Blending In

Title: Blending In
Author: SydVaughn1001
Rating: definitely NC-17 for sexual situations and language
Ship: S/V (of course )
Spoilers: AU, set during “Almost Thirty Years”, SD6 still exists
Disclaimer: “Alias”, Sydney, Vaughn, etc. - nope, not mine - although they feel like part of the family. All credit must go to JJ Abrams and ABC.

A/N: Happy Birthday to Queen Kaia! I can only hope that this is worthy!

Thank you Jonelle for serving as my "idea-bouncer", proof reader, cheerleader, and for all of your encouragement to post this.

For everyone else - this is my first solo fic, previously having only contributed to a chaper of "Cast No Shadow." I hope that you enjoy this little creation.


“Syd, you can’t be serious,” Michael Vaughn stated, looking at the leather garments laying before him.

“Vaughn, clearly you can’t walk into that club dressed the way you normally do. There is no way you would blend in. Come on - mine is worse,” replied Sydney Bristow, a double agent for the CIA.

They were in Taipei with Sydney’s father Jack to rescue Sydney’s friend Will Tippin, who had been abducted from a CIA safe house, and was being held captive by a man named Alexander Khasinau. Khasinau was willing to exchange Will for a certain page from the Rambaldi manuscript, one that gave detailed instructions for a device that he had constructed. Jack would exchange the document for Will while Syd and Vaughn, her CIA handler, destroyed the device, along with the lab where it was created.

In order to gain access to this lab, Syd and Vaughn would have to enter through a club - The Mercury Club, to be exact. The Mercury Club was not your average dance club - a better description would be a sex fetish club. Most of its patrons would be clad in tight leather outfits, and participating in sexual acts in the middle of the club was as common as dancing and drinking. They would need to blend in, and Sydney had chosen their wardrobe with that in mind. Of course, she wasn’t complaining about getting to see Vaughn in a pair of tight leather pants. It would be the stuff fantasies were made out of - her fantasies to be exact. Vaughn had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a long time now, and those dreams had taken an erotic turn as of late. Syd wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to keep her feelings locked inside. She had been feeling something more than she knew she should, much more than an asset was supposed to feel for her CIA handler, but hadn’t been able to put a name to those feelings until earlier that night, when he found her at the train station and told her about how he had looked for her at just about every place she had ever mentioned to him. When he offered to help her, willing to put his career, and more importantly his life on the line for her, she knew what it was - she knew it was love.

Vaughn knew he would never win this argument, so he picked up his clothing and walked behind the makeshift partition they had set up in the back of the truck. As he pulled on the leather pants Syd had given him he couldn’t help but wonder why he was doing this. He had had a fairly normal life - a good job, a nice girlfriend, played hockey twice a week. Then he met HER - and it was like the earth had shifted on its axis. Sydney Bristow was unlike any woman he had ever met before, so strong, so intelligent, so beautiful - yet so broken and vulnerable. He got his first glimpse at that side of Sydney the night she called him to meet her at the pier - and before he even knew what was happening he had fallen, and fallen hard. He knew that as her handler he couldn’t act on his feelings, but he would do everything in his power to keep his love safe, including helping her on this unsanctioned mission to save her friend. He glanced toward the curtain dividing them, Sydney’s silhouette outlined by the light behind her. He inhaled sharply, trying desperately to not think about the fact that Sydney - HIS Sydney - was half naked about three feet away from him, a thin piece of cotton the only thing separating them. “Someday,” he murmured to himself, slipping his arms into the sleeves of his knee-length leather jacket and pulling it over his tight black t-shirt. He could only hope that they survived long enough to see that someday, the day when his dreams would come true and they could be together.

“Ready when you are, Syd,” he called out when he had pulled on his boots and buckled his belt.

“OK, just give me one more second.” Moments later Syd ripped down the sheet and they both froze, staring at each other, eyes wide open.

