"The Bionic Woman" Part 2

(Original air date 03/23/75)


Steve returns to his hometown of Ojai where he meets
with his childhood sweetheart, Jamie Sommers


Pilot for the hit series of the same name

Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Dick Moder

To recapture their youth, Jamie and Steve go romping in the woods near a spring, but no matter how hard he tries, Steve can't help worrying about Jamie and the promise he made Oscar about her becoming an OSI agent.

To ease his anguish, Jamie challenges Steve to a bionic sprint.


Helen arrives at Steve's ranch and is completely staggered to see her son and Jamie running like the wind and jumping over fences.

Steve takes her aside and relates the ordeal he went through after his plane crash. She wishes she could have been by his bedside, but that unfortunately no one was allowed to breathe a word of the "Cyborg" project for it was a matter of security, just like Jamie.


Oscar drives up and gets down to business, but Steve is still in 7th Heaven and is in no mood to discuss work. Oscar bluntly informs him that there won't be any wedding.


Such a curtly statement requires an justification, so Steve follows his boss inside the house. Oscar shows him a fake $20 bill and explains that before Steve was able to retrieve the money plate from Wrona, Jolaus Balokowski, the man who originally stole the plate in Denver, had made a copy of it on a computer program and printed a few bills. Unfortunately when the Feds apprehended him, he had deleted the program, but had managed to slip the copy to Wrona who still has it in his possession.

This time, Oscar wants Jamie to retrieve the plate since it's in a safe at Wrona's mansion and that she alone can safely open it with her ultra-sensitive bionic ear without setting off the alarm system. She'll have to substitute the plate with a duplicate that is marked so that the State Treasury will be able to trace its origin.

Steve is against the idea, stating that it's much too early to send Jamie on a mission. Jamie barges in on the vehement dialogue between Oscar and Steve and tells her fiancÚ that she has to accept the assignment. She owes Oscar and the government for saving her life.

Oscar fills her in on the mission. She and Steve will accept Joseph Wrona's invitation to spend a few days at his mansion where she'll make the switch.


The next day, Jamie is trained for the delicate task. It goes without a hitch but Steve seriously doubts she can do it when she is faced with the real thing.

On the plane to Hungary, Steve is restless, worried about Jamie and the upcoming mission. She tries to set his mind at ease but he remains uneasy. Away from Steve's stare, Jamie begins to experience tremors in her right arm, but hides it from her fiancÚ.


They arrive at Wrona's mansion and settle into their rooms. During the night, Steve keeps watch in the hall while Jamie opens the safe. Timberlake comes up to him and holds him at gunpoint. Wrona informs Steve that he knows who he is and that he has no intention of setting him free.


Everything goes smoothly until a spasm in her bionic arm causes Jamie to knock a vase over, accidentally setting off the alarm.

Steve seizes that moment of surprise to break free. He shatters open a window by throwing a chair through the glass and he and Jamie escape.


Wrona and his men go after them. To slow their course, Steve pushes a large tree down across the road. They jump out of the jeep and continue on foot. Timberlake has them in his range but instead, fires at Wrona and kills him. Steve and Jamie double back to avoid the line of fire and flee.

On their way back to Washington, Steve and Jamie celebrate their victory.


Back at the Elgins', the women have Steve licking stamps to put on the wedding invitations. Now comes the time to choose the man who is going to walk Jamie down the aisle. She goes to the kitchen and comes back with Jim who is more that happy to give the bride away.

Another bionic tremor causes Jamie to drop the bowl of water onto Steve's lap. Concerned, he follows Jamie to the kitchen where he urges her to go see Rudy about her arm.


At Rudy's lab, Jamie passes the tests with flying colors but Oscar is worried. Rudy tells him that he doesn't know what to make of Jamie's spasms for the moment.

At the Elgins' house, a throbbing headache spurs Jamie to lash out at Helen for fussing over tiny details about the wedding plans. Helen leaves her alone, apologizing for harassing her and assures her son that it's just wedding jitters.


On the tennis court, Steve challenges Jamie to a friendly game. When she misses her serve, she argues that the ball was in. Her pounding headache increases to the point where she loses it completely and hurls her tennis racket against the fence. Steve is deeply concerned about her outburst, even more so when Jamie doesn't even remember the incident.


At night, a thunderstorm looms in the horizon. In the hospital, Jamie waits in her room for the latest results of her exams. Rudy informs Oscar and Steve that a blood clot has formed in Jamie's brain as a result of her rejecting the bionics in her ear. It creates a pressure on the nerves, driving her insane. They must operate at once.

Jamie's headaches become so unbearable that she storms out of the hospital seeking asylum from her agony.


Steve runs after her in pouring rain and follows her trail of destruction. He finally catches up just as she breaks open the door of a telephone booth. She collapses in his arms and he carries her back to the hospital for emergency surgery.


Rudy fails to save Jamie's life. Steve is left alone with his sweetheart to bid a tearful goodbye.

In the following weeks, a grief-stricken Steve packs up to return to Washington. He casts a last nostalgic glance at the house before bolting the door. Outside, he says goodbye to his parents, promising to come back for a visit sometime soon.


Steve walks over to the paddock to cast a last look around. As he pats the horse Jamie used to ride, painful memories surface. He breaks down and cry.


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