"The Deadly Replay"

(Original air date 11/22/74)


Steve is asked to pilot the newly rebuilt experimental HL-10, the same aircraft that
nearly killed him two years earlier


Writer: Wilton Denmark

Director: Christian I. Nyby II

Following a routine test flight, Steve meets with flight coordinator Jay Rogers (Robert Symonds) who takes him to a hangar inside which sits the newly rebuilt experimental aircraft HL-10. Steve recoils in fear before this monster that nearly took his life two years ago. Jay explains that they addressed the conception flaws and wants Steve to give it another try. Steve is reluctant and suggests that another pilot takes his place, but Jay insists. He trusts his friend to prove that the project has its place in the NASA test programs.

After pondering Jay's request, Steve feels ready to get back in the pilot seat, but Oscar is against the idea once he discovers that Steve's accident two years ago might have been deliberate. The plane was apparently tampered with to compel the government to abandon the project. However that alarming bit of information doesn't dissuade Steve from wanting to remount that horse.


Jay introduces Steve to the flight crew, old friend Walter "Shadetree" Burns (Clifton James), technician Carl Amison (Jack Manning), psychologist and Steve's old flame Andrea Collins (Lara Parker) and her jealous husband Ted Collins (Jack Ging).

Jay stresses the fact that if he should fail the flight simulator, he won't be allowed to fly the HL-10. Steve resents Jay's anticipation of his failure before he even tries. Andrea explains that in cases of pilots who were involved in a serious crash, a fear lingers. And when confronted by a similar situation they lose their physical and psychological poise, which often leads to tragic consequences. Ted adds curtly that the test will reveal whether the crash was purely accidental or as a result of pilot error.


Before the flight, Steve enjoys a game of golf with his friend Walter and at night, the team gathers at a restaurant to discuss last-minute details. During a dance, Andrea recalls the romantic moments she and Steve shared and admits to still being in love with him. She also wants Steve to abandon the project for she fears he will suffer dramatically. Annoyed, Steve puts an end to the conversation and they return to their table.

Andrea's husband, Ted, who watched the couple on the dance floor, lashes out at them in a jealous rage. Steve leaves the restaurant but Ted runs after him. In the parking lot, Ted provokes Steve but our bionic man grabs his arm saying he's not in the mood to engage in a street fight.


The next day, inside the simulator, Steve begins to experience flashbacks of his crash and fails the test. Convinced his colleagues conspired against his success, Steve slams his fist through the control panel and faints.

He arouses at the hospital where Oscar informs him that the project has just been cancelled. Steve believes he was drugged for he doesn't recall his behavior aside from the hallucinations. He begs Oscar to let him give it another try and that if he should fail a second time, he will willingly step down.


The second test is crowned with success, but since the question of a second act of sabotage is raised, Jay and Oscar are not too thrilled with Steve's request to fly the aircraft. Sure enough during the night, a stranger is seen tampering with the hydraulic pressure.


Before the crucial flight, Shadetree and Amison do a last check-up.

Inside a trailer, Andrea plasters Steve with electrodes which will allow her to monitor his every physical and psychological reactions while in flight. She reiterates her love for him, but he won't have anything to do with a married woman.


All systems are go and Steve boards the plane. Tension mounts in the control room when Steve reports that the command lever just gave way. Shadetree explains that the problem lies in the hydraulic pressure and that whoever verified that panel is responsible for the sabotage. Shadetree points the finger at Amison who's arrested on the spot.

Jay orders Steve to eject but the pilot intends to land the plane safely. Using both hands, he holds the lever in place until he touches the ground.


They all rush to the hero and cover him with glory. Oscar informs Steve that Amison was bribed into sabotaging the plane by a man named Creyton (Regis J. Cordic) of Creyton Industries who has a similar prototype and consequently, he wished the HL-10 to be proven ineffective. Steve learns that his near-fatal accident two years ago was also intentional.

On account of Steve's courage and perseverance, the HL-10 will continue to fly.


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