"A Thanksgiving Story"


Logline: Mark is having psychological trouble and the kids' grandfather makes due on his promise to take them away.

  It was the Monday before Thanksgiving. Oscar was still on edge after his last confrontation with the children’s grandfather. The man had actually threatened his life.

The children were getting ready for school with the usual Monday morning problems. Marc couldn’t find his shoe. Matt wanted to wear his favorite blue sweater like Marc but it was still in the dryer. Matt was about to cry.

“Matt” Oscar scolded. “You and Marc don’t have dress alike everyday, do you?”

“Yes we do.” Matt argued Marc said nothing He looked at Matt and scowled.

“Ok, ok. Mary is that sweater just about finished?”

“In just a minute.”

Danny sat at the dining room table putting the finishing touches on a project he had worked on all night the night before.

Joey was running around trying to find something for sharing time at his pre school.

After finding Marc’s shoe under the sofa Oscar set out to help Joey find something to take to school to share with the class. “How about your bear? “ Oscar asked.

Joey agreed that his bear would be fine. Oscar was relieved.

“Don’t forget your snack.” Mary said. “They have to take a snack to share too.” She said. “I think that the sweater is dry enough,” she said as she pulled it out of the dryer and handed it to Matt.

“Thanks Mary.” Matt said.

By 8:30 though they were all ready. As usual Danny sat in the front, the twins and Joey were in the back.

At Bates Academy Oscar dropped off Joey and the twins. “I want you two to behave today.” He said as the twins got out of the car.

“We will.” Matt said. Marc was still very quiet. Oscar thought he would talk to Rudy today, and see how Marc’s therapy sessions were going.

He got out of the car and walked Joey into his pre school class. He stopped only for a moment to talk to Joey’s teacher Ms Kim. “How is he doing?”

“He’s doing very well Mr. Goldman. No one but me knows that he was once diagnosed as autistic. And no one ever asks. He plays with the other kids. He is my best student. I wish I had a room full of Joeys

“That’s good. I’m glad he made the adjustment so well.”

As he got back in the car he saw the twins out in the yard playing. He honked his horn. Matt looked up and waved. Marc just wondered to the other side of the schoolyard. Oscar waved back and drove off to drop Danny at the Richmond school.

“What was that all about this morning? You usually have all your work done on Sunday night before you watch Columbo and very rarely have to do any work the next day.”

“I know. I just remembered something I wanted to add.” Danny explained.

“What were you working on any way?”

“History. Even though I am studying medicine, we still have to take the basic classes to get the right number of credits when we graduate.

“That sounds good. So what are you studying?

“Well with Thanksgiving coming, we have been studying that.”

“Do you like history?”

“I love it. I would love to see what life was like, back in the 1930s.”

“Why that era Dan? If you’re that interested in The First Thanksgiving why not the era instead?”

“I don’t know, I guess I’m not all that interested in that era as I am the 1930s. Although I would love to go back and see how they celebrated Thanksgiving back then, I mean back to the first Thanksgiving.”

“Well I guess that sounds reasonable enough.” Oscar surmised.

“Are you ok dad? You seem a little preoccupied.” Danny wondered.

“I am. I don’t know if I should tell you or not.” Oscar muttered.

“Tell me what?” Dan was curious.

“About the conversation I had with your grandfather on Friday.” Oscar explained.

“What conversation?” Dan wanted to know.

“I guess you are old enough to know. Dan the other day after the judge said he didn’t want to see this case come across his docket again, your grandfather threatened me.”

“That sounds like grandpa.” Dan said. “What did he say to you?”

“He said he would just a soon see me dead as raise the four of you.”

“That sounds like a threat to me.”

“Me too.”

“Not to change the subject but what are our plans for Thursday?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know. Mary is going home for the whole weekend to visit her family. She is leaving Tuesday night. You also know that tomorrow is Mary’s last full day with us?” She has another job and we really don’t need her that much since your brother will be stating all day pre school on Monday. She will be there when you get home from school though.”

“Yea I knew that.”

“To answer your question I thought we might have Rudy and Steve over for dinner. Maybe the three of us together can cook a turkey without burning it. Does that sound alright?

“Yea I guess so.” Danny sounded down

“Something wrong son?” Oscar was concerned.

“I guess I just miss mom and dad. Not that I don’t like you being with you, dad. It’s just that mom always made such a big fuss for ‘Turkey Day’.”

“I know she got that from your grandmother.” Oscar told him.

“I wish grandma were still around” Danny mused.

“So do I Dan, so do I.” Oscar murmured.

“That’s right. I forgot.” Danny stated.

“Forgot what’” Oscar asked.

”Grandma was your mother too.” Dan observed.

“That’s right. So is it ok if Rudy and Steve come over?” Oscar changed the subject.

“Sounds good to me.”

Oscar pulled up in front of Danny’s school. “You have a good day. See you over at the OSI at 3:00 Russ will pick you up as soon as school’s out.”

“Ok Dad. See you then.”


Steve and Rudy were waiting for him in his office when he arrived. “What took you so long?” Rudy asked.

“You forget Rudy. I’m a family man. I have four kids to get ready for school and drop off. Danny and I were in a discussion about the First Thanksgiving.”

“How is Marc doing by the way? Anymore dreams?” Rudy sounded concerned.

“He’s doing good. He has them every once in a while. I bought an intercom so I can here the minute he stirs. He seems better if I wake him up right away. How are his therapy sessions going? ”

“They are going pretty good at least he’s a little more open with Dr. Long.”

“Rudy, I’m so glad you took over with all of my kids. Quite frankly, I trust you more than anybody.

“Really, why?”

