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Charlotte Rae!

411 about Charlotte Rae!

Other info on Charlotte Rae!

Pics of Charlotte~
another page of pics!
Cast pictures
more about Charlotte!
more links!
**WALLY KOALA page!**
Three Penny Opera and the Reunion!
The things I have with Charlotte in them...quite a little collection
Articles about Charlotte/FOL
My newest picture-from 1964!*Please Do NOT take without permission*
The Transcript from the FOL PARTAY!
ET online, birthdays today!(You'll only see Charlotte's picture on April 22)
Screen captions from Where's Archie Prt. 1
Screen captions from Doom with a View
My episodes of The Facts of Life

Hey All!!

I feel horrid that I'm never around to update! I hope the pages are still serving you well! If not, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up for you!

Don't forget to e-mail me with questions and/or comments! I love hearing from people reading the site! Keep watching those tapes!

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If you have questions or comments, about this site, or the marvelous Charlotte Rae, don't be shy! E-mail me, or sign my guest book! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! However, I must warn you in advance that I'm NOT Charlotte Rae(as much as we'd all love that), nor do I have any way of contacting her other than her fan mail address.