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Davin's Charmed Page in association with The Source, the first online Charmed Magazine, are proud to present you, the fans, with a new virtual series. Charmed: Alternate Season Four.

You must have a lot of questions I imagine, so I'll just get straight to explaining how this works. Charmed AS4 will be what is called a VIRTUAL TV SHOW. What this means is that it is strictly based on the internet. The scripts for each episode will be written by the creators/executives of this project. The scripts will then be posted online for you to read. These scripts will not make it to actual television, unfortunately.

Now I'll explain the purpose of Charmed AS4. We like Paige, she's kewl and all, but we really miss Prue. This Alternate Season 4 continues the story of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe, without Paige. It's an entirely new season, filled with new stories. We are NOT copying Season Four's eps and just putting Prue in them, if that's what you're thinking. Our season is new, with new storylines and plots to keep you jumping.

I myself have 2 other Virtual Shows on the internet and I know how hard it is. The ones I have do not have a very large staff working on them, but we really need more staff members for this series. Charmed AS4 will require...

Artists: We will have illustrations on the episodes, for certain key moments in the story. We need artists who can pencil sketch. If you can do 3D Art, that would be even better, we would love you for that, lol! Artists provide the visual aspect that is so important to Charmed - Alternate Season Four.

Episode Reviewer: (Positions Filled)

Publicity Director: (Position Filled)

Proofreaders: (Position Filled)

Translators: We need people who are bilingual to translate the scripts into German. (Spanish and French Translators have already been found.) This is very important, because this way we can get readers world wide, instead of just the US.

All people who work for Charmed - Alternate Season Four must be hard working people who have fun doing this. You must give 110% effort to this project, otherwise it won't be as great as we're hoping for. :)

If you're interested in fulfilling one of the above fields, e-mail me at

We're currently working on a website which should open sometime in the summer. You will be kept posted. If you have any questions...E-Mail Me.

- Davin, Charmed AS4 Creator