“I don’t know. You have come through for us on a lot of things and I just think you’re the best.”

“Well I appreciate the compliment. When Marc is a little older we can look into Michael Or even Danny taking over with him.

“Anyway what did you want to see me about?” Oscar asked.

“We are all worried about you.” Steve said speaking for the first time. “Did Jenkins actually threaten you?”

“Yes he did. He said he would just a soon see me dead as raise his grandchildren."

“Oscar! Have you told anybody? I mean you should tell security at least.”

“I was going to tell them when I got to work this morning, but someone was in my office asking me questions.” Oscar smiled.

“Oh. By the way you two, before I forget do you want to come to dinner Thursday?”

“Yea, that would be great. How about you Steve?” Rudy asked.

“I don’t know I was going to spend it with Jaime.” Steve explained.

“She can come too.” Oscar offered.

“I’ll ask her.” Steve sat on the corner of Oscar’s desk and dialed the phone. “Jaime, Oscar has invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner.’

“That sounds great Steve. I know Mary is a good cook.”

“Well Mary isn’t going to be here, she is going home to her own family. Oscar gave her the weekend off.”

“Oh dear I will be there Tuesday night. Some one has to do the cooking.”

“Hey we might be men, but we can cook.” Steve protested.

“Well I’ll take over. Listen Steve, while I have you on the phone, how is Marc doing?”

“Oscar says he is doing a little better. At least he is talking to the psychologist.”

“Well that’s a start. Will he be upset if I show up?”

I don’t know. If he is, you can stay with me.”

“That sounds good. Another question. Did Frank Jenkins really threaten Oscar?”

“Yes he did.”

“What is Oscar going to do about it?”

“Well as soon as I get off the phone he is calling security.”

“Ok then I can take a hint I’ll see you tomorrow.”

”Yea, see you tomorrow.” Steve hung up the phone. “She wants to fix dinner.”

“No! I won’t let her.” Oscar objected.

“Well I would like you to introduce me the army you intend to use to stop her.” Rudy joked.

Oscar laughed, “You have a point there.”

“She said she would buy what she needs to make dinner when she gets here.” Steve finished.

“I’ll make sure she has the money.” Oscar said looking at the papers in front of him.

“I will fly out tomorrow morning and bring her back here. Do you think Marc will be ok with this?”

“I’ll talk to him tonight. I think he’ll be alright with it.” Oscar explained.

“That sounds good.” Steve stated. “By the way. Is Danny coming by after school?”

“Yea, he is.” Rudy said.

“Does he like working with you Rudy?”

“He seems to enjoy it. He can be pretty determined at times.” Rudy said. “Sometimes he over step his bounds.”

“I think he gets that from his uncle.” Steve said.

Oscar shot him a stern look.

“I’m sorry.” Steve corrected himself. “His dad.”

“Thanks. Look I don’t want them to forget my sister or their father, but I adopted them and I consider them, all four of them my children. Even the judge considers them my children.”

“The only ones having a problem with it are the Jenkins and they won’t accept it.” Steve reminded.

“I know.” Oscar said.

“Oscar, I take his threat very seriously.” Steve sounded concerned.

“So do I” Oscar reached for the phone and called security. He told them what had happened security said they would take care of it.

At 3:15 Danny arrived at the OSI ready for work. He walked into ‘his’ office. “Danny, could I see you for a minute?” Rudy said as he poked his head in the door.

“Sure Rudy, come on in. What would you like to talk about?”

“Did your dad tell you about the conversation he had with your Grandfather?”

“Yes he did. I told him that sounded like grandpa. He was always pretty obsessed about the four of us. I guess possessive would be a better description.”

“Really, what do you mean by that?” “It really got bad after Aunt Carla found out she and uncle Paul could never have kids. I guess he looked at us as the last of the line.”

“You know” Oscar said startling both of them, "you don’t have to be Goldman if you don’t want to.”

“I want to dad. I really do.”

“Well if the four of you ever decide that you want to go back to Jenkins, you just tell me. I just thought that that Winters woman would be looking for kids named Jenkins.”

“That’s ok dad. I like being Daniel Goldman.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

“Well I have to get back to work. I’ll see you about 5:00 ok Dan?”

“Yea, what do you want me to work on first Rudy?”

“The same as always, first half hour…”

“I know, I know. Homework.”

“That’s right. That’s the most important work you can do right now Danny. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.”

“Well actually there is. We have a test tomorrow. We are going to pretend to get injections ready.”

“Oh, how are you going to do that?”

“With food coloring and water. Each color will be a different drug we have to measure out the right amount.”

“I can help you get ready for that.” Rudy said. He set everything up and told Danny what to do. Just don't poke yourself.” Rudy cautioned.

“Just make sure you label them for me I’m color blind remember?”

“That’s right, I forgot. I’ll make sure I label them for you.”

After Danny finished Rudy checked his work. “You did perfect. If you do that well tomorrow, you will pass with flying colors.”


At 5:00 Oscar stepped into Rudy’s office. “I hate to break up the party but we need to get home. Mary will have dinner ready.”

“Coming dad. See you tomorrow Rudy. Thanks for the help.”

“Good luck on the test tomorrow.” Rudy called out as Danny left.

“Thanks.” Danny waved as they walked out the door.

“What was that all about?” Oscar asked on the way home. “He just helped me study for a test I have in the morning.” Dan explained.

“I’m glad he’s able to help.”

“Yea me too.” Dan said then chanted the subject. “What are you going to do about grandpa and uncle Paul?”

“I don’t know. I told security they said they would be on the look out.”

“Well that’s good” Danny said as they pulled into the drive. “Hey what’s Steve doing here?”

