"The Return of the Bionic Woman" Part 1

(Original air date 09/14/75)


Steve is both surprised and pleased to learn his fiancée Jaime Sommers
was miraculously brought back from the dead


Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Richard Moder

Weeks following his fiancée’s untimely death Steve returns to active duty. His first mission consists in destroying the stolen merchandise of two crime lords Abe Collins (Tony Giorgio) and Chester Goddard (Al Ruscio) in a way that will arouse suspicion in both camps and prompt them to mutually blame each other for the coup.

From his vintage point, Steve observes the two men make the exchange and awaits the right moment to throw an explosive device on the stolen goods.


He chases after the loaded truck to finish the job but instead, the vehicle whizzes by him, knocking the warehouse door that falls onto his legs, rendering them powerless.


Steve painfully drags his body on the ground to throw the last explosive device that effectively disables the truck, then contacts Oscar to come and pick him up. Collins survives the explosion and angrily marches towards his enemy with gun in hand. Steve manages to hinder the man’s evil intent by striking him in the shin with a metal pole, thus debilitating him long enough to have time to loop the rope around his chest and be hauled up to the helicopter.

When Steve is safely aboard Oscar puts in an urgent call to Rudy urging him to stand by for emergency surgery.


At the medical center Steve catches a blurred glimpse at Jaime sleeping in a room as he is being wheeled into surgery.

He regains consciousness three days later and calls out to Jaime he swears he saw before surgery. Both Rudy and Oscar dismiss his claim as a figment of his imagination.

Having gained a bit of strength Steve takes his first trip outside his room with Rudy who assures him that with the strict therapeutic program he’s outlined for him he’ll soon regain full use of his legs.


Again, Steve experiences another vision of Jaime through a hospital window. He bionically wheels himself inside, knocking a guard on the way to get to the room in question but the patient turns out to be a stranger. Beaten, Steve won’t argue Oscar’s explanation of a mere hallucination.


A week later Steve is back in shape. As he takes an exercise run on the hospital premises he zooms in on Jaime being carried to an awaiting ambulance. Quickly he takes off at a bionic sprint but his frail legs won’t allow him to go top speed.

He returns to the hospital threatening to hurl Oscar out the window if he won’t tell him the truth. Oscar and Rudy have no choice but to confess to Jaime’s miraculous resurrection thanks to the revolutionary process on cell regeneration developed by Rudy’s young assistant, Dr. Michael Marchetti (Richard Lenz). Oscar adds that they kept the experiment a secret to spare him the pain of having to lose Jaime a second time. They wanted to ensure her survival before springing the good news. Steve finds it hard to condone their action but nevertheless agrees to drop the subject for now in exchange for a visit with Jaime, to which Rudy reluctantly agrees.


Jaime awakes to Steve’s wide beam. His smile quickly turns to a frown when she shows signs of amnesia.

Back in the lab they discuss Jaime’s case and bring forth several suggestions as to how to help spur her memory back without triggering painful events. They all agree to avoid any mention of a past romance and to stick to a mere friendship.

Steve is disturbed to see how well Jaime has taken to her doctor and attempts to stifle this mounting jealousy. Oscar comes to him with a request to lend Rudy and Michael a hand with Jaime’s therapy seeing how he shares the same bionic nature.


During the exercises Jaime experiences flashbacks of Steve. She confesses to loving Michael but that she feels she can’t fully commit to a steady relationship having the impression of loving someone else.

Michael explains to Steve that Jaime is exhibiting the classic signs of patient-doctor infatuation, and assures that he doesn’t intend to lead her on while she’s in this delicate condition.


The next morning a pouting Jaime refuses to do her exercises and instead, she engages in a pillow fight with Steve. The fun over she begs him to help her remember all those locked memories that are raring to come out.


Steve discusses Jaime’s request with Oscar, Rudy and Michael and all agree to send Jaime and Steve on a trip to their hometown. They warn Steve to keep her away from anyone who might recognize her for fear of doing more harm than good.

More than anything Oscar wishes for this trip to bring Jaime back to his despondent friend. All watch them drive away, hoping that Ojai is the miracle cure.


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