Vaughn swallowed hard. “Wow - Syd. You look - wow.” He couldn’t find the words needed to describe the way she looked. Sydney was wearing skin-tight leather pants and a black mesh shirt that was quite see-through, allowing him a full view of her black leather bra.

Sydney giggled. “You can blink, Vaughn. You know, you don’t look so bad yourself.” She was glad that she was trained to hide shock and surprise. She knew Vaughn would look good in those clothes, but not even in her wildest dreams had she imagined that he would look that good. Combined with the past-five-o’clock shadow that he was sporting - god, he was exuding sex appeal. She turned away to get something, taking a deep breath to try to calm her racing heart. She turned back to Vaughn and said, “OK - now for your hair.”

“What’s wrong with my hair?” he asked.

“Nothing’s wrong with it, Vaughn. In fact, I kind of like it. But with that outfit, it definitely needs to be spikier,” Sydney told him, showing him a tube of hair gel that she had picked up.

“Spikier? Man - Syd, you’re killing me,” he almost whined.

This made Syd giggle again. “Would you stop being such a baby. Now come over here and sit.”

Once again knowing that it was pointless to argue, Vaughn walked over and sat down in front of Sydney, looking down towards his feet in defeat. She moved forward to stand between his legs, squirting some of the gel into her hands and rubbing them together. Vaughn lifted his head and immediately decided that this was not the best position to be sitting in. Directly in front of his eyes were Sydney’s breasts, the tops of them spilling over the cups of the bra. He closed his eyes tightly and thought of every non-sexual thing he could think of - this was definitely not the time, nor did he want Syd to be able to “see” what he had been thinking about. She made that even more difficult as she began running her gel-covered hands through the top of his hair, the contact sending waves of sensation through both of them.

“There - now was that so bad?” she asked him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed the tremble in her voice.

“No,” he almost whispered, “Not bad at all.”

“Alright then. Let me just put on my makeup, wig and accessories, and we’ll be all set.”

Vaughn sat back, breathing deeply, trying to regain some semblance of control. They needed to get out of this truck - the quicker the better. He watched as Syd applied very heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick. She looked so beautiful, but he liked it even better when she wasn’t wearing any. She put on a leather collar and about a hundred little black bracelets, and then she started laughing when she looked in the box containing her wig.

“Like I said before, Vaughn, mine is so much worse.” She produced a shoulder-length bright blue wig. Blue. They were both laughing as she pinned up her hair and put the wig on. Vaughn couldn’t help thinking to himself that even that hideous blue wig could do nothing to hide her beauty.

“I’m still partial to red,” Vaughn told her. He wasn’t laughing anymore. They stood, staring into each others eyes, trying to convey what they couldn’t say in words. After a minute or two Vaughn broke the silence, saying, “We should probably get going.”

“Yeah, we should,” Sydney replied. “Vaughn, thanks again for doing this. What you are risking - I appreciate this more than you could ever know. I couldn’t do it without you.”

Vaughn reached out and took her hand, gave it a firm squeeze and said, “There isn’t any place I’d rather be. Let’s do this so we can go home.”

“OK. Oh, Vaughn? One more thing,” Sydney said, turning to face him. She reached her hand up to his left cheek, and he swallowed hard. She was leaning in. Was she going to… squeeze his earlobe?

“What the hell?” he asked, obviously surprised by her actions.

Sydney nearly broke down in a fit of giggles. “Take a look,” she told him, pointing to the mirror in their makeshift dressing room.

“Oh man - come on Syd. The leather pants and ‘spikier’ hair isn’t enough? I have to wear an earring too?” he was practically whining.

She giggled even harder and rolled her eyes. Regaining a bit of her composure she said, “Come on - let’s go. You know - you DO look really hot.”

“Do I now?” he said, both eyebrows raised and a smirk replacing his usually adorable grin.

“Don’t let it go to your head,” she groaned. “Let’s go.” They got out of the truck, walking hand in hand to the entrance of The Mercury Club.