“I’m sure he’s here to check on me.” Oscar surmised.

“Hi Steve. I think I know why you’re here. I’m fine really.”

“Can we talk in your office?”

“Sure but only for a minute. Dinner is waiting.”

“Oscar I am very concerned about what Jenkins said to you. He knows where you live, I think you should move.”

“Not again. I’m not doing it to those kids again. They moved from NY to DC then from DC to Arlington. I am not going to do that to them again.”

“Ok if you won’t move to a more secure place the secure place is moving to you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It will be easy I can do it over night. I am putting a fence around your entire property. I don’t intend to leave you alone anyway.”

“I’m all for that.”

“Anyone who wants to enter will have to pass through a secure gate with a guard.”

“You’ll get no argument from me.” Oscar told him.

“Good then I will get started.”

“Fine get started. I appreciate it Steve.”

“No problem.”


Later Oscar and the kids sat around the table eating dinner. “Marc, Jaime is coming tomorrow. She Steve and Rudy are spending Thanksgiving with us. She is going to stay here if that’s ok with you?”

Marc thought for a moment. “I guess so.”

“We have told you it was just a dream. Have you had any more dreams in the past couple of nights?”

“No, well maybe once. They seem to be going away.” ‘Why do you keep telling me they were a dream? I know the truth’ Marc said to himself.

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear it. You have an appointment with Dr. Long tomorrow after school. Russ will pick you up and then get Danny. Matt you need to wait for Mary to pick you up and bring you home.”

“I know Dad. I will.”

That night Oscar put the twins to bed as he turned off the light, he turned on the intercom. “I won’t be far son.” Oscar tried to reassure him. “I want the two of you to go right to sleep, understand?”

“Yes dad.” Matt said. Marc said nothing he only turned his head away from everyone.

Oscar lay awake till 3:00 waiting to see if Marc cried out in his sleep. When he thought Marc was safe, he allowed himself to fall asleep.


The next afternoon at 3:00 Russ picked Marc up from Bates Academy. “How are you feeling today Marc?” Russ asked as the drove into DC to pick up Danny.

“I feel ok, I guess.” Marc turned and looked out the window.

“Marc, I know I was in your dream too. I am your friend I want you to know that. I hope you feel like you can still trust me.”

“I don’t know.” Marc said so quietly, Russ could barely hear. So he didn’t push anymore.

They picked up Danny and headed for the OSI. Russ dropped them off at the front door. Before going to park the car he said. “Marc you go on up to your dad’s office. He will take you to Dr. Long. Dan Rudy is expecting you.”

“Thanks Russ.” Danny said. Marc didn’t say a word. They just walked into the building. “Marc I am very worried about you. I wish you would trust all of us again. Do you trust me?”

Marc didn’t answer. He just stepped into the building letting the door swing shut on Danny.

Danny headed to Rudy’s office. “Hi Rudy, what did you want me to today?”

“Dan, I’m glad you’re here. I have to sit in on the session with your brother and Dr. Long. Your father’s request.”

Dan gave a slight laugh.

. “Anyway, after you finish homework I want you to load this information into the computer for me. Can you handle that?”

“I sure can. I hope everything goes good with Marc. I’m really worried about him.”

“By the way, how did you do on your test today.”

“I passed with flying colors.”

“That’s great. I will be a while. Your dad wants to see me after the session. He wants to know how Marc is doing.To be really honest I’m a little curious myself. Dr Long is going to talk to Marc about Jaime coming later today. Anyway the work I gave you to should take you up to the time it is time for you to leave.”

“Ok Rudy.”

“I’m glad you did well on your test.” Rudy said as he left the room.

Down in one of the integration rooms they were using as office, Dr. Long and Marc were just getting started.

“I understand Jaime is coming later today.” Dr. Long was saying when Rudy entered the room. “How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know.” Marc answered. “I guess it’s alright.”

“Marc, we have talked about this, you have been told that was only a dream.”

“I know what you have told me. But I know the truth I know it wasn’t a dream. You all want me to think it was a dream.”

“If that’s the case, why are you afraid to sleep, and why do you have the dreams still.”

“I haven’t had a dream for a while. Not since Jaime went back to Ojai, and I'm not afraid to sleep anymore.”

“I see” Dr. Long stated.

“Well it’s true.” Marc sulked.

“Let’s change the subject for just a moment. You told me that Jaime told you your brother Matt said something that made you feel sad. I want to ask you how do you feel about Matt?”

“I’m mad at him. I don’t think I like him anymore.”

“Is that why you don’t talk to him?”

“Yea. I can’t talk to him if he feels that way about me.”

Dr. Long looked at Rudy. “Well that’s all for today Marc. Russ is waiting to take you home.”

Breathing a sigh of relief Marc walked out of the room and Russ took him home.

Dr. Long turned to Rudy. “Rudy that is the most he has said to me since I started talking to him. I let him go a little early. I don’t want to push him just yet. His dad says he still has an occasional nightmare but that they are pretty much gone. I just wish he would share a little more with me. I guess that will come in time.”

”Next time Rick. Ask him if he still trusts me. I am very concerned about that. As his Dr. He needs to trust me.”

“You were in ‘the dream’ too?” “Yes, I need you ask him. I don’t think I had a very flattering role in the dream.”

”Ok Rudy I will. Also, I will be available this weekend if you need me. I’ll see you next week.”

“Yea I’ll see you next week. Thanks.”

Rudy went down to Oscar’s office to report on the session.

“He is making some progress. Rick says that he talked more this session than any other.”

“Good. Did he talk to Marc about Jaime coming in today?”

