"Kill Oscar" Part 1

(Original air date 10/27/76)


A former OSI scientist seeks revenge against Oscar by appropriating
himself an ultimate weapon of destruction


Episode part of "The Bionic Woman" series

Story: Arthur Rowe

Teleplay: Arthur Rowe & Oliver Crawford

Director: Alan Crosland

At his covert facility, former OSI scientist and infamous android maker Dr. Franklin (John Houseman) receives a visit from Baron Constantine (Jack Colvin) from Russia, a finance minister who came to America in answer to Franklinís request of an additional ten million dollars for his special project. The Russians are eager to get their hands on a classified OSI project involving climatic changes and sent Constantine to assess the progress made so far with their investment.

Franklin leads him to a chamber where dozens of fembots in the making stand in cylinders, ready to be programmed. Constantine scoffs Franklinís venture and reminds him that the millions were invested to contrive a elaborate plan in order to steal the Weather Control System at the OSI. Franklin explains that the project is held under high security and that they need to proceed cautiously when infiltrating the OSI, thus the reason for his fembots. He is convinced they can help him do the job by assuming the secretariesí identities.


Constantine is sceptical about their ability to fool people. Franklin proves him wrong by removing the mask of his assistant Katy (Janine Whitby), thus revealing her true identity. Constantine is bewildered. Convinced, he calls his director with his request to accede to Franklinís demand of an additional ten million dollars.


Jaime drives to the OSI building and enters Oscarís reception area where Callahan (Jennifer Darling) is going ballistics. She puts all the calls on hold, takes a deep breath and begins her lament. She deplores Oscarís unwillingness to recognize her load of responsibilities. She is desperate for a word of encouragement; a sign of acknowledgement on his part. In comes Lynda Wilson (Corinne Michaels), Rudyís secretary, to remind Jaime of her appointment with the good doctor.

Meanwhile at his lab, Franklin puts the finishing touches of her fembot Lynda Wilson whom he intends to switch with the real McCoy at the OSI.


Jaime discusses with Rudy a new bionic unit he will implant in her ear to enhance her hearing. Suddenly a thunderclap comes out of nowhere. Rudy explains to a bemused Jaime that Steve and his team are presently testing the experimental stage of the final model they are developing at the Weather Control Center. A second powerful thunderclap has Rudy worried. Both head down to the stratolab where Steve is caught in an artificial thunderstorm gone awry.


While Jaime frantically searches for the off button on the panel a bolt of lightning hits Steveís bionic arm. Luckily Jaime is able to turn off the machine before her friend is electrocuted. Steve escapes with a few burnt circuits but does recommend dropping the project he deems too volatile and dangerous. However Oscar has invested too much to back down now.


In Franklinís lab, fembot Lynda Wilson is ready for action. The team drives to the OSI and as they do Jaime complains to Steve of deafening high pitch sounds in her ear. They wait for Lynda to leave work to kidnap her.


Jaimeís ear picks up Lyndaís cry for help and hurries to her rescue, but bumps into the fembot instead driving out of the garage, who reassures her that she did not scream. Franklin and Constantine are bemused by this woman and wonder if she could be a potential stumbling block in their plans


Jaime returns to Callahan to discuss her problem with Oscar. She offers to slip a word to the boss on the matter. In comes a call for Oscar from the Weather Control Center to report a problem similar to Steveís accident and therefore Oscar sends his operative to access the damages and do a complete report. He later explains the emergency situation to Jaime so she wonít hate Steve for breaking their dinner date.


At night Callahan calls Jaime with the exciting news of Oscarís change in attitude. Whatever she said to him worked. Heís becoming more attentive, more appreciative of her hard work. A knock at the door has her coming face to face with her double. She is rendered unconscious in Katyís arms, after which the fembot Callahan takes over. Again Jaime experiences those annoying sounds in her bionic ear.


The next morning the robot Callahan assumes her post. Franklin orders her to go check on Jaimeís physical at Rudyís lab. When the ringing returns Jaime complains to Rudy. Franklin gets wind of the conversation through her fembotís ears and surmises that Jaime must be bionic; a project he remembers the OSI was working on at the time, which was subject to arguments between his fembots and Rudy Wellsís cyborgs. He will need to decrease the power of transmission so not to arise suspicions while they proceed to phase three, which is to kidnap Oscar.


This being his Women Appreciation Week, Oscar invites Jaime out to dinner. She agrees to meet him at a specific time in the parking lot but Franklin has Lynda tell her that Oscar had to cancel on account of an emergency. Through the window Jaime catches sight of Oscar down in the parking lot and hurries after him.


While waiting for Jaime to show up, Oscar ambles pass Franklinís van where he is rendered unconscious and carried inside the vehicle. Witnessed to the kidnapping Jaime runs to Oscarís rescue but as she breaks the van door she too is rendered unconscious.


Constantine finds that Jaime is too valuable to leave behind but Franklin differs in opinion. He only wants Oscar to see what he has accomplished since being fired from the OSI, and how he plans to use the Weather Control System as a powerful destructive weapon against the world.

Following the news of Oscarís kidnapping, the head of the NSB, Hanson (Jack Ging), convenes everyone into Oscarís office for an interrogation on his last whereabouts. Callahan is being very evasive in her answers and a few discrepancies in her account has Jaime nurturing suspicions.


Two agents (Don Fenwick & Larry French) succeed in opening Oscarís safe, inside which is a tape of a message addressed to his colleagues. On it he leaves specific instructions that in the event of his abduction the OSI and NSB must undertake every measure to destroy the enemy at all cost, even to his own life. Hanson will honor those last wishes despite Jaimeís protests


Oscar is taken to Franklinís hideout where he is reunited with Lynda and Callahan. The two men face each other on the matter of the Weather Control System that Franklin intends to appropriate himself with the aids of his robots. Then Oscar turns to the secretaries to sadly inform them of his instructions to destroy the enemy at all cost.



At night Jaime goes to Callahanís apartment to apologize for doubting her. When she probes deeper about their early conversations she finds Callahanís answers contradictory. On Franklinís command, the robot grabs Jaimeís arm and threatens her to join them or die. Jaime breaks free but is unable to leave because of Katy.


She manages to make it to the bedroom and jumps through the window. However the extreme height causes a short-circuit in her legs and she crumbles on the pavement, unconscious.

At the hospital she vainly tries to tell Rudy about the robots but the good doctor is more preoccupied with a likely bionic reject than her rambling. He proceeds to a bionic shutdown while the fembot Lynda holds her hand. Franklin instructs her protťgťe to do away with Jaime should she reveal their identity.


Part Two

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