Syd and Vaughn looked around as they entered The Mercury Club. It was crowded, smoky, and smelled like sweat and sex. There were bodies everywhere, some dancing, others engaged in activities of another nature. Vaughn had never seen so much leather in one place in his entire life. There were several platforms overlooking the main dance floor, and they were filled with people as well. He and Syd needed to cross the room to an area near the rest rooms, where they would be able to gain access to the lab building through a panel in the wall.

As they started to cross the room Vaughn couldn’t help but notice that Syd had become “Agent Bristow”, her don’t-mess-with-me strut in full force. She never failed to amaze him as she slipped effortlessly into character. His thoughts were interrupted when a guy walked up and grabbed Syd by the waist, spinning her around to face him. ’Who the f*** does this guy think he is?’ Vaughn thought to himself. The guy was looking at Syd like she was a steak dinner. Vaughn, feeling his temper beginning to boil, walked over and shoved the guy away from her, giving him a look that clearly stated, ’Back off, man. She. Is. Mine.’ He turned back to Sydney, and taking her hand, resumed their journey through the club.

Sydney was used to getting hit on - it was almost expected to happen at least once on every mission. When the guy grabbed her she rolled her eyes thinking ‘Here we go again.’ Before she could say anything Vaughn had shoved the guy away from her, and she saw the look on his face. Was that anger? Jealousy? Whatever it was, he had made it clear to that guy that she was Vaughn’s, and when he grabbed her hand to continue on, she couldn’t conceal her smile.

Sydney’s cell phone started ringing as they were approaching the access point to the lab building. Giving Vaughn a quick glance, she answered with a hushed “Hello?”

“Sydney - I just received a call from Sark. He changed the location of the exchange and delayed it by 30 minutes. You and Agent Vaughn will need to delay your entry into the lab. If you destroy the lab now Sark will figure out what we are doing and will never make the exchange. Hold off on entering the club,” Jack told her.

“We’re already inside, Dad,” Sydney said quietly, Vaughn looking at her questioningly.

“Well then I suggest you do your best to blend in for the next thirty minutes.” With that, Jack disconnected the call.

Sydney put away her cell phone as Vaughn pulled her to a corner of the room, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against his chest. They had to maintain their cover - right?

“What’s going on?” he whispered.

“Sark has delayed the exchange by thirty minutes, so we need to wait to enter the lab so we don’t tip him off. Dad said to do our best to ’blend in’,” Sydney quietly told him, her lips just inches from his ear, her breath sending shivers down his spine.

Vaughn glanced around the club at the people engaging in various sexual activities, from dirty dancing to all-out intercourse. He turned back to Syd, eyebrows raised, but before he could speak she put her index finger to his lips and said, “Shhh - follow me,” her voice having taken on a decidedly sultry tone.

Sydney took Vaughn by the hand and led him up a nearby staircase, to one of the platforms overlooking the main dance floor. They walked over to the railing, Syd pulling Vaughn up tightly against her back, wrapping his arms around her waist. She began slowly gyrating her hips to the techno music that was blaring from the speakers, rubbing against Vaughn with each movement. From their vantage point they had a good view of those below and around them, groups of twos and threes - or more - letting go of their inhibitions and living in the heat of the moment. The sights and the sounds, combined with the friction Syd’s movements, were causing Vaughn to become very aroused, much to her delight. She could feel his cock starting to strain against the leather encasing him.

“Syd,” he practically moaned in her ear. “We need to stop this, now - before I can’t.”

Sydney turned around within his embrace pressing her breasts tightly against his chest. “Vaughn, we have to blend in. Look around you,” she said softly, reaching her right hand up to his cheek, slowly tracing along his jaw line, down his neck, and over his chest.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “Trust me, I have. I think it must be quite obvious, the effect you are having on me.”

Sydney gave him a sultry smile as she pressed her hips forward into his erection. “Mmmm - I think you’re right. Don’t you want me, Vaughn?” she asked, looking up at him from under her eyelashes. She ran her hands down his sides and around his back until she reached his ass, using both hands to squeeze him gently and pull him against her before moving her hands to his belt buckle.