“Marc seems to be ok with it. A little hesitant but I think he’ll be alright.”

“That’s good. Did Russ take him home?” Oscar asked.

“Yea they left a few minutes ago.” Rudy replied.

“What’s Danny doing?” Oscar wondered.

“I had him load some data into the computer. After he does his homework of course. He should be done when you’re ready to leave.”

“Let’s go see how he’s doing?”

They walked back down to the lab. Danny sat at the computer loading all of the data Rudy had asked him to.”

“You’re doing great.” Rudy said. “Are you about finished?”

“Just about.” Danny replied.

“I hope so,” Oscar said. “We need to get home. I told Mary she could leave tonight. Jaime and Steve should be there soon.”

Danny nodded and continued working.

“I’m just about finished dad.” He punched the keys a few more time. “There that’s it.”

“Rudy, why don’t you come out later? We can have a couple of drinks and chat.” Oscar said before they left.

“Sounds good” Rudy agreed.

“See you around 7:00 then. Come on Dan, we better get home.”

They headed for home. “Do you think Jaime and Steve will be there when we get home?” Danny asked. “Dad, how do you think Marc will feel about Jaime being there?”

“I don’t know if they will be or not. I hope he is ok with Jaime staying with us. I just wish we knew more about what was going on in his mind.”

“Maybe you should ask Matt sometime. Maybe he will be able to figure it out.”

“Dan, If Rudy and Dr. Rick Long can’t figure it out, how is a seven year old supposed to get to the bottom of it?”

“Dad they are twins remember? Sometimes I think they can tell what the other is thinking.”

“You really think so.” Oscar asked.

“Yea I do.” Dan was serious.

As they drove through the new security gate the guard waved them on in. “Dad, when did this fence go up?” Danny asked.

“Steve put it up last night. It is for our protection. Right now I don’t trust your grandfather.”

“To be real honest I don’t either.”

“Jaime and Steve must not be here yet.” Oscar said as they pulled into the drive. “I don’t see Steve’s car anyway.”

They walked into the house.

“Mary, I bet you are anxious to get going. I’m sorry I’m late. We had a slight problem at work but everything is on track now. By the way, how has Marc been since he got home?”

“Very quiet. He went straight up to his room and I haven’t seen him since.”

“Thanks, I’ll look in on him.”

“Well I’m off. I’ll see you on Monday afternoon. Have a nice weekend. Are you sure you can handle the kids?”

“Of course I can. Besides Jaime will be here to help out. She and Steve are on their way.”

“Well I will say good bye then.

“Have a nice trip.” Oscar told her.

“I will” She kissed Joey goodbye and left.

“You guys wait here, I’m going to see if I can get Marc to come down so we can have some dinner.”

He went up the stairs to the twin’s room. “Marc, dinner in five minutes. Ok?”

“I’ll be there dad.”

“Are you ok son?” Oscar asked.

“I’m fine.” Marc lied.

“Son we are all very worried about you. I wish you would believe it was all a dream.” Oscar tried to explain to him again. Marc was lying on his bed he turned his head to the wall Oscar sat on the edge of the bed a patted him on the back. “Will you come down and eat dinner with us.”

“I suppose.” Marc said in a very low voice.

“I’ll call you when it’s ready.”


Oscar went to his own room to change before fixing dinner.

“Well men why don’t we get something started for dinner. Steve and Jaime may not be here for a little while yet.” Oscar said after he got back downstairs.

“Joey leaned over to Matt. “Think dad can boil water without burning it?”

Matt giggled.

“That’s enough. It just so happens I am a pretty good chef. If I need to be, how about some hamburgers?”

Dan was sitting in a chair in the living room going over the homework his teachers had given over the holiday break. “How bout we go out to eat?”

“No I will make hamburgers. We need to be here when Jaime and Steve get here that would be rude. Rudy is coming by later also. I’ll get started.”

Matt and Joey turned to the older brother. They stuck their finger in their mouths and pretended to gag. “I feel the same way, “ Danny admitted. That’s just about enough of that.” He scolded “I used to be a pretty good cook in my day. Ok I need a little help here. Dan you better get started on the homework you got. You two come with me.” He pointed to Matt and Joey.

“Dad, is Marc coming down?” Matt asked.

“I told him I would call when dinner was ready. How are you doing Matt? Maybe you should see Dr. Long too.”

“I’m ok, I’m just worried about Marc.”

“We all are.” Oscar said.

They followed him to the kitchen. “Don’t look so glum. Really I’m not a bad cook”

After Oscar called him Marc came down to join them for dinner. He was very quiet through out the meal despite Oscar’s efforts to get him to talk.

“How was school today Marc?”


“Anything interesting happen?”

“No I’m finished can I get up please?”

Oscar looked at the half eaten hamburger and full glass of milk. “Finish your milk and you may get up.”

Marc finished his milk and got up from the table. He went back upstairs.

They had just finished up dinner when the doorbell rang.

“It’s Jaime “ Matt and Dan cried. They ran to the door to answer it. Matt swung the door open. “Hi Jaime, hi Steve.” They said.

“Hi guys. “ Jaime said handing Danny her suitcase.

“Put the suitcase in Mary’s room.” Oscar said as they headed into the kitchen.

“How is Marc doing? I’m almost afraid to ask.” Jaime wondered.

“He is getting better. He says he is ok with this. I hope so.” They entered the kitchen.

“Joey jumped down from his chair and ran to Jaime. “Jaime, Jaime “ He called. Jaime held out her arms not knowing what to expect. He threw himself in Jaime’s arms and gave her a big hug. ”I’m glad you are here. Now dad won’t burn the turkey.”

