"The Peeping Blonde"

(Original air date 12/20/74)


A television reporter blackmails Steve and Oscar with a film of
the bionic man’s prowess


Story: William T. Zacha

Teleplay:William T. Zacha & Wilton Denmark

Director: Herschel Daugherty

Newswoman Victoria Webster (Farrah Fawcett-Majors) is on site at Cape Canaveral to cover a milestone in space travel. When a technical anomaly delays the launch, she decides to idle the time away by exploring the grounds with her film camera.

In the control room, the flightcom (Martin Speer) isolates the problem in the helium tank.


Steve races to the launch platform to address the snag by releasing the pressure, unaware that the peeping blonde is filming his bionic feat.


Victoria returns to her spot in time for the launch, after which she instructs her assistant Billy Jackson (Christopher Stafford Nelson) to bring the film to their editor to have developed.

Billy reports to the news station with the roll of film. His boss Charles Colby (Roger Perry) believes the footage is another piece of junk but nevertheless agrees to take a look at it.

Back at the launching site, Steve and Oscar prepare to embark on their archaeological expedition in the Baja Californian desert when Victoria accosts them with her startling discovery. She stresses the importance of a meeting to discuss the matter and Oscar agrees to meet her back tonight in his Winnebago.


In the news lab, Victoria is shocked to learn that her film is blank. Colby wonders at the possibility of a second opportunity to get more footage. Victoria agrees that she might be able to pull it off if she can convince Oscar Goldman that her film is excellent.

Later, she meets with Steve and Oscar with her promise not to run the film on Steve’s extraordinary feats in exchange for more footage of a less revealing nature for her article. Faced with no other alternative but to agree to the blackmailer’s terms, Oscar invites her to join he and Steve on their vacation. She accepts despite her better judgement that this might be a trap. She leaves them with a warning not to attempt to her life for she and her film are safely insured.


While our three friends are travelling to their destination, Colby meets with two henchmen, Karl (Hari Rhodes) and Victor (William T. Zacha) hired to kidnap Steve. After the viewing of Victoria’s supposedly blank film, Colby instructs his men on how to handle the precious merchandise he intends to deliver to a foreign power.

Following a light lunch, Oscar gets down to serious business. He urges Steve to convince Victoria to drop her bribe or he will need to bring in the big guns against her.


Victoria becomes impatient. She asks Oscar to begin the shooting but he flatly refuses, saying they will not kowtow to blackmail. Steve attempts to defend her views on wanting to inform the public on this modern technology that could benefit science, but Oscar turns a deaf ear.

He follows her to a gurgling stream where she gets him to confide about his horrific plane crash. Steve suspects Victoria’s intentions are purely selfish; driven by money and fame. She agrees that she is seeking to be recognized for her work. She wants to be hired for her professionalism and not her good looks, hence the reason why she’s desperate for this article.


Back in her caravan Victoria sets up her camera on a tripod, pointing it towards a cliff. She goes out and climbs the highest peak where she pretends to fall, knowing Steve would fly to her rescue.


Meanwhile Colby and his henchmen spot the camp. After landing their small aircraft in an open field a few yards away they walk the rest of the way. Karl warns Colby to keep from under foot if he wants the job done properly.

Steve leaves Oscar to his archaeological dig to take Victoria on a fun ride through the desert. While he shows off his archery skills she continues the interview that ends up in a lingering kiss.


They return to the camp to find Victor and Karl holding Oscar hostage. Victoria is convinced that this is all an act designed to get her to drop her article.

She realizes that Victor and Karl are the real deal when her boss confesses to being the brain behind this kidnapping. Karl ties her up and turns on the gas burners for he wants no witnesses.


Karl and Colby follow in the jeep while Victor rides in the Winnebago with his hostages. Chained on the sofa, Steve uses his legs to hurl the man out the side door. They realize now that in order to succeed in delivering Austin to their client they must first kill him.


After breaking out of his chains Steve runs back to the camp to save Victoria, dodging bullets along the way. Wanting to put the annoying hindrances out of commission for good, Steve leaps into their jeep and throws a few punches, after which he secures his bundle to a rock, bionic style.


He presses on to the caravan to release Victoria from her bonds before she collapses from the fumes.

The ordeal over, Victoria agrees to hand Oscar her article on Steve’s exploits. Oscar is utterly grateful, more so when he discovers that the pages are blank and that she never intended to write it.

Steve does a little bit of blackmail of his own with the film Victoria did of him up on the cliff. With it he teases his boss to find Victoria a decent job at a local news station. Once Oscar agrees Steve hands him the film that he destroys with playful jubilation.


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