Vaughn swallowed hard before answering, “Since the moment we met.” His voice was raspy with desire, every ounce of energy he had being used to keep him from taking her right there. His hands had slipped under the back of her mesh shirt, tracing patterns on her bare skin, while hers had unbuckled his belt and were starting to unbutton his pants.

“Well then, with all of the rules we have already broken, what is one more? Please, Michael, show me how well you can handle me.”

There is only so much one man can take, and Michael Vaughn had reached his limit. Looking into her eyes he knew this was not a game to her, not just a part of their cover. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. He reached up, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into the most intense kiss of their lives. All of the pent up frustration and passion came spilling forth as their tongues tangled together, tasting each other for the first time. They only broke apart when their lungs demanded oxygen. Sydney looked up at Vaughn - cheeks flushed, eyes sparkling, lips swollen - and he decided then and there that there was no way they were walking away from here without intimate knowledge of each other. Screw protocol.

Syd must have been able to read his mind, because after another searing kiss she shot him a sexy smile and, with a glint in her eye turned around to the railing once more. She leaned slightly over it, the back of her shirt creeping up to give Vaughn a glimpse of her “other” dimples. He ran his hands up her back under the shirt, and then around to the front, his hands molding themselves around her breasts. He pulled her back tightly against him, his lips trailing light kisses along the side of her neck, sending shockwaves straight to her core. A small moan escaped her lips as she ground her hips harder against his cock. His right hand continued to gently squeeze her left breast , still encased in the black leather bra visible through her shirt, while his left traveled over her abdomen to the button on her skin tight leather pants. In one swift movement he had the button open, and he let his hand creep down the front of her pants until he reached her already damp curls. Moaning again, Sydney reached back with her right hand and began to massage his cock through his pants. As he moved his hand further down to rub her clit, she slipped hers inside his pants and wrapped her hand around his rock hard cock. Vaughn groaned and plunged his fingers into her, and then out, keeping rhythm with the pulsating techno beat.

Sydney could barely stand on her own feet, the sensations rippling through her body. “Vaughn - Michael - PLEASE,” she practically begged.

He tried not to laugh. “Is there something I can do for you, Syd?” he asked, continuing his rhythmic movements.

“Oh God,” she whimpered. “Please - now. I need you to fuck me - NOW.”

Vaughn eased his fingers out of her and used both of his hands to push her form fitting pants down to the top of her thighs. He was greeted with the sight of the most perfect ass he had ever seen, his view obscured only by a pair of black g-string panties. He ran his hands over her , gently squeezing her bottom. His hands then moved to his own pants, Syd’s hand still holding and caressing him. He was able to slide the leather pants down to his own thighs, grateful for the long leather jacket that would help to conceal them both. He reached down to grab her hand, wrapping his around hers as she continued to stroke him. They moaned together at the intimate contact, Vaughn showing her exactly how he liked to be touched. A few moments later he withdrew her hand and brought it up to his mouth, kissing the back of it gently.

He leaned forward to kiss her once more, looking to her eyes for final confirmation that this is what she wanted. He saw the permission he was seeking and kissed her deeply once more. They were both more than ready so he carefully bent her forward over the railing and eased himself into her, inch by inch, giving her a few moments to adjust to his girth. She was so wet, so tight around him, that he had to struggle to maintain control. He could barely believe this was really happening. He had dreamed about her for so long, and finally, here they were, together - and it was even better than he had ever imagined.

Sydney let out a gasp as she felt him entering her. Never before had she felt like this - so completely and utterly filled, like two puzzle pieces fitting together. She had wanted him for so long, but wouldn’t let herself believe that they could ever be together. Yet here they were, and she never wanted this moment to end.

