"The Pal-Mir Escort"

(Original air date 10/04/74)


Steve is assigned to escort an ailing Prime Minister to Rudy’s complex
in Tennessee to undergo the world’s first bionic heart surgery


Writer: Margaret and Paul Schneider

Director: Lawrence Dobkin

The Prime Minister of the small country of Eretz, Salka Pal-Mir (Anne Revere), delivers a speech at the United Nations to call for a cease-fire between her country and terrorists when a debilitating malaise suddenly strikes her. She is taken to a room where her personal physician Dr Av Ni (Leo Fuchs) assesses her condition. He and Rudy agree that her heart surgery can no longer be delayed.


However Miss Pal-Mir is not sold on the revolutionary concept of bionic heart surgery, but after consulting with her doctor and Chief of Security, Sadvid (Nate Esformes), she agrees to undergo the delicate operation that will restore the strength she needs to pursue peace talk with neighbouring nations.

She is unwilling to accept Oscar’s suggestion to assign Steve as her personal escort but after viewing a short film on his numerous prowess she agrees. She insists on travelling on land and not by air despite the considerable longer road.


The plan is to take the PM and her doctor to a secret hangar where they are to transfer aboard a unit lab that Steve will be driving.

Before leaving, Salka receives a good-luck rose from Sadvid, unaware that the flower contains a micro-transmitter that will enable terrorists to follow her. Sadvid is against the idea of peace between neighbouring nations and for that reason he vows to silence Salka Pal-Mir before she does his country harm.

They take the road with a helicopter hovering above. To idle the time away Steve and Salka engage in a friendly conversation about the roles of women in different societies throughout the world.


Although not permitted, Salka convinces Steve to make a brief stop at a market to purchase some fresh produce from a widow farmer (Virginia Gregg). This allows the thugs to locate them. They elaborate a plan so as to corner their unsuspected preys by stealing the helicopter when it lands for a fill up.

As they return to the mobile unit, Steve is somewhat puzzled as to Salka’s dismay. The good doctor explains that she used to work a farm much like this one with her two sons when one day war guerrillas raided it and killed her two boys.


The leader of the revolutionary group, Stellen (Denny Miller) puts his plan into action when the pilots land the chopper to fill up the tank. He knocks them unconscious and get airborne to meet at the barricade set up for the mobile unit.

On a detour road a suspicious rockslide forces Steve to halt the vehicle. While he removes the hindering stones to clear the path, Dr. Av Ni covers his back by shooting at the terrorists. When he gets killed, Steve takes over the shooting and then runs back to the trailer to see to Salka.


As if this predicament wasn’t bad enough Steve despairs when he establishes the identity of the helicopter pilot with his zoom lens.

He gets behind the wheel and puts the pedal to the metal to escape their captors. Stellen and his cohort aboard the helicopter try to disable their unit by shooting small explosive devices. Steve then drives into a grove of trees to ensure their protection against the air raid.


Salka decides to avenge her doctor's murder by shooting at the fanatics still following close on their tail. She succeeds in disabling their car but at a high price. The stress proves to be too much for her and she collapses.


Steve manages to overpower one of the men who ventured his way to the trailer. Thereafter he goes after Stellen about to make his escape in the helicopter. Soon after Army choppers swarm the area, much to Steve’s relief.


Steve carries an unconscious Salka out of the unit lab to have the helicopter fly her to Rudy's complex. Thereafter he contacts Oscar who informs him that the bionic heart has not yet been fully assembled. One piece remains, one that can be found in Steve’s bionic arm. He urges Rudy to use it, but the doctor is reticent. The operation could cost Steve his life, but our man is willing to take the risk for that remarkable woman.

The surgery is successful for both patients. Later Steve visits the PM who is despondent over the ordeal and how her stupidity nearly cost Steve’s life. He is quick to lift her spirits up by saying that the risks were worth taken if it means having a chance at restoring peace in the world.


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