“Oscar, Rudy told me about the misdiagnosis. I just never expected this.” Jaime said.

“Yea, I know. I just can’t believe that all this time it was peanut butter or I guess peanuts in general. Even Rudy says if he saw him for the first time today, he would never say he was autistic.”

“Oscar that’s great!!” Jaime exclaimed.


Later that evening Jaime helped Matt and Joey get ready for bed. Danny got himself ready. And Marc didn’t want any help. Then she joined Oscar Steve and Rudy in the living room for a drinks.

“How is Marc’s therapy sessions going?” Jaime asked after they had she settled into one easy chairs the donned Oscar’s living room.

“Well he is making some progress in therapy.” Rudy said. “He has a long way to go yet, but it’s looking good.”

“How’s Matt handling things? I mean Marc won’t even talk to him, will he?”

“No he won’t. It bothers him a little but he understands, or at least he says he does.”

“I hardly saw Danny tonight.”

“He has a lot of home work the school gave them a ‘ton’ that’s not my word it’s Dan’s.” Oscar emphasized.

“I have to say Oscar that’s quite a security system you have out there.” Jaime said as she sipped her drink.

“That was Steve’s idea. After Jenkins threatened me we are leaving nothing to chance.”

“Well that’s good, I agree with it.” Rudy added. “Listen while we are on the subject, I have a favor to ask the two of you.” He turned to Steve and Jaime. “If anything would happen to me. Would you be willing to take the boys?”

“Oscar! Nothing is going to happen to you.” Jaime cried.

“I hope not, but in the instance that it does. Will you and Steve take care of my kids?”

“Of course we will Oscar.” Steve assured.

“Good. With that covered I’ll have my attorney draw up the papers tomorrow.”

“Now I wanted to talk to you about something else. Danny and I had a very interesting conversation on our way home tonight.” Oscar said. “He was telling me that he thinks that Marc and Matt can read each other’s thoughts. He even suggested that maybe Matt could get farther with Marc than Dr. Long.”

“That may be true, but Marc doesn’t trust Matt right now. In fact I don’t think he trusts any of us. He refuses to believe that it was a dream. He still thinks we are all out to get him and hate him because he’s bionic. The subconscious is a very interesting place to visit. Right now Marc is convinced that it was real and we are just pretending to be nice to him. I should have known the emotional complications that would happen. I feel like it is my fault.” Rudy said.

“Don’t feel that way Rudy. I pushed you into it. We should have worked with Marc from the beginning. He should never have been alone not for a along time. It was hard enough on Steve and Jaime emotionally. I should have known it would be even harder on a seven year old. We should have started working with him a long time ago.”

Jaime leaned over “You shouldn’t blame yourself either Oscar. All you wanted was what was best for Marc and you made the best decision.”

“I guess you’re right, looking back and even knowing what I do now. I would still have had Rudy make him bionic.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.” Rudy said.

They talked till way into the night. “I think you two better stay here.” Oscar suggested to Steve and Rudy “It’s 2:00 in the morning.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Rudy said.

“You can have the guest room Steve. Rudy you take my room, I’ll sleep in Danny’s bed he can sleep in a sleeping bag.” Everyone went to bed.


The next morning none of the kids had school. School had let out the day before Thanksgiving to give everyone an extra day. Oscar was hoping the kids would sleep in. Jaime had gone to the store early to beat the crowd at the store.

She had said the night before that she wanted to get to the store and back before everyone else did.

Rudy had already gone downstairs so Oscar was in his bathroom getting ready for work.

Matt woke up in his bed. He was sort of glad his dad had taken the bunks down. He got tired of waking up under Marc’s bed all the time.

“Hey Marc you awake?” He looked over at Marc. He was so still he didn’t even blink. Matt stepped over to him. “Marc, Marc. Come on wake up.” Marc didn’t move.

Matt ran out of his room down the hall to his dad’s room.

“Dad, dad!” He cried. “Marc won’t wake up, Marc won’t wake up.”

Oscar wiped shaving cream from his face as he ran to Marc and Matt’s room. He grabbed Marc by his shoulders and shook him. “Marc, Marc. Come on son wake up.” He got no response. Marc’s eyes remained closed.

Hearing the commotion Steve came into the room “Steve, go get Rudy, I think he’s downstairs. I can’t wake Marc up.”

“Steve ran down the stairs. Rudy who was sitting in the kitchen wondered what all the commotion was all about got up from the table where he had planned to have a quiet cup of coffee before going to work.

He headed for the front hall where he caught Steve at the bottom of the stairs.

“Rudy, Oscar can’t wake Marc up.”

Rudy ran up stairs, taking them two at a time. Steve followed and then joined Oscar and Rudy in Marc and Matt’s room.

Rudy was shaking Marc. “Come on son wake up. Wake up Marc.” He gently took Marc’s left wrist. ‘At least there is a pulse’ he said to himself. ‘It is pretty strong too.’

He looked down at Marc “Where are you?” He asked aloud.

When Marc woke up he was alone in a very strange house. He got up and tried to figure out where he was. He stepped out of the bedroom into a long hallway. It was very dark. Even thought he was scared he started down the hall he could see a door at the end. There was a light coming from under it.

He made his way down the hall to toward the door. As he approached it, it slowly started to open it. Jaime and Rudy were on the other side. “We told you that was the dream and this is real.” Rudy said. “We really think you are a weirdo.”

“I knew it I knew it” Marc cried. “But why am I there longer than here?”

“Dreams are always that way.” Jaime said. They may seem to last only a few minutes, when in actuality they are longer than that.”