They began to move together with long, slow strokes, Syd’s hands on the railing for leverage, Vaughn’s grasping her hips tightly, his fingers leaving little marks claiming her as his own. They looked down at the people below them, realizing for the first time that they were being watched, too, but being so enraptured that they didn’t care. Everything and everyone else seemed to fall away as they got lost in each other. Vaughn’s eyes drifted to where they were joined, watching his cock disappear into her depths over and over again, the image burning itself into his memory. They began to pick up the pace, each forward thrust sending Syd crashing into the railing.

Not wanting to hurt Sydney, Vaughn withdrew himself from her causing Syd to whine in protest. He smiled as he spun her around in his arms, kissed her deeply, and moved down to peel her skin tight pants down her legs, freeing one leg completely. As he moved to stand back up, he planted small kisses up her leg, stopping at the junction of her legs to momentarily tease her clit with his tongue. Her legs almost gave out, and he caught her as he continued upward, kissing her belly, the valley between her breasts and then her neck, finding a spot that made her groan. Staring into each other’s eyes, he picked her up and re-entered her swiftly as she wrapped her legs around his waist under his jacket. They moaned deeply as he captured her mouth in a sensuous kiss. He turned and walked them back to the wall, still kissing and inside her the whole time. When they reached the wall, he pushed her back against it and thrust into her with much more force than before.

“I wanted to be able to kiss you, to see your face when you come,” Vaughn told her as he thrust into her again, harder than the last.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “Harder, baby. You feel so damn good.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice and began pounding into her harder, stroke after stroke, bumping her cervix with the head of his cock. He once again captured her mouth with his, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth and tracing it with his tongue. Sydney broke away, kissing down the side of his neck to his adam‘s apple, and back up the other side, his eyes falling closed at the intense sensation it was sending straight to his already throbbing cock. He was still thrusting in and out of her, again keeping time with the music. Their position placed them at the perfect angle so that every time he thrust into her his cock would rub against the little bundle of nerves inside her, the tension building more each time. Their moans became louder and more frequent, not caring if the world heard them. Her muscles were contracting around him gently, trying to coax his climax out of him, but he was determined that Sydney would go first. He moved his right hand around to her clit and began caressing it in little circles. They were both beginning to breathe erratically, panting and moaning as they thrust together harder and faster. Sydney wrapped her arm around Vaughn’s neck and began playing with his hair. The feelings deep inside her were becoming so intense - she knew she was verging on climax. She leaned in close and kissed him, then whispered in his ear, “Come inside me, Michael.”

The first waves of her orgasm hit her hard, forcing her to pull his head to her chest by the hair she had been playing with moments before. He went over the edge just seconds later, her muscles forcefully contracting around him. She could feel his hot semen filling her, spurting inside her, spilling out of her as he moaned her name - setting off a whole new set of shockwaves through Sydney’s body.

They clung together, panting, hearts racing as they slowly regained control of themselves. Sydney reluctantly unwrapped her legs from around Vaughn’s waist, and he eased her off of him. She leaned back against the wall, her legs still trembling from her massive climax. Vaughn pressed up against her, also weakened by their mind-blowing finish, but also because he wasn’t quite ready to separate from her yet. They kissed tenderly a few times before starting to re-dress each other. Once all of the zippers had been re-zippered, and the buttons had been re-buttoned, they kissed again, Vaughn cupped Sydney’s cheek with his left hand. He looked deep into her eyes and said, “I love you, Sydney.”

Sydney looked up at him, surprise evident in her eyes. Before she could speak, he cut her off. “I know that it probably sounds insane, but I really needed you to know. I don’t want tonight to be a one-time thing - I want it to be the beginning….”

Sydney cut him off by pulling him into a searing kiss. He looked at her questioningly, and she gave him a heart-stopping smile. “It does not sound insane. I love you, too, Michael. We‘ll figure it out when we get back to LA.”

Sydney reached up to Vaughn’s chin, putting her thumb in the cleft and her index finger under his chin, and pulled him to her. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” she murmured before bringing his lips to hers. They kissed softly, silently making promises of things to come. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but nothing worth having ever was. Reluctantly they broke away, Vaughn taking Syd’s hand and leading her back to the staircase. It was time to complete their mission.