"The Last of the Fourth of Julys"

(Original air date 04/05/74)


Steve is assigned to thwart the plans of a covert organization set on
testing a powerful laser on as Summit conference


Writer: Richard Landau

Director: Reza Badiyi

In an underground nuclear facility nestled in the Norwegian Mountains, undercover OSI Agent Balsam (Hank Stohl) sends a coded message before the enemy catches up to him. Quail (Steve Forrest), an enterprising criminal who’s been hired by of a political organization to destroy a group of ministers meeting in Europe for a summit, refuses to let a possible security breach delay his plans to fire a laser on his intended target on the 4th of July at 4:00PM.


Balsam’s message reaches Washington and Oscar has no choice but to send Steve on this rather delicate mission. Before leaving, Steve undergoes a harsh training under the command of Army training officer Joe Alabam (Tom Reese) designed to give him leverage to navigate around Quail’s sophisticated security system implanted on his base. All goes well until a test in a pressuring chamber goes awry, nearly sending Steve to an early grave.


All systems are go. Steve and Oscar board a submarine to the Norwegian coastline where, after last-minute instructions, our agent takes place inside a torpedo that is shot out of the submarine to the island. There, Steve puts his training into use and succeeds in penetrating the fortress, but his radioactive bionic limbs set up the security alarm.


It is not long before Quail and his associates catch up with Steve. They bind him hand and foot and begin grilling him. Steve evades the questions with his usual humour that the men don’t find very amusing.


When Quail’s right-hand man Root’s (Kevin Tighe) violent methods fail to wring answers out of the prisoner, undercover Interpol agent Violette (Arlene Martel) takes over. She puts on a convincing show for the benefit of the two guards so they won’t suspect her passing confidential information to Steve. He asks that she help him gain access to the main control room where the laser is located by deactivating the security system.


Steve severs his bonds and after overpowering the guards, he goes to the control room to check the circuitry in order to set the auto-destruct in motion.


Meanwhile Violette is caught deactivating the alarm and brought to the main control room with Steve. Quail decides to confess his plans before he does away with both undercover agents. His laser beam will bounce off a satellite to hit a specific explosive device planted nearby the Embassy where the statesmen are meeting.


Once Quail’s speech over, Steve sends the men flying across the room and escapes with Violette. He explains that he arranged for the laser to reflect off the satellite and hit the base instead. They races against time to reach the shore where he helps Violette takes place aboard the torpedo.


Aboard the submarine Oscar and the officers witness the island blow up. All believe Steve is dead but Oscar begs the Captain (Barry Cahill) to allow his friend five more minutes before diving.

As if on cue, Steve reaches the submarine and knocks his presence. He is welcomed aboard with Violette.

Later, while Steve wines and dines the pretty agent, Oscar and Joe barge in on the intimate moment to inform Steve of a new mission that requires another intense training. Steve is annoyed by their intrusion and refuses to discuss any business while is entertaining his new conquest.


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