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On Charmed, Wicca is not, as it should be, portrayed as a Religion. The sisters treat it more like a job.

Wicca is a Religion. There are real Witches in the world, but no we don't go around vanquishing Demons with our powers, if we even have any powers. Most Witches don't. A lot of Wiccans just follow the Religion. Wiccans believe in and worship several different Gods, and see two beings as Supreme, The God and The Goddess. The Wiccan Rede States: "An it Harm None, Do What Ye Will." If a Witch casts a harmful or negative Spell, it will come back to him/her times 3. And yes, Witches can be a HIM aswell as a her. Male Witches are not called Warlocks. In fact, I'm not to clear on the proper definition of a Warlock, so I'm just going to assume that it's a Witch gone bad or something. Witches are Male AND Female. We don't worship any entity known as Satan, that's a Christian/Catholic Myth, and we are neither Christian nor Catholic. The Religion of Wicca comes from the very first religious practice of the Pagan People back in prehistoric times. Witches are desent people, we're not crazy. We have jobs, we have bills to pay, we have places to be, and kids to raise. There is no need to fear Witches. They're the Good Guys, just like on Charmed. So, I hope that cleared it up for those of you who thought Wicca was created by Charmed writers. :)