“I don’t want to be with you.” He turned and started running down the hall, He ran straight into Russ.

“Where do you think you’re going you little freak?”

“I want to get out of here, I want to go home.” “You are home.” Jaime spat.

Rudy was still trying to get Marc to wake up. Matt stood in a corner of the room.

“Rudy,” Oscar started “What’s wrong with him. He’s not?” He said after watching Rudy reach for Marc’s wrist and take his pulse.

“No he’s not dead.”

“Is he in a coma?” Oscar said his voice quivering.

“No, but he is on the outskirts of one though. I don’t quite know how to explain it. He is in a very, very deep sleep.”

Oscar walked over to him. “Marc! Come on son wake up.” Oscar picked his head up off the pillow. “Marc please. Wake up.”

Rudy walked over to Oscar. “Come on let’s go downstairs for a minute. I need to talk to you about something.”

Oscar followed him. “Let’s go into your office.”

“Rudy just tell me straight are you going to lose him?” Oscar asked when they stepped into Oscar’s office.

“No, in fact I think I know where he is. He is trapped in that word he created. He’s not going to die, but I don’t know how long he will remain this way. There is one thing I would like to try.”

‘Well why are we standing around here? Do it Rudy.”

“It involves Matt.” Rudy spoke slowly.

“What?” Oscar turned to Rudy.

“I said it involves Matt. If what you were telling me last night is true, maybe Matt can enter Marc’s dream world and pull him out.”

“You say ‘maybe’ what does that mean?”

“It means if it doesn’t work, they could both end up the way Marc is.”

“Can I think about it Rudy?”

“Yea just don’t take to long.”

“I don’t want this to be home, Why are you nice to me sometimes and then you don’t like me?” Marc asked Jaime as she stood over him. “Where am I?”

“You are somewhere you don’t know so you can’t run away again.” Russ said. We brought you here last night.” “I don’t want to be with you. I want my dad and brothers.”

“We told you, they don’t want you.”

“When I see dad he says he wants me.”

“As I told you. That is a dream!” Rudy said.

“Rudy are you sure it is the only way?” Oscar asked as they walked upstairs.

“Yes it is. I’m sure it will work too.”

“How sure?”

“Not as sure as you would like I would say about 75%”

“Those don’t sound like very good odds to me.”

“Well they are all we have right now.” Rudy walked over to Matt. “Matt can you talk to Marc?”

“I tried that Rudy. He won’t answer.”

Rudy thought for a moment. “I have another idea. I want to test something out. I want to see how far this ability of yours goes. Try getting inside his head see if you can see what he is dreaming.”

“That’s funny you should mention that.” Matt said “We do have the same dreams sometimes.”

“Are you in each other’s dreams?”

Matt nodded.

“Do you remember seeing each other and what everything was about?”

Again Matt nodded.

“Do you talk to each other and remember the conversation when you wake up?”

“Yea we do.”

Rudy looked over at Oscar, “I’m now 90% sure this will work.”

“I’ll try”. He walked closer to his brother. Closed his eyes and quickly opened them again.

“I think I am seeing his dream.”

“Matt let’s take it a step farther. Can you get into his dream?” Rudy said guiding Matt to his bed and laying him down.

“I’ll try.” Again he closed his eyes.

Rudy watched him closely.

Marc was trying to get away from Russ, Jaime and Rudy.

“Hi Marc.” Matt said startling everyone.

“Matt where did you come from? He turned to the three adults. “You said they didn’t want to see me.”

“I came from Dad’s house.” Matt said. “Marc we want you to come back. This is a dream. Don’t let them tell you it isn’t.” He turned to Jaime. “You lie. You told Marc I said things about him that I would never say. You’re mean. You, you mean old lying, old witch dream.”

“Well I …” Jaime said. She didn’t get to finish she was gone in a poof, the same thing happened with Rudy and Russ.

Rudy was getting very concerned Matt looked as bad as Marc maybe even worse.

He stepped out into the hall to tell Oscar to come in for a minute. So he could talk to him. “I don’t know Oscar maybe I was wrong. He leaned over to Matt. “Matt, Matt can you hear me.

Matt didn’t stir.

Jaime came in the front door with the groceries she had bought. “Hey a little help here” She called.

“Here I’ll help you.” Steve said coming down the stairs. He took the bags from Jaime.

“Why are Oscar and Rudy still here? I thought they would be at work by now?”

“We had a little trouble after you left. We can’t wake Marc up. Rudy is with him”

They set the bags on the counter and headed upstairs.

Oscar was sitting in the hall “How is Marc?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know Rudy is trying something he’s trying to see if Matt can enter Marc’s dream and bring him out.”

“Does he think it will work?”

“He’s not sure. He told us to wait out here.”

In the twin’s room Rudy sat in a chair in between their beds.

‘Come on guys, wake up,’ Rudy said to himself.

All at once at the same time both boys were awake. “Are you guys alright?” Rudy said.

“I think so?” They said together.

Marc turned to Matt. “Thanks.”

“Anytime little brother.”

Jaime, Oscar and Steve were waiting out in the hall. Rudy came out to talk to them. “I think everything is going to be just fine. It was remarkable; Matt was able to get into Marc’s dream.”

Marc and Matt came out of their room. “It was neat. Matt told that ole dream Jaime where to go.” Matt nodded his head. “I told her she was a liar that I would never say that to Marc.”

“And then she was gone in a poof, and so was the dream.”

Rudy stood between the boys. “I really think it’s over I think he’s going to be ok now. I still want him to continue his sessions with Dr. Long though. I just wish I had thought of that sooner. I tell you it was really remarkable. It’s that telepathy they have Matt was actually able to penetrate Marc’s dream.”

