he moved toward her breasts that he had earlier denied attention, taking her right nipple into his mouth without warning. His tongue was warm and wet as he used it to trace circles around her taut nipple, occasionally scraping his teeth across the hard peak. He moved to her left breast, lavishing it with the same attention he had devoted to the right which he was now rolling between his fingers, adding an occasional pinch that sent shockwaves directly to her core. The tension was becoming so extreme that Sydney grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth tight against her breast, causing him to bite her – hard. She cried out in surprise, the experience bringing more pleasure than pain.

“Vaughn – please – I need you inside me, now,” she all but begged him breathlessly.

“Mmmm – not yet Syd. I’m not finished with you yet,” he said against her breast, his voice husky with desire. He trailed his tongue back down her abdomen to the patch of curls that guarded his ultimate destination. He moved her legs slightly apart, her most intimate places bared before him. He placed a small kiss on the inside of each of her thighs, making his intentions for the next step perfectly clear. He waited a moment to see if she would protest, but she simply opened her legs to him a little more, a statement of her complete trust in him.

He trailed his tongue lightly over her clit, the barest touch causing her legs to tremble. He looked up to see Sydney with her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed and her mouth slightly open, an expression of pure bliss on her face. Seeing her like this, knowing that he was the one to make her feel like this, aroused him more than he thought possible. He touched her clit again, a little harder this time, and laid down flat on his stomach, pulling Syd’s legs up over his shoulders. He used the fingers of his right hand to open her to him, allowing him to see just how wet she was. He moaned softly as he gently pushed the first two fingers of his left hand inside her while his tongue resumed its movements on her clit, alternating direction from up and down to side to side. As he slid his fingers in and out of her he would press his fingertips against the front wall of her vagina, sending the nerve endings there into a frenzy. Sydney began to push her hips against him, her moans becoming louder as he continued his oral stimulation. She whimpered when his fingers left her, but his tongue immediately took their place, plunging inside her as deep as it could reach.

“Oh God! VAUGHN!” she screamed, making him glad that the jet’s engines would help to prevent the pilots from hearing anything from the cabin. He could taste their mixed fluids on his tongue, the thought bringing images to his mind that made him even harder than before, but his focus was on Sydney. As he continued to plunge his tongue in and out of her he reached up with his left hand to rub her clit. He felt her channel tightening around his tongue and her legs shaking, and with one final thrust of his tongue, she tumbled over the edge, convulsing against him, crying out his name.

Vaughn placed his head upon her stomach as she came down, her breathing becoming more regulated. Sydney couldn’t believe that she had come so hard so soon. She decided that Michael Vaughn was a very talented man. “Come here,” she told him, her voice still raspy. He crawled up on top of her, the tip of his penis dragging across her abdomen, and she pulled him into a sensual deep kiss. She could taste them on his mouth, the eroticism of it all making her moan. His erection pressed harder against her stomach as they kissed, and Sydney reached up and wrapped her right hand around him, the unexpectedness of her touch almost causing him to collapse on top of her.

Sydney started to giggle against his mouth. “Problem, Vaughn?” she asked as she stroked him once from base to tip, running her thumb over his swollen head.

“Oh god, no,” he said huskily. “Just caught me off guard.”

“Good,” she replied as she stroked him again, paying specific attention to the spot on the underside of his penis where his shaft met his head. He was rock hard in her hand, and despite two mind-blowing orgasms she was ready for him again. In one swift movement she flipped him on his back, straddling his thighs and never letting go of his throbbing erection. She leaned in and nibbled on his neck, biting down on his pulse point, his cock jumping in response.

“Sydney, please!” Vaughn practically begged her. “I need to be inside you.” He sat up so he was directly in front of Sydney, her legs still straddling his muscular thighs. She captured his lips in a searing kiss as she moved forward and pressed her body tightly against his, the hair on his chest causing her nipples to tighten with arousal. Their arms were wrapped tightly around each other, and as their tongues continued to tangle together she positioned herself above his throbbing erection, eager to feel him filling her once again. She began to slowly slide down his length when the plane hit an air pocket sending her crashing down upon him, his cock plowing into her cervix with a force neither had experienced before, causing a blend of pleasure and pain to rip through her body.

They sat staring into each other’s wide-open eyes, wondering what the hell had just happened when their reverie was broken by the voice of their pilot. “Sorry about that, just a little turbulence, but it seems that there may be some more. It might be a good idea for you to buckle your seat belts – it could be a bumpy ride.”

Syd and Vaughn looked at each other, their ability to communicate non-verbally in high gear. Vaughn’s expression said, ‘There is no way in hell I am moving from this spot,’ and Syd’s, ‘You pull out of me and I’ll kick your ass,’ – they were both aroused beyond the point of return.

