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Where is the Halliwell House located?
The Halliwell House, although the Charmed Ones are in San Francisco, the house resides in Los Angeles.

Who does the theme song for Charmed?
The song is How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love.

Do you have Shannen, Holly, or Alyssa's e-mails?
No, I do not.

Where can I get the Charmed Font?
You could get it here if angelfire would let me upload a .ttf file. But there are also other places you could get it, such as CharmedNet.

Do you have any connections to the show?
My Sources are strictly confidential, lol! No, I have no connection with the show.

Have you ever met Shannen, Holly, or Alyssa?
No, but I would really like to meet all three of them!

Do you know when Charmed will be on Video and DVD?
No, I don't, but there are several petitions online to persuade those people that do that, to make Charmed into a Video/DVD collection.

Your e-mail looks familiar, do you write for Charmed Weekly
Yes, I do. I write the Book of Shadows (Wiccan-Related) article, but the magazine is called "The Source" now.

Is Shannen really leaving the show?
Looks like it.

E-Mail Me any questions you have.