“Are you sure he will be alright now?” Oscar wanted to know.

“I’m reasonably sure. At least the twins are getting along again. I think Marc is convinced now that it was a dream. But like I said, he still has a long way to go.”

The twins went off hand in hand.

“Well now that everything is settled” I have to get things going for tomorrow. “Oscar, are going to work and are you taking Danny with you?”

“Yes He can work with Rudy today.”

“Good Steve, and I will watch the twins and Joey.

“You watch the twins and Joey. I’m not letting Oscar out of my sight till those men are caught. Steve said.

“I think that sounds like a good idea,” Jaime agreed. “I can handle the kids.”

Steve rode with Oscar and Rudy and Danny went in Rudy’s car. They all headed for the OSI, and Jaime headed to the kitchen to start some things for dinner the next day.

Marc and Matt had become inseparable again.


Later that morning Oscar sat in his office. Steve was right beside him. His private phone rang and he picked it up expecting it to be Jaime.

“Hello” he said.

“You may have my grandsons for Thanksgiving, but I will have them for Christmas cause you will no longer be among the living.”

“Jenkins is this you?” Oscar said reaching for the button that would put the call on the speakerphone.

“Yes it is. Enjoy your turkey tomorrow. As it will be your last meal.” Then the phone went dead.

“Oscar are you alright?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know.” He said his face was as white as a sheet. “You heard that too, please tell me you heard what he said?”

“I heard it. I wonder if you need more security than I can provide.”

“Well when we get home, Jaime will be there too.”

“You have a point there. In fact I’m calling her right now. I’m sending Russ out to watch the kids. I think I need her here.”

“That sounds good. I’ll get Russ in here.”

“Maybe you should stay here Oscar.” Steve suggested.

“No I’m not going to be driven out of my house again.”

“Ok but I’m not letting you out of my sight not even for a second. In other words pal, you don’t even go to the bathroom by yourself. Don’t worry I’ll turn my head.”

“What ever you say. A week ago I would have called it silly, but after that phone call…”

“Speaking of phone calls. I’ll call Jaime.” Just as he reached for Oscar’s phone, Russ walked in. Oscar told him to get out to his house right away and to take Danny with him.

Steve picked up the receiver and called Oscar’s house. Jaime answered.


“Jaime, it’s Steve. Russ is on his way to the house. When he gets there, you need to get to the OSI.”

“Steve what’s happened?”

“Jenkins called. He told Oscar to enjoy his turkey, as it would be his last meal.”

“Oh my god. Oh Steve what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. I just think he will be safer with both of us watching him. You can hear someone coming from a mile away.”

“I’ll be there as soon as Russ gets here.”

“We’ll be waiting.”

Jaime arrived within the half hour. Oscar did his work and whenever he left his office to go somewhere else within the OSI Steve and Jaime were on either side of him.

The day passed quickly. At 2:00 Oscar was ready to go home. He stopped by Rudy’s office to tell him what time dinner would be.

“I heard what happened. Are you ok?”

“I have my bodyguards here. They won’t let me out of their sight.”

“That’s good” Rudy said. “I’ll see you tomorrow around 11:00”


That night Steve stayed with Oscar all night. He didn’t leave Oscar’s room for a second.

Thanksgiving Day loomed rather gloomy. It looked like snow, and felt like it too. Jaime woke up early to get things started for dinner. She dressed in a pale pink sweat suit to attend to the chore at hand.

Oscar woke up shortly after and joined Jaime in the kitchen. “Morning Oscar.” She said as he entered the kitchen.

“You’re up bright and early.” He said trying to smile. “Steve finally fell asleep in a chair in my room. He’ll more than likely have a stiff neck when he gets up.” Oscar commented,

“I wanted to get things started. Is everyone still asleep?”

“The last I checked they were.”

“Good it’s easier without them underfoot.”

Oscar laughed. “You sound just like Mary.”

“Well great minds think alike. I made some fresh coffee if you would like.”

“I would like very much”

Jaime poured a cup for both of them. I’m going to take a little break.” She sat down at the table across from Oscar.

There peace was short lived. “Dad.” The twins called from the living room “What channel is the parade on?”

“I’ll be back” Oscar got up from the table and headed for the living room. “It hasn’t started yet guys. Why don’t you come out to the kitchen and I’ll fix you some breakfast.”

He soon returned to the kitchen. “Now you guys sit right here and stay out of the way.” He pulled a box of ‘LUCKY CHARMS’ out of the cupboard. He poured a bowl for each of the boys then put it back.

Jaime watched the ritual and gave a slight laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

“You. I never thought I would see the day that Oscar Goldman had LUCKY CHARMS in his cupboard.”

“Tell me about it. If you or anyone would have told me a year ago, that I would be raising my sister’s four boys, fighting with DCF and moving to Arlington VA I would have had them committed. But I’ll tell you now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love those little guys All four of them. May the good Lord help anyone who tries to take them away from me.”

Jaime laughed even harder. “I understand what you’re saying.” Then she became serious. “You’re referring to that situation that’s going on?”

“Don’t remind me, I had horrible nightmares last night.”

The twins had finished eating and were getting restless. “The parade should be starting now.” Oscar informed them. “Channel 2 guys”

“Great!” They jumped out of their chairs and ran to the living room. From the kitchen they could here the Macy’s parade gearing up, and the twins squealing as their favorite balloons floated by.

“Thanks for not mentioning their grandfather by name. I don’t want them to know anything about it. I think we finally have Marc back on track. I don’t want anything to jeopardize it.

“I’m so glad things are back to normal with them. So far Marc seems fine”. Jaime added.