They held each other tightly as they began to rock against each other, Vaughn pressing his lips into the crook of Sydney’s neck. While their movements were slow and purposeful, each pocket of turbulence they hit sent them crashing together, cries of ecstasy being ripped from their lips. Vaughn’s upright position allowed her clit to rub against the base of his penis with each stroke, the vibrations from the engine only serving to heighten their excitement. Each thrust brought them closer and closer to the pinnacle, each shockwave from the turbulence causing pleasure to shoot through them. Vaughn slid in and out of her with reckless abandon, their sights set on one goal. He could feel the pressure building within him, his heart pounding in his chest, his balls inching closer and closer to his body as they tightened in preparation for release. Sydney was so tight around him, so warm and so wet; he struggled to hold on, to go over the edge with her.

Just as Vaughn thought he could not hold on any longer, the plane seemed to drop out from under them, hitting a particularly large air pocket. In true ‘what-goes-up-must-come-down’ form, they came crashing down on the floor, the force of which forced his cock up into her cervix, popping through the barrier into her womb. Sydney screamed out in surprise and pleasure-filled pain as Vaughn instantly came deep inside her. The sensation of him throbbing so deeply inside her brought her tumbling over the edge with him, contracting around him, her muscles making sure to milk him of any semen left inside him.

They clung to each other, completely and utterly spent, and rode out several smaller jolts of turbulence. When Syd had finally regained the ability to speak she looked up at Vaughn, who was staring back at her with such love in his eyes that it brought tears to hers. “Michael, I love you,” she whispered before burying her head into his neck, breathing in the scent that was distinctly him.

Vaughn kissed the top of her head. “I love you, too, Sydney. So much.”

They remained cuddled together on the floor of the jet, Vaughn stroking her cheek, both whispering endearments in French and English, until the pilot’s voice crackled through the overhead speaker. “We’re cleared for landing, we’ll start our approach in 5 minutes. Please remain seated with your seat belts buckled until the aircraft comes to a stop at the hangar.”

Sydney looked up and drew Vaughn into a loving kiss, both of their lips bruised and swollen from their forceful coupling. She pulled back and sighed, “Real world here we come. We’d better get dressed.”

Sydney climbed off of Vaughn’s lap, and once she was standing offered him her hand in assistance. As she turned to gather her discarded clothing, he grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. “Sydney, it doesn’t get more real than this. What you and I have found together. Don’t ever forget that.” He kissed her forehead, then the tip of her nose, and then her mouth. He held her for just a moment longer, and then let go, as he knew they didn’t have much time.

He watched as she moved to pick up her shirt. The evidence of their lovemaking marked her body, bruises and bite marks scattered all over her. She had small bruises on her hips where his fingers had dug into her flesh, and she had several hickeys scattered over her shoulders and neck. Her inner thighs were bruised from his hips and her left nipple from his bite.

“Jesus Syd, you’re more bruised from ‘us’ than you were from the mission,” he said, a tinge of regret in his voice.

“Don’t do that, Vaughn. This, us, was incredible. I will NEVER regret any time we spend together. These little marks will serve as a reminder to me of our ‘in-flight entertainment’ when I’m home all alone,” she said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Vaughn groaned at the thought of her all alone in her bed, thinking about them, maybe even…. No, he could NOT go there. “It’s just, I love you Syd and I never want to hurt you.”

Sydney looked back at the man she loved, concern so evident in his eyes. “I’m not hurt. I may have a hard time explaining the hickeys to my roommates, and Will will probably never let me hear the end of it, but they’re all just bruises, they’ll be gone before you know it. You didn’t exactly escape this adventure unscathed,” she said, noting his swollen lip, bruises on his upper arms, scratches on his back, and a little hickey of his own.

They dressed quickly, Vaughn grabbing an extra shirt out of his bag and stuffing the ripped black one in it with a chuckle. Vaughn unlocked the door to the cockpit, and they buckled in to their seats just as the plane began its descent into Dover airfield, never letting go of each other’s hands.

“God, I hate this,” Vaughn said quietly. “I hate leaving you like this. All I want to do is take you home with me, make love to you all night. Instead I send you off on your own to go home to Francie and Will,” he said, a tinge of jealousy creeping into his voice.

“Mmm, home with you. Now THAT would be amazing Vaughn. We might even be able to make love on an actual bed,” she said teasingly, trying to lighten Vaughn’s mood. “We will have that someday Vaughn. I won’t rest until we do. You have given me something to fight for.” She leaned in for one last kiss, a kiss that would have to hold them over until they could get some more time alone. The jet taxied to the CIA hangar, coming to a stop just inside the doors. Vaughn kissed her on the forehead and unbuckled their seatbelts, offering her his hand to help her stand. The pilot met them at the door as they exited the plane.

“Sorry about all that turbulence towards the end of the flight,” he said apologetically. “I hope you weren’t too uncomfortable.”

Sydney and Vaughn blushed as they looked at each other, and Vaughn replied, “Trust me. It wasn’t a problem.”