"The Secret of Big Foot" Part 2

(Original air date 02/04/76)


Steve must come to the aid of the alien colony when an earthquake
destroys their hideout


Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Alan Crosland

As the group prepares for the earthquake, the missing geologist Marlene is found wandering aimlessly in the woods. Oscar questions the confused woman regarding Steve’s whereabouts but she is unable to provide any intelligible answer.

Meanwhile in the mountains, Steve rouses in the alien laboratory. Shalon appears and beckons him to follow her to a conference room where her leader Apploy (Severn Darden) and his assistant Faler (Charles Cyphers) are gathered with several of their colony members. Apploy begins to explain that as space explorers their main purpose on earth is solely to study human behavior. Once their examinations are completed they release the test subjects unscathed once the memory of their journey is deleted. Steve is dumbfounded to learn that the colony has established residence on earth for over a hundred years. Even more startling is their youthful appearance, which can be attributed to a small device that allows them to alter time.

Faler demonstrates the gadget’s wonders by disappearing and reappearing, but Steve’s infrared enables him to detect all movements invisible to the naked eye.


The nuclear charge is on its way to California but Oscar is still hesitant about giving the green light for the explosion, knowing Steve is lost somewhere in the mountains. He asks Tom to double-check his data, hoping for a possible computer error. He requests to postpone the blast until they can find Steve, but Tom insists it’s now or never, particularly when a microseism occurs in the delay predicted by the computer.

The tremor causes devastation inside the alien shelter. Thankfully Steve is there to lend a hand to prevent casualties.


As time draws near Oscar prays for a last-minute miracle. When all is hopeless he reluctantly gives the evacuation order, as they prepare to provoke the earthquake that will dislodge the epicentre; this to avoid a major catastrophe along the Pacific coastline.

While helping Shalon repair her big bear, Steve learns about their advanced technology and medical science that has enabled them to develop a miracle drug capable of eradicating viruses and all kinds of diseases.

When Apploy summons Shalon to another room, Steve is left alone to play with the control panel. Switching on the camera near the campout Steve gets wind of the bomb set to go off in less than twelve minutes.


He hurries to tell Apploy of the imminent blast. The man calmly informs him that he sent Shalon to neutralize the bomb in order to save their complex from total destruction. Steve won’t have it. He knows this explosion is crucial for the survival of his people. Faced with Apploy’s refusal to lift a finger to help, Steve dashes out of the cave to catch up with Shalon in hopes to stop her before she gets to the nuclear charge.

She in turn uses her device to become invisible, unaware that Steve can detect her every move with his infrared eye. He succeeds in preventing her to disarm the bomb and seeks shelter.


The explosion provokes a cave in that traps the colony members. Shalon is devastated. She won’t return to the complex to bear witness to the hecatomb, but Steve insists they must check for survivors.


Many of her friends are found alive but Apploy lies between life and death. Thanks to the miracle drug he will make a full recovery. After restoring the electrical system to full energy, Steve bids farewell to his new friends.


Shalon proceeds to erase his memory of his journey among them, and leaves him with a goodbye kiss and a vial containing a sample of their drug for analysis. She then has Big Foot carry Steve outside the complex.

Later the search team finds Steve unconscious on the ground. When he awakes he has no recollection whatsoever of what has happened, much less of the content of the vial clutched in his fist. A strange feeling overcomes him as he follows Oscar down to the campsite. Shalon bids him a silent farewell.


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