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Will J's Fics

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The Future is What We Make (A/X) Xander gathers both the Sunnydale fighters and the L.A. group to reveal a shattering secret. NC17. Multi-chapter fic. One of my favorites - Red Rayne

Rituals, Bonds, and Unification. (A/X) Crossover w/ Mutant X. Adam Kane sends Brennan to check on why mutants are disappearing from a safehouse in Sunnydale. Set during the time of the Initiative. NC17. Multi-chapter fic.

The Seer (A/X) Angel is given one final chance with his seer, his connection to the PTB. Guess who it is? NC17. Multi-chapter fic.

Shadows Across the Heart (S/X, A/X) An ancient, terrifying evil is unleashed in Sunnydale-taking over the bodies of family, friends and lovers, forcing them to commit despicable acts of violence against one of their own. Confronted by overwhelming odds, Xander flees to LA to get help from the only people he knows would be willing to help. NC17. Multi-chapter fic.

SOLD! (A/X) At the request of Buffy and Willow (and Anya for free advertisement of the Magic Box) he enters a 'bachelor' auction. However, it would be helpful if Anya learned how to read properly! NC17. Multi-chapter fic.

Stranger in My House (A/X) Xander and Angel, together at last? R.

What Sound Does a Heart Breaking Make? (A/X) Giles finds a prophecy that would, in effect, create a powerful weapon. In an effort to harness such a power for Buffy a sacrifice of one personís innocence must be made. When everyone he trusts betrays him, Xander finds safety in the most unlikeliest of allies. NOTE: Extremely OOC of all the characters. NC17. Multi-chapter fic.

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