“I just hope it stays that way. I think a big part of it was he didn’t believe it was a dream that that was how we all felt.”

They heard a sound from upstairs. “That must be Joey, I’ll go get him” Oscar said. “I don’t understand why Dan isn’t up yet.”

“Maybe he is and he’s studying in his room.” Jaime offered.

“You’re probably right. I’ll go get Joey.”

Oscar went upstairs to get his youngest son. He opened the door to Joey’s room. Joey was in the process of getting himself dressed. “Hi dad.” He said. “Is it ok if I wear my new jeans today?”

“Yea son that’s fine.” Oscar helped tie his shoes and they headed back downstairs.

“Can I have LUCKY CHARMS for breakfast?”

“Ok son.” Oscar poured him a bowl. After he ate Oscar put him in the living room with his brothers and handed him a coloring book.

“There.” he said returning to the kitchen. “That ought to hold them for about five minutes.”

Jaime laughed.

The aroma of the baking turkey started to fill the air. Marc and Matt had grown tired of the parade and were playing checkers on the living room floor. Joey continued to color in his book. “I want to play the winner.” He said.

It was now close to 11:00 and Rudy arrived. Even though dinner wasn’t until 1:00 he decided to come early. “Where’s Steve?”

“He’s in the kitchen with Oscar” Jaime said as they walked through the front hall. They came into the kitchen as Jaime continued with fixing dinner.

Steve was rubbing his neck when Rudy walked in. “You ok Steve?”

“I slept in a chair in Oscar’s room all night. I’m just a little stiff.”

Oscar glanced at the clock on the wall “I’m going to tell that boy to put down his work and come down here.” He got up from the kitchen table and went upstairs. Oscar reappeared only moments later.

“He’s not up there. I don’t see him anywhere.”

“Is he in the living room with the other kids?” Jaime asked.

Oscar walked into the living room. Danny sat in a chair with one his schoolbooks on his lap.

“There you are.” Oscar said. “I didn’t hear you come down.”

“I have been here for a few minutes. I really want to get all of this done before dinner. I want to enjoy the weekend.”

“Well dinner won’t be for a while, so you have plenty of time. If you want you can use my office if you want quiet.”

“I’ll do that.” Danny got up and walked into his dad’s office.

The twins’ attention was diverted from their checker game to the TV “Santa Clause, Santa Clause!!” They cried.

On the TV the Macy’s parade was winding down and there was Santa Clause waving at the crowd and TV cameras.

“Santa Clause.” Oscar muttered under his breath. “That’s something I never thought of.”

He rejoined the rest in the kitchen. “I never thought I have to play Santa Clause this Christmas.” He said as he sat at the table.

Steve laughed. “What’s so funny?” Jaime asked.

“Oscar playing Santa Clause. Oscar used to be the one who went around on Christmas Eve telling anyone he saw under 10 that the was no Santa Clause.”

“That’s a rumor. That’s not true.” Oscar said.

They were jolted by a sound from the living room.

“You cheated!” Marc shouted.

“I did not!” Matt defended himself.

“You did too.”

They all started into the living room just in time to see Marc pick up a checker and throw it at Matt. Matt ducked and the checker went flying through the wall.

“Marc!! Look at what you did.? What if you would have hit your brother?” Oscar scolded.

“He cheated!!”

“I did NOT!!”

Steve grabbed Oscar’s arm. “Easy how you handle this one dad. I’m sure Marc didn’t intend to throw it through the wall. I’ve had that happen many times.”

“Me too.” Jaime interrupted.

Steve continued “He is finally beginning to feel ‘normal’. Don’t blow it by pointing out that he isn’t.”

Oscar nodded. “Marc you shouldn’t throw things at anybody. I want you to apologize to your brother.”

“But he cheated.”

“Matt, did you cheat?”

“Yea I did. I’m sorry Marc. But you always win.”

“I’m sorry I threw the checkersat you.” Marc said.

“I want you boys to behave yourselves until dinner. Can you do it?”

They both nodded.


By 1:00 dinner was ready it didn’t take long for everyone to polish off the wonderful dinner Jaime had made.

After dinner the twins ran for the window. “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!” They cried. “Can we go out and play in the snow dad?”

“I guess so guys.” Oscar said.

“Just a minute boys.” Rudy interrupted. He walked over the outdoor thermometer it read 20 degrees. “Marc come here a minute. I want you to wear these. They are snow pants that are insulated so that your bionics won’t freeze up. If your bionics get to cold they freeze up.”

“Ok.” Matt said slipping them on. Then they ran outside.

“I’m glad that went smooth,” Rudy said. “Did you say Russ was coming later for dessert?”

“Yea he should be here in…” The buzzer sounded on the intercom that was on the kitchen wall. It was the guard at the front gate. “Mr. Goldman. I have a man named Russ at the gate. Is it ok to send him up?”

“Yes we have been expecting him.”

They had all just sat down to pie and coffee when Frank and Paul Jenkins burst through the door.

“How did you get in here?” Oscar demanded.

“Let’s just say we have our ways Goldman. I told you to enjoy your turkey, as it was to be your last meal. He reached in his coat and pulled out a revolver. He pointed it at Oscar. “With you out of the way, I will take my grandsons back to New York. Say good bye.”

Oscar stood up “Let’s talk this out.”

“Talk is over.” Jenkins hollered.

Jaime and Steve were on opposite sides of the room when Frank Jenkins pulled the trigger.

They both ran to Oscar trying to get in between him and the oncoming bullet.

When the smoke cleared Jaime and Steve laid on the floor unconscious.

To be continued in
"After